Every year about this time, I become irate at the world.

Because Spring Break means nothing to me.

Nothing, I say.

While you are all out trekking the beaches, theme parks, and exotic vacation destinations of the world, I’m at home, having another normal week with my not-yet-school-aged children who have no such formalities.

I have been medicating this anger by getting cheap thrills out of dressing my children in matching or coordinating jammies…because I secretly desire to be much higher that I am on The Continuum of Match.

Some appreciate my efforts, some do not.

IMG_2566 copyNon-Teenage, Non-Mutant, Non-Ninja Turtles.

IMG_2685 copyName That Children’s Book…

But you know what? Even the excitement of matching jammies is no Spring Break.

…especially when I see all of your vacation photos start rolling in on Facebook.

Oh look…they’re in The Cayman Islands!!

And a whole week of DisneyWorld? How nice for them…

FIJI?!??! How did they have time to fly to Fiji for Spring Break?!?

Okay, lest you think I have extraordinarily wealthy taste in friends, I might be exaggerating a smidge.

But you get the idea.

So, to prevent the spreading of my malice and envy throughout the blogosphere this week, and since none of you are here and reading my blog anyway since you’re, like, in FIJI, I’m giving myself a Spring Break.

I’ll be posting some long-buried, mostly-forgotten but halfway decent and possibly even entertaining reposts for the next few days – posts that are so old that 75.4% of you have never laid eyes on them.  And instead of writing during naptimes, I’ll be trying to find some fun Spring Break(ish) activities to do with the kids.

(And maybe even have them in matching clothes while going about it.)

(But probably not.)

(Because that’d be weird.)

So go, enjoy your fun and frolicking, and I’ll enjoy sitting out by the freezing baby pool watching Noah’s teeth chatter from within his blue lips and will be pretending that it’s the Fijian Coast of the Southwest Pacific.

And if you’re here with me, feel free to chime in your own enmity toward the Spring Breakers of the world.  Go ahead – I’ll affirm your feelings.

27 thoughts on “With Great Enmity Toward Spring Break…

  1. I’m so with you! If we get AJ into “big school” for 4K, there will be Spring Break, and, of course, we won’t know what to do with her for a whole week! Probably not Fiji, though. :)

  2. I have children Spring Break age and I’m still here. Getting the husband to take off a week is rare and I prefer to wait until summer to do it.. So we’re taking a day trip or two and I’ll hose them down today while I’m washing my car :) Woo Hoo!!

    1. Yeah, my hubby can’t take a week off, either. Our vacations are usually at most Wednesday night – Sunday night. I’ve never been quite sure if I’d like a week-long vacation, but I’m thinking I could get used to the idea.

  3. I don’t get spring breaks either… our school doesn’t even have them. Other than Easter. So life continues as normal in Iowa… oh wait. My hubby and I just got back from Hawaii…. I suppose that doesn’t help anymore does it. :)

    1. Yeah. Not so much.

      But in fairness, we do have our anniversary trip coming up – so I shouldn’t complain too loudly.

      It’s not to Fiji OR Hawaii though.

  4. I totally feel ya! ESPECIALLY since my very own parents are at the beach! Without me! Aaahhhhh! *severe enmity* going on here. We did go to the park yesterday & even bought ice cream from the ice cream truck BEFORE we ate dinner but it only temporary pacified my strong desire to be at the beach…

  5. We don’t generally go anywhere – the husband doesn’t take the time off, so it’s just me and the kids. I’d much rather save the week for the summer when the weather’s likely to be better and go camping. Not that that’s happened either. I’m working on it.

    1. Here’s to hoping!!!

      If we camped during the summer, we wouldn’t survive. We have to camp only in Spring or Fall – 110 degrees in a tent isn’t so festive.

  6. The snow is piling up here right now … I can’t even think about Fiji even if it is raining there! Have fun on your adventures! Looking forward to the reposts!

    1. Thanks!! And sorry about the snow. Although since I didn’t see a single snowflake this year, it’d actually be a fun Spring Break to come visit you.

      1. It would be fun! You’d have to pack everything from snow gear to flip flops – we had snow on Monday and it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s Friday. You just never know around here!

  7. I with ya. I’m still in school so I do get spring break, but…no vacations. I and I have to work too. :P

  8. Imagine living in a country that doesn’t even HAVE Spring Break! We get a few days off over Easter and that’s our lot…

  9. Love the jammies! We read the Ladybug girl book in a Dr’s office. I need to get it since we call K, Bug! I totally hear you with Spring Break. It’s a little different for me this year since Bug actually does have a break from preschool. Not that it will be much different since she has missed a week and half out of the last two weeks, and we won’t go anywhere or do anything different. My mom has spring break too though so maybe the girls will stay a night or two over there and give me a break. :)

    1. It’s a really cute series of books – Ali loves them! She totally relates to Ladybug girl since she’s pretty imaginative herself.

      Hope you guys get a nice break by a spend-the-night at Grandma’s!

  10. I think there are VERY few things in this world more awesome than matching jammies and fully support your efforts 100%

    Also, I think it may take me a few years to get onto the school age schedule, as right now I’m still like “gee I think we should go to Nicaragua next February” and then like a week later have the passing thought that Kristina will be in school then. And then I dismiss said thought as “it’s only kindergarten!”

    Bad Mommy, I know.

    And now I’m wondering why we’re not in Disneyland this week. Or Fiji. Or really anywhere that doesn’t still have snow covering the sandbox and a driveway the consistency of mud.

  11. We (my kids) do not get Spring Break until the week before Easter. I still call it Easter break to the bane of the school district. Here is what we will be doing:
    Monday – pj’s til 10:30 when I go to “work” – It’s not really work I just help out at the family business for 2 hours so my brother in law can have a lunch.
    Tuesday – hair cuts for my boys. “work”
    Wednesday – the usual – groceries with my mom – “work”
    Thursday – dental cleaning for all 4 of us “work” then over to MIL’s to stay with her til Saturday.
    Super exciting huh?
    I have to schedule cleanings when my kids are off because the hygienist leaves at 1pm and my middle schooler’s grades go way down if he misses one day. TMI? Don’t feel bad when our kids are older we can party on Spring Break (NOT!)

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