Several months ago, Chris introduced me to the fabulous YouTube trend that is the sport of combining a Roomba, a Bumbo, and a Baby.

It was brilliant. It was hilarious. And I was jealous that I hadn’t thought of it.

(I mean, with names like Bumbo and Roomba, why didn’t I realize the obvious destiny of combining those two objects??)

Since that day, I’ve wanted to take my own kid on a Bumbo Roomba Video Rodeo. So, even though Noah had long outgrown the use of his Bumbo, I took it with us this past weekend to Chris’ Aunt and Uncle’s house, because they owned one of these fabulously useful Roombas.

But what I discovered is there are many complicating factors to having a successful Bumbo Roomba experience.

For instance. If you have a fat kid.

If your baby eats more than your almost five year old does on a regular basis, he MIGHT be a heavier load than a Roomba prefers to carry around the room. So instead, it will just sit and spin back and forth, desperately trying to rid itself of it’s load of lard.

Tile floors also do not help the Roomba overcome it’s heavy-laden distress. Even when it does try to suck it up and zoom, every time it hits a grout groove, it uses that as an excuse to go no further.

Also complicating is a lack of perfect fit between said Bumbo and Roomba. If only Bumbos were made a quarter of an inch bigger…but they’re not. Which causes slippage off of the back of the Roomba approximately every 7 seconds.

And finally, the lack of ownership of a miniature Star Trek uniform. Not that any other videos had this asset either, but in my head, this video is so much funnier with Noah dressed up as Jean-Luc Picard.

But although my dream of a perfectly awesome Bumbo-Roomba video was not achieved, I will humbly share with you the fruit of my labors…

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this video. A certain Roomba, however, may never be the same, over which I may have deep feelings of guilt and remorse, and also may owe Aunt Kitty, (heard in this video puzzling over the lack of RoombaZoom), a new robotic vacuum.

20 thoughts on “The Complications of Riding a Roomba.

    1. I really was shocked by how nonplussed he was at the whole thing. Which made me think – a lot. And I guess to him, going in circles on the Roomba wasn’t much different than being pushed in the stroller, carried around, and in general not having control over his own destiny.

  1. This is the absolutely the best idea! I think you will need to have another kid to do the proper bumbo roomba testing though. And Noah is just so nonchalant about it all.

    1. …or maybe just borrow someone else’s kid. Seems a lot easier than producing another child just for a successful video, don’t you think?

  2. I really wanted to try this when Elizabeth was small. But she hated our roombas with a passion. Still won’t be at floor level if they are going and won’t even press buttons (which she normally loves). Sigh… They do make heavier duty ones, including a lawn mower. My husband’s inner geek would like to get a lawn mower, but I’m sure someone would steal it if we left it unattended and I’d rather mow my own lawn than watch someone else do it.

    1. Ali would have been scared of it – she hated things that made loud noises when she was little. The hair dryer was a nightmare!!

      The lawn mower sounds fascinating… but maybe not as safe for baby riding. :)

  3. Lol, I have never heard of this before but that was hilarious! I love Noah’s expression. Kind of like, “Yeah, ok. This isn’t too bad. A little fun. A little boring though.” hahaha, so funny! And his video was just as good as the couple of other ones I watched after!

  4. Holy Moly! That is freaking hilarious!! I want to try this, but unfortunately Maggie is a chunk and oh yeah, I don’t have a roomba. This could give them a tour of the house :)

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