Things have been very amiss around here this week.

Food disappearing and/or being spread around the house in the form of sticky crumbs…

Stuff being mysteriously moved around and hidden deeply in toy boxes…

Messes and chaos overwhelming the house until the house itself cannot even be seen…

One might conclude that this is due to poor parenting and child mischief brought on by an onslaught of illness, but this seems to not be the case.

Because Ali vehemently denies participation in any and all crimes, and Noah shakes his head angrily, acting offended at the mere suggestion of any such tomfoolery.

So we discussed the possibilities.

…perhaps we have a stowaway in the basement.

…or maybe Daddy is getting up in the mornings and completely ruining the house before he leaves for work – you know, because he thinks I’d be bored otherwise.

But them we had a moment of realization when we looked at the calendar.

Of course.  How silly of us.  How simply explainable the phenomenon.


So we devised a plan.

We set out a temptingly beautiful pathway…


Leading right to….

IMG_2811 copy

That’s right. We know how to trap ‘em around here.

Leprechauns: Magically Delicious.

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16 thoughts on “Green With Mystery.

  1. What a cute idea…I think my Leprechaun is leaving white drywall dust EVERYWHERE when I wake up…but since it is for a good cause I will let him slide.

  2. That was so cute! I laughed out loud, and it was soooo needed! Thanks, dear!! I hope the leprechaun gets nabbed, and I really hope you are all starting to feel better!

    1. Thanks!! We are finally starting to emerge!! Today no one is sick – except for lingering coughs, of course, AND Chris didn’t work until 1 am last night. Here’s to normalcy sometime soon!!

  3. Our family of six was sick for a week. My 7yr old was the first to be well. My house appeared to be run by leprechauns.. 7yr old’s in leprechaun form. Hope you feel better quickly! And way to make cuteness out of the chaos!

  4. That is so cute. What a fun mom you are. I kind of missed the boat on doing anything fun for my kids this year for St. Patty’s Day. I’ll have to make up for it on April Fools. ; )

    1. Oh yes. I’m already thinking about that! My parents always got us really good on April Fool’s…I want to offer the same pain to my children.

  5. Mmm…now I want some Lucky Charms. I put green dye in Ella’s milk and she refused to drink it. I also put green dye in the toilets and she was not to happy about somebody not flushing the potty. Ugh. Maybe next year. However, I am not sure I would’ve drank green milk either at her age.

    1. We did Green Milk and Green Icing on Cinnamon Rolls – Ali was quite excited about both – and I was surprised! I thought she might balk at drinking green milk. But I like the potty idea!

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