Update: Due to significant changes in the company and a terrible downward spiral in denim quality, I no longer recommend shopping through Vault Denim. I now buy all of my jeans through Nordstrom Rack’s app, HauteLook, which regularly features my favorite brands of designer jeans at half the cost. I highly recommend it! My current favorite brands are Joe’s Jeans, Genetic Denim, Hudson Jeans, Frankie B, Mother Denim, and 7 for all Mankind

So Friday night was the Vault Denim party.

Being that this was the first time I had done major party preparation with two kids underfoot, I got a bit over-ambitious in my preparations.

Also, every recipe I thought about sounded delicious, so obviously, I had no choice but to make them all.

So I spent all day long up to the very last second possible, with Ali’s help and Noah’s hindrance, making knock-offs of everyone else’s awesome treats.

I made Christen’s Soft Butter Mints…

My Mom’s twenty-years-in-the-creation-of-the-perfect-recipe Greek Tzatziki Dip

Nikki’s Oreo Truffles (aka John MacArthurs)…

And Pinterest’s Rainbow Fruit Kebabs.


And Lydia, our party hostess, treated us with Edgar’s amazing and gigantic Petit Fours.


And then, of course, there was the main attraction.



And more jeans.

I was in heaven.

They had many of my favorite brands… 7 for All Mankind…Rock and Republic…Citizens of Humanity…and then a bunch of new brands I didn’t know but fell in love with.  And they were actually, on average, less expensive than I expected!

It was almost more than I could take – it was as if the power to demolish Mom Jeans was all in one room at one time – a beautiful feeling indeed.

We had a wonderful group of women come to the party, almost none of which I actually photographed their faces.

Because I was, apparently, too busy photographing their butts.

In fact, as I lay in bed Friday night reviewing the party in my mind, I had a mini panic attack when I realized that I got no photos of the awesome Vault reps, no group photos of everyone who came to the party, and hardly any photos of people at – all except for butts.

So, it’s butts I’ll show you, I suppose.

But as I was saying, a great group.  We had people that needed jean interventions, people that already had great jeans and just wanted more, and even a Mother/Daughter intervention, where Giann gave her Mom the priceless gift of helping her change her denim ways.

Look at that appreciation, mutual admiration, and overwhelming gratitude…


(And that’s the only picture of faces you’ll see in this entire post.  Enjoy it while you can.)

The Vault reps, the unphotographed Kwanzaa and Simone, were amazing.  They consulted with each person and helped them locate the perfect pair(s) of jeans for their body.

And they were experts at what they did.  Almost everyone left with jeans, and most of us found two pair!  Which, since the deals were so fabulous, was not at all overwhelming in cost.

So.  I’m sure you want to see some Vault Magic now.

Several of the guests were willing to “smile” for the camera to show off their before and after rear view.

Our first victim was Subject A.

Jeans Comparison C 2

That, dear people of the internet, is stunning.

If that’s not proof of what I’ve been preaching about the right pair of jeans, I don’t know what is.  For a mere $60 and a group of women to help you scrutinize your rear for the best possible fit, you too can lose 15 pounds and 10 years.

Then, there was Subject B.

Jeans Comparison LP 2
Again, the shape, profile, and contours are fabulously improved.

And finally, Subject C.

Jeans Comparison L 2
…I’m pretty sure that was 20 pounds shed in a mere 15 seconds.

The next day, two of the above subjects texted me to tell me that they were now believers, and that I had been right all along about the power of designer denim.  It changed their butt, it changed their life.

Okay, maybe not their life.  But definitely their butt.

The party format completely exceeded my expectations.  It was fun, it was interactive, we all had a fabulous time giving each other honest help in choosing the perfect pair of jeans, saved hundreds of dollars, lost hundreds of virtual pounds, and all left happy and fully denimed.

Lydia and I are already talking about throwing another Vault party, but if you’re at all interested in having a party, I highly recommend it!  I’ll be glad to get you in touch with the wonderful ladies that I worked with, who can help you find out how you can throw a party no matter where you live.

Change your jeans, change your life.

Or at least your butt.

Sequel: For more before and after photos and tips for fitting jeans to different body types, click here.

41 thoughts on “A Denim Miracle.

  1. What yummy looking treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yummy looking jeans too! I’m seriously intrigued by this. Wish one of my friends would throw one I could go to! :) Showed my hubby the b&a to show him the difference in designer jeans. He was impressed! :)

  2. P.S. I just showed this post to my mom (avid mom jeans perpetuator) and her response was “I don’t see much of a difference.” WHAT???!!!

  3. Wow, that is some pretty awesome denim magic! I am SO not a party person but I would consider hosting one of these just to get some good denim!

    And oh my goodness, those treats look good. I love how colorful and fun the fruit kabobs are!

  4. I wonder if my husband would let me take a 2400 mile road trip? I think the personal thrill of meeting you in real life would make it worth it in addition to the jeans. I tend to wonder sometimes if people of the internet are just figments of the internet.
    A while ago, after reading your mom jeans posts and showing them to my sister, then mother and aunt, my sister leapt into action and took mom jean shopping. She got her a nice pair that looked great, but alas! it was not to be, Mom tried them for a few days and then returned them and went back to the old ways:( My aunt wouldn’t try it at all, but she did enjoy your writing.

  5. Wow! The before and after results are amazing. The food looks delicious too. I wish I could have been there — but with all the food, I’d have to wonder if I’d negate the virtual pounds lost. :)

    1. I don’t remember the brand names that are specifically in the photos, but some of my favorites are Seven for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, and Rock and Religion. One thing we did learn Friday night was that trying on a good pair of jeans wasn’t enough – you had to find the perfect pair for your body. It was wild how two girls could try on the same pair of jeans and they would look perfect on one and not on the other, and vice versa! That’s where it came in handy to have so many people there to give helpful and honest opinions.

  6. So mad I was out of town and couldn’t make it! Please let me know if you have another one! Would love to see you again after so long!

  7. Darn it, I wish I didn’t live so far away! Your pics are amazing. What was the largest size jean they brought to the party?

  8. Reluctantly, I will confess to being Subject B. My “before” jeans are Gap – can’t trust them anymore! The jeans I left with are Rock Paper Sexy, which according to my Google search is a new line from Vault Denim….and also a band from Charleston.

    My husband loved the Oreo truffles I brought home for him. Thanks Rachel!

    1. It was great to meet you in person!!

      As far as Gap goes, you saw how one pair of jeans totally looked like Mom Jeans on me and not on Lydia – just because they’re good jeans doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically work! It helps to have a dozen women staring at your rear…but then again, if stores started offering that service, people might be a bit weirded out.

  9. Oh boy! I think you need to bring the treats and jeans on a field trip to Canada… Because I’m sure you enjoy travelling more than I do and I wear mom jeans (they don’t seem like mom jeans until they come home with me, I swear!)

  10. I went to mops today and, as I was surrounded by a bunch of moms, I could not help but be horrified by all the mom jeans. I tell you, I think you would have died! It may have gotten worse from last year but I think you have gotten me trained in what to look for so now I see them even when I’m not looking. *Sigh* I do not have any idea how to tactfully tell people they look rediculous.

  11. I really had no idea I was wearing mom jeans, didn’t know places like Old Navy sold mom jeans! I’ll never go back now!
    I had my mom look at the post and she was amazed. She said she’d love to attend or host a party, so we might have to have one in Atlanta sometime soon!

  12. enjoyed your article on what to look for when buying jeans & your article on your jean party & pics…awesome! (thank my sis for posting this on facebook!)

  13. What a great article! You have a way with writing and pics are PROOF that jeans really do make a difference! What area are you in? Are there any reps in the Baltimore Md area? I would love to go to a party!

    1. I’m not sure how to reply to your msg (I don’t see it on here), Annapolis is “close enough” (about an hour away). I would totally drive an hour to get the perfect pair of jeans!!! Can you pass on my email to the gal in Annapolis? Please and mybuttthanksyou!!

  14. I am still not convinced about designer jeans. But I wear Levis. I don’t have to worry about price, but fit… Good, well fitting jeans seem almost nonexistent for my body type. Jeans are made for size 10 legs, so long as the same person has a size 14 waist. They all stretch out after 20 minutes of wear time. Maybe we don’t have enough selection where I live? We have a Buckle and a Ambercrombie (sp?) and Fitch, but they seem to cater to the pre adolescent body type. I have been wearing Cruel Girl and Levis 529 curvy boot cut but I don’t know that they do the job well. It is just so nice to have Jeans that dont gap at the waist.

    1. Yes, I agree that Buckle and Abercrombie aren’t going for an “adult” body. For non-gapping jeans, the ones I’ve had the best luck with are Express, 7 For All Mankind, J Brand (which has tiny waists in relation to the hip, by the way), and Hudson (Or Emerson Edwards from Vault).

  15. Wow – the results are amazing. I am wondering about the two pairs of jeans I own (yes, I only own two though I wear jeans every day). I will have to set my self timer and check out my own butt.

  16. The difference is amazing. How do I find a Vault rep near me?? I’m in Houston and I would love to do a party like this.

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