Noah and I have a dirty little secret.

He is ticklish EVERYWHERE.  Especially if I am touching him – I know all of his hot spots.

Ticklish Spots

I can’t even change his clothes without him giggling until he gets the hiccups.

(My offspring all have a weird genetic mutation that makes them get the hiccups every time they laugh vigorously.  Ali knows about her deformity in this area and will beg me to quit making her laugh before she gets the hiccups.)


His ticklishness isn’t our big secret – it’s much more devious than that.

Our secret is that he and I use his sensitivities to make people think that he adores them – and even finds them to be the most hilarious people in the entire world.

For instance, Sunday:

A little old lady walks up to us at Church.  She lights up with the sun of a thousand days at the sight of a baby.

She stoops down to make eye contact with Noah, who I’m holding, and starts talking to him.

I wait until he looks at her, then immediately yet subtly touch his thigh.

He breaks into laughter.

She looks up at me with shining eyes and exclaims: ”He loves me!!!  How precious!!”

I quit tickling him while she’s looking at me.

She looks back at him.  He looks at her.  I tickle him.  He laughs while looking at her.

She exclaims how wonderful babies are, and how he’s been the happiest part of her entire day.

She looks back at him.  He looks at her.  I tickle him.  He laughs at her.

She gets misty-eyed with the thrill of a baby’s love, and hugs me through tears of gratefulness, thanking me for reproducing and therefore bringing happiness to the world.

Noah and I walk away, impressed at ourselves for being able to, once more, successfully make someone cry with his cuteness.

…and not feeling at all bad about our deceptive, dirty little secret.


22 thoughts on “Making Little Old Ladies Happy Cry Since 2011.

    1. She doesn’t, but we’ve fooled many people with our trick – and now they all know the truth.
      The risks of being a blogger…

  1. Oh my gosh- you should TOTALLY take him to an old folks home! Heck, the staff might even HIRE you to come out and make their old people smile. In fact, I’m smiling right now just THINKING of him laughing! What a little doll :)

  2. That is AWESOME!!! I totally wish my kids would do that. I always feel so bad when sweet little old ladies come up to see my children and said children glare at them and then cling to me with the ferociousness of a tiger. That would be a VERY handy trick to have!

  3. This is a bit twisted, but that is the sweetest thing! She is probably still telling that story to all her LOL (Little Old Lady) friends.

  4. Aw! That is sooooo cute! I know just what you mean about the cute little old ladies! Wish I could pull that trick myself. What joy your must bring them! :)

  5. My son is so ticklish. But he has also figured out how to control it so he won’t laugh unless he wants too!! I wish we could use this trick too. Lucky you!

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