The 15 Stages of Having Nothing to Blog About

Impending Doom
– In thinking through one’s long list of blog post ideas…and realizing that there aren’t any.  Not a single one.

2. Optimism – Surely something will come to mind.  Something always does.  It will be totally fine.

3.  Annoyance –  Clearly, Mental Mutiny is afoot.

4.  Blank Stares – THINK, computer screen!! Why haven’t you learned how to think for yourself??  Do I have to do everything for you???

5. Desperation – Surely, surely, SURELY if I take my kids to the mall in seasonally inappropriate clothing and with no naps, SURELY something bloggable will happen.

6.  Depression – It’s happened.  It’s finally happened.  I’ve run out of original thought.

7.  Justification – Why is this so important anyway?  It’s a dumb blog with little redeeming value.  Who cares if I don’t have a blog post up at 7:45 Monday morning??  It’s not like people are waiting here hitting refresh because I’m giving away an iPhone 5 to the first hundred commenters or anything.

(Mental Note: Should try that.)

8.  Blank Stares – Come ON, computer screen!! WHY AREN’T YOU INSPIRING ME?!?!

9.  Vocalization – Maybe if I tell my husband that I have nothing to blog about, he’ll happen to have half a dozen fabulous ideas…

10.  Inspiration – Wait a minute…I can blog about having nothing to blog about!!

11.  Glee – Problem solved!  Now I can relax!!

12.  Self-Doubt – Blogging about having nothing to blog about is the stupidest, most inane blog idea of all time.

13.  Defensiveness – Dear Self: Unless you’ve got any better ideas, shut up!

14.  Blank Stares – Seriously, computer screen?? You can’t even write about having nothing to write about?!?  You are dead to me.

15.  Impending Doom – But what will I write about tomorrow…?

20 thoughts on “The 15 Stages of Having Nothing to Blog About.

  1. And this is why I adore writing prompts. I don’t have to actually think on Monday’s and a blog post that isn’t “Y’all do NOT want to hear about my weekend” (because really I don’t want to hear about it and I lived it) isn’t put up. :-D Though I fully admit that the post about nothing is sometimes the most entertaining ones I’ve ever posted as my brain is apparently full of the most random crap.

    1. Yes, random and nothing are my specialties. Unfortunately, my brain just hasn’t wanted to form coherent thought lately. Hopefully it will be back to it’s ridiculous self soon.

  2. So, I follow you on Twitter, and today for the first time I just spent a good 45 minutes browsing your blog. So fun! I started following on Twitter so I could be nosy between you and Grass Stains, I’m clearly psycho. Anyways! I wanted to tell you how fun your blog is, and I’m glad I stopped by. :)

  3. Don’t think ‘they don’t want to hear about that’ (Unless it’s poop. Then think that). Just tell us about your weekend, or your response to this week’s Downton (I can’t believe Edith’s Dad didn’t realise that there *aren’t* eligible young men swarming all over her so holding out for something better isn’t a good plan), or funniest ads you’ve seen recently (or most offensive), or ‘In 5 years of parenting I’ve learned…’ or ‘X years of marriage I’ve learned…’ or what you like about your church or what a visitor to your state should see or why on earth you consider sitting around a carpark with a BBQ to be fun or what you’d do if you were president or pope or queen of the world (politics and religion are risky though…), cleaning and home organisation tips (don’t laugh, I’m sure you’ve got some), another recipe? How do you exercise these days? What’s your favourite animal (bird, colour, food, music, books, films etc.) and why? Go shopping with a camera and give us your verdict on the autumn fashions (please tell folks not to wear tights without something covering their butts!!!).

    Right, I’m tired now. Consider yourself supplied with a few months of ideas… :)

    1. Wow – you’re full of ideas. Clearly you need to start a blog! Really though, these are all great ideas. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in feeling the need to have some sort of creative writing that I forget to simply write about life. I’m constantly reminding myself of this – and sometimes I listen better than others.

  4. What about dredging up stories from your pre-blogging days? Your spin on most anything is generally amusing (even your 15 stages of nothing to blog about… but if today ends up really blah and you’re still stuck tomorrow, you’ve now already used that one… but knowing you SOMETHING of interest is bound to happen today even if you have to drag Noah somewhere pretentious sans smock.)

    1. Yup, I love it when I remember a good pre-blogging story. I’ll have to think on that! I’ve got a couple ideas for the rest of the week, so I’ll stay away from pretentious places – for today, anyway.

  5. Absolutely hilarious! When you’re certain you have nothing to say, make sure you put plenty of thought into it. I found your blog while procastinating on my own posts today, and I’m really enjoying it.

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