1954: Pop (my Dad), Two Years Old, in the days of hand-tinted blush – either that, or babies wore makeup back then.


1980: Uncle JC, One Year Old.

(Apparently, Pop lost his belt sometime in the wild 60’s.  And, hopefully, the liberal makeup usage.)

(JC required rehab after those old man compression socks were pried off of his poor tender toddler flesh.  And I hear he still has leftover SockMarks…)

1987: Uncle Nick, One Year Old, and a proud drooler.

(Obviously, he lacked the “healthiness” of calves that our older brother had.)

2009: Cousin Eli, One Year Old, sporting the next-generation-rebellion against socks or shoes.


2011: Noah, only 7 Months Old, and barely snapping in the crotch.

IMG_6342cv copy


(Apparently, I breed Babies of Unusual Size.)

IMG_6345v copy

(…and drool capabilities.)
IMG_6371 v9

And, one more for good measure:

1927: My Grandfather, back when real men wore frilly dresses…


…and yet he somehow still managed to look more manly than every single baby that branched off of his family tree.

I mean seriously – he looks like he was already a member of The Birmingham Greek Mob…packing heat under his crocheted cardigan and hiding a knife in his left white patent booty.

Impressive…and a little scary.

23 thoughts on “A Seven-Decade Hand-Me-Down.

  1. OK, THIS is hilarious!!! You could’ve really had me crying if you would have spun it differently with the whole sentimental outfit through the generations thing, but instead you had me laughing with tears. I really don’t get the crocheted cardigan over the dress. But that hand-on-the-hip says don’t laugh or I’ll make you sleep with the fishes!

    1. Thanks! I thought about going the sentimental route, but just wasn’t feeling it. :) And yes, that hand is very threatening in appearance! What’s better is, I remember my Grandfather putting his hand on his hip just like that!

  2. Ok how cool is it that you have an outfit that has gone through that many family members. These of Noah are precious. The drool cracks me up. And you are right about that pic of your grandfather, which I love by the way. Love old photos.

  3. That was a great post. I just love old pictures and you captions add to them so much. Don’t you love how boys were always dressed in dresses in the old days. I wonder why, something to ponder.

    1. It looks like it was taken in one of those Kitchy Gatlinburg “Old-Timey” Photo Shops, doesn’t it? I guess they’re doing their job right..

  4. That is such a cool thing to pass that on! And your grandpa looks like he’s smirking. :) By the way, I finally found out exactly what smocking is and actually found I had an outfit in the closet put away for my little girl that has smocking on it. Now I know what to have her wear if I ever make it down south.

  5. Are’nt you glad you didn’t wait until Noah was a year old to try the outfit on him? And to think that it had once been worn by a 2 year old! Noah has got to be one of the happiest looking babies ever!

    1. Yes, from what I understand, my Dad was tiny until he was a young adult, then he grew half a foot in a couple of months. I vaguely remember trying on his air force uniform when I was in high school and being horrified that it was TOO SMALL FOR ME. That was a traumatic moment.

  6. That’s impressive! The outfit still seems to be in really good shape, guess it was just worn for pictures :)
    So Noah is now the size your dad was at 2 years old?! You & Chris do breed big kids!
    I have an outfit that my great grandmother sewed for my mom, and I wore it as a toddler, but I just can’t bring myself to put Aubrey it in…it’s awful.

  7. Noah looks so much like his Pop! And we see where he gets his blond hair from.

    Great post – enjoyed all of the pictures.

  8. Ok, I’m cracking up over here. This post is GREAT!

    Noah is SO cute, but I see he comes from a long line of cuteness. :) Tell him I bet that outfit has shrunk over the years from too many washing. I can’t believe it started out on a 2 year old.

  9. I LOVE this! This is simply amazing that the outfit has stayed so spectacular throughout the years. All I have is a dress I wore and then Maya wore so I could take pictures of her in it. My sis-in-law just baptized my niece in her’s and her mother’s baptism gown made by her great-grandmother. I also have a friend who would kill for that outfit, she buys and sells vintage on Etsy like crazy! Bit of a ramble there? Yes. I just find this so fabulous! =)

  10. Now, would your grandfather’s outfit qualify as an ephod? =) Love the family pics. We have a pair of OshKosh denim overalls that have been worn by me and all my cousins. Hmmm gonna have to track those down in the next few months!

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