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…And this is why there will never be a decent photo of Noah and I together.  Ever.

30 thoughts on “United Baby Union: Rule Number One.

  1. Lol! So true! My girls still grab at me when I hold them. Honestly I don’t even notice much with my kids. It sure is awkward when it’s someone else’s kid though! His shades are adorable, btw!

    1. I sure hope so. Ali just asks awkward questions about them now. Today it was, “What does it feel like to have those on your chest?”

  2. Cute pictures! You both look wonderful! Is it a boy thing or did Ali do this to you in pictures too? (Gives a new meaning to the onesies that say “I’m a boob man”)

  3. Just wait until he is four and you are in church holding him. And everyone around you is worshipping or praying and you are trying to peel his little preschool hands off of your boobs or direct them out of your shirt. And you are trying to be quite about it. Or when he is about two and grabs them in church and says, “Balls mommy, balls.”

    James is four and he is still fascinated with them. Mark says its pretty much not ever going to change-he’ll just direct his fascination to other women.

    By the way, you look way to good to have a six month old baby!

  4. Kristina, who is nearly 4 and was fully weaned at 15 months, will still occasionally just suddenly be feeling me up for no apparent reason. Is he big enough for his hand (and subsequent following arm) to just “wander” down your shirt every so often, especially in nice social situations when he starts to get overwhelmed? It’s totally another developmental milestone, babbling, crawling, cruising, copping a feel, walking, learning to undo mommy’s nursing bra hooks all your own, weaning (as mommy has gotten to the point of having quite enough of THAT)…

    1. Occasionally he goes inside the shirt. He’s more fond of just attempting to pull my shirt off, though. Definitely a developmental milestone!

  5. LOL, that is hilarious! But I didn’t even notice it at first, it just looked like a cute picture. :)

    S has been pulling my shirt down lately even though she has been done nursing for over two months. She totally almost flashed a group of Tyson’s board members at the resort last weekend. I’m pretty sure they got a nice shot of my blue bra. :P She also loves to de-pants me. The girl has issues with my clothes! Haha:)

  6. I didn’t catch it at first. Those are hilarious! I’m sure he will love being shown those in his teenage years. (:

  7. Ha! Love this…and Kelly’s right. You do look amazing. Keep posting pictures of yourself so I will be inspired to lose this baby weight once this baby finally decides to make his grand appearance.

  8. Hahaha! Elizabeth used to do it more but at two at least listens to me sometimes and moves her hand. But “mommy boobies” have to say cheese too. They are her security blanket/imaginary friend or something. I’m assuming she’ll grow out of it, hopefully soon! She talks to them and makes them talk back. I’ve learned that mommy boobies are more daring than Elizabeth but also more prone to backtalk. My husband thinks it’s funny and that I need to blog about it for posterity (and really, it’s a BIG part of her life right now so yes I should) but my dad thinks it’s creepy that I’m still nursing so he’d think this doubly weird!

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