“They want you to do…what??

So my husband preached yesterday.

As in, wore a suit and a tie and a Britney mic and stood behind the pulpit in the bright lights and preached.

The evidence that this event occurred can be found in the gigantic My-Husband-Is-Preaching Stress Pimple right between my eyes.

Because apparently, everyone that knew he was preaching was praying that he wouldn’t be anxious, and as all of Chris’ nervousness made it’s defeated retreat out of his body, it crawled into the nearest one that happened to be hanging around – and that would be mine.

The good news was that it was a very serious communion service, so I didn’t have to worry about him making any unscheduled, un-preapproved jokes.

(Chris teaches our Sunday School on occasion, and being that it is full of our closest friends, he tends to freewheel with a demographically casual irreverence that would stop my heart if it came from my husband in the pulpit in Big Church.)

But, the bad news was also that it was a very serious communion service, and he jolly well better not mess it up.

So, alas. The nervousness on his behalf manifested itself into Crisco and grew a new being between my eyes.

I had read and reread and edited and reedited his message, but the pit of my stomach didn’t get that Hopping Bunny Feeling until 10 PM Saturday night, at which time he began his first pajama rehearsal from the kitchen counter.

After some high-quality, well-received constructive criticism from his life partner, it wasn’t bad at all.

And then there was an interlude of a couple of old episodes of Downton Abbey, at which time I tried to distract my Crisco Bunnies by wondering what it would be like to have a Lady-In-Waiting and listening to fabulous British accents.

And then the second pajama rehearsal at midnight. My anxiety increased and I wondered if perhaps it was too late for him to back out.

You know – for my sake.

It wasn’t him – the message was beautiful, and he was doing it fine, but I just couldn’t help but get that piano-recital, Olympic final, ice-the-kicker nervousness on his behalf.

On Sunday morning, I felt a bit of Wife Guilt over not ironing his pants, chose my most proper front-row-sitting outfit, and began praying that Noah would take the day as an opportunity to begin to at least marginally enjoy his stay in the nursery.

We finished getting ready in silence. Except for…

“I sure hope that you give me something to blog about.”

“I sure hope I don’t!!”

And thankfully, Chris got his wish. He didn’t trip on the stairs, I didn’t get an inescapable coughing fit, Noah didn’t crawl out of the nursery and into the balcony and wail about the injustice of his life, and no unvetted jokes slipped out. The entire service was very meaningful, and I was (after my heart resumed it’s thumping) quite proud of him.

Now if I could just get rid of this zit.

Although the first few minutes of his message mysteriously disappeared, if you have any desire to hear an excerpt, it can be found here.

But if you hear a tapping noise, that was most likely my nervous foot reverberating from the front row.

23 thoughts on “Wife of a Preacher Man.

  1. We really enjoyed Chris’s message and were so proud of him! He kept it on target, meaningful, well-explained, and thoughtful. The service yesterday was amazing, and Chris definitely played a role in setting the tone and bringing the Truth. That zit needs to back off.

    1. Thank you!! Although it was your fault that he felt the need to crane his neck to occasionally look at the choir. We over-analyzed that last night. We decided that he should have fully turned for a sec, rather than half-hearted neck stretching. Your thoughts? :)

  2. wow. I can totally relate to that. I keep swearing to my husband that if he gets any higher in leadership with where we are, I’ll develop so many ulcers he’ll have to resign to parent the children I left behind. =) Glad you both made it through!

  3. Thankful for the message Chris shared. His illustration really nailed it. I could tell it meant a lot to him and that made the service mean a lot to us. Please pass on my thanks to him for sharing from his heart.

  4. Please let Chris know that he was like Jesus to me yesterday. I’m thankful for his ministry to us and for his heart that is purely for the Lord. And I am glad that he did not trip on the steps…

  5. Way to go Chris – thanks for your time in study and preparation. And thanks Rachel for loaning him to us for the morning.

  6. Ha! I can so relate to this post! I love your writing a lot. Hubs & I Senior Pastored for 10 years then moved on to Oversee a small ministry school where he was up front every single day! So weird to feel the jitters for someone else. Congrats on surviving!

  7. I thought the whole service was just beautiful yesterday…from the music (with all that lovely violin), to Chris’s part, to the Lord’s supper. A beautiful service for a beautiful Savior. Awesome!

  8. I closed my eyes and saw Chris behind the pulpit and I listened, really listened. I now sit here with tears in my eyes at the beautiful words he spoke and how meaningful they are to us all. I can not explain how I feel at this moment having heard those words of what our Saviour did for all mankind. He did a wonderful, very meaningful job. I will stop my day and listen again.
    On the lighter side, I hope your zit leaves you.

    1. Thank you! I wish you could have heard the whole thing. For some reason, the recording blanked out for a few minutes after Pastor Walls’ introduction, then picked back up. He had a really cool illustration in there, but the heart of the message was all recorded.

  9. Oh goodness. I can relate to that kind of stress. Glad it went well…for him! :) Hopefully you can now let all that stress seep out of your body. Maybe you need to make a deal that anytime he preaches you get a massage. :)

  10. I’m the wife of a pastor so I totally understand. Just wait until your kids are in the spotlight. I was a nervous wreck every time my sons pitched a baseball game.

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