Waiting for teeth to come in can sometimes feel like waiting to go into labor.

Not that I look FORWARD to my babies getting teeth.

(Um, ouch.)

But it’s hard not to read into every new baby development and think “that’s GOTTA be due to teeth.”

(Unlike labor, though – there’s nothing to do but WAIT for teeth.  You’re not going to accidentally land yourself in the hospital to lie awake ALL NIGHT LONG due to your incorrect assumptions.)


With Ali, since she was such a ridiculously fussy baby, I kept hoping that a tooth would poke through at any moment and take away her rotten attitude towards life.

I spent nine months waiting for that tooth to come through.

(And then, of course, nineteen more teeth followed. and I wondered why in the world I wanted that process to start.)

With Noah, it’s not fussing that makes me think he’s teething (glory hallelujah!!)…It’s other stuff.

Like… the startlingly horrific smell, consistency, and leakishness of his diapers…

(Although that could be due to his maleness…)

…or of his gas that makes me THINK he has a nasty diaper…

(And that could be due to the absurdly large quantities of broccoli I’ve been eating lately….)

And…the fact that in a matter of mere days, he has gone from being a Zero Drool Baby to having such an amazing level of drool that his chin is completely chapped from acting as the rushing rocks on which Drool Waterfall flows…

And especially…his newfound taste for digits.

Not just a taste. He has a Digit CRAVING.


I mean SERIOUSLY. This kid is entertained for hours by my knuckle…


…which is, incidentally, getting very sore.


But maybe it’s not teeth, after all.


Maybe he just finds me magically delicious.

16 thoughts on “Hopefully When They Arrive, They’ll Be Better Than Mine…

  1. Elizabeth was really into knuckles and baby fingers too. We tried desperately to get her to take a soother instead after we realized how bruised our pinkies were getting. I have a lot of video footage of her spitting out the soother.

    That’s one stage I don’t really miss :)

  2. I’d say something meaningful but I am distracted by the utter cuteness. :)

    Does Noah do the pacifier thing? We did with our son, but our daughter wants nothing to do with them. She spits them out with a classic BLECH! face. I never thought I’d say this… but MAN I wish she would change her mind. Nothing soothes the sore gums except Mommy (and not my digits either).

  3. Thanks for the giggles this morning. I remember teething times well. What a great perspective you have – I vote for magically delicious too!

  4. Landon is doing the SAME thing- he gnaws and chews on everything – especially mine and his hands, his blankets, bibs, toys, or anything that happens to be in a 6 in. radius of his mouth and/or hands. I’ve gotten pretty good at catching drool before it hits the ground though! I just can’t get over those eyes and dimples of Noah’s-he is so precious-as always!

  5. Your posts always make me smile…I don’t know how you always do it, but those pictures of Noah certainly contributed this time!

  6. Ouch, that looks painful. I’ve never let my girls chew on me…you are a more self-sacrificing mommy than I am. :) But Noah is just so darn cute I might be willing to let him if I was his mommy. :)

  7. I’m new to your blog and it’s definitely funny!

    I’ve been going through something similar: our almost one-year-old daughter just got her first and second teeth within about a week of each other AND our almost 2-1/2-year-old son has molars coming in. (And I agree, the diapers are worse when they’re teething!)

    I’m sure our 5-year-old daughter will start losing her teeth soon…thankfully that’s not nearly as painful for any involved! :)

  8. E did the same thing too, however, she did not cut her first tooth until she was almost 7 months. Cloth bibs are the best for catching all that drool.

    Side note: those are the cutest pictures. You have a sweet family!

  9. Supposedly babies drool extremely increases at 4 mo. I asked my pediatrician if my baby was teething and without looking in her mouth he just said no, not likely. (He was right by all my nieces and nephews got teeth at 4 mo. and all I wanted the Pediatrician to do was LOOK in her MOUTH!!!).

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