This past weekend while Chris and I were retreating for our anniversary, we did a lot of planning for the future.

…what we wanted our family to look like over the next ten years…

…how things should change now that we have TWO kids…

…what our priorities should be…

…what was most important to our family.

In our true geeky form, we pie-charted how we were currently spending our time, then did a pie chart of how we WANTED to spend our time.

And there was one especially gigantic anomaly in the usage of our (particularly my) time: blogging.

Between writing posts, taking photos, editing photos, going to events, reading all of your blogs, commenting on blogs, answering emails … I’d be truly embarrassed to tell you how much time I spend in all that blogging entails.

But on the other hand, it’s a part of who I am.  I love blogging and (most) everything that goes along with it, and I especially love all of you.

But with all things, I have to look at it for what it is, look at what’s best for our entire family, and make an objective, wise, decision.

And so, even though I’m not sure what life will look like without it (and really, I’m not even thinking about it in depth for fear of changing my mind), I’m closing up shop.

(I can’t believe I’m actually typing that…and I didn’t know that typing something can choke you up as easily as saying it can…)

This is harder for me than I can possibly convey.

The most painful part of this decision is the fear of losing all of you.  You’ve been unbelievably wonderful friends, and have been a HUGE part of my (our!) life.  I don’t for a second want to lose touch!!!  So I’ll still be around on Facebook and Twitter.

Because really – I can’t stand the thought of saying good-bye.

Oh – and also – I hope you all have an awesome April Fool’s Day.

40 thoughts on “All Good Things…(or semi-decent things.. or marginally acceptable things…)

  1. I remember your “twin” post, so there was no way you were going to get me with this one!

    I’m going to be taking a pregnancy test for someone in a little while as part of her trick. I’m pretty sure we’re both going to hell for the joke we’re going to play! Have a great April Fools!

  2. Tell me the part about pie-charting your time usage isn’t part of the April fool’s joke, because that’s just awesome.

  3. You will see how upset I was when you read the weird post on your anniversary day post. Bad girl.

  4. Thank goodness it’s April Fool’s Day because I think a little piece of me would die if you were to “close up shop”. I do need to find you on Facebook too though!

  5. I about started to cry. I mean, I know you’re right around the block and all, but your humor makes my day!

    PS. Lunch date soon!?

  6. For a split second, a spit second- I was planning my “we support you, your family is most important, blah, blah, then almost as soon as I got that thought out I KNEW it was an April Fool’s joke. I swear, I have never even met you, but even I knew better than that! haha

    1. Aww, now – it was all meant in fun!! :) The pie charts would be interesting… maybe we’ll have to make them for real. But then I might be horrified at myself for real!!

  7. You had me on that one! Good joke — I’m very glad it was only a joke. I would miss you for sure.

  8. I so totally was falling for this post until I read the last line. Um, yes – I am very gullible. I totally should have known better!!

    I’m glad your blog is going to be around still!

  9. Believed it all the way to the last line! Even read about the pie charts to my hubby. Thought it was hilarious. So glad you’re NOT giving it up!!

  10. I was getting so sad! I totally bought into it! Crap! But I’m sooooo much more happy that it isn’t true! Glad you’ll still be around.

  11. Wow! I was getting ready to comment on how much I would miss your blog but that I understood. I am glad it was an April Fool’s joke, because I would miss you immensely, and as another commenter said Well Played!

  12. That was a good one. I would seriously have a small hole in my heart should you close up shop! I might have to like, buy a minivan or something. Know you are special to lots of mommies! (like those in AZ)

  13. YOU are so funny! My mouth was open as I read this, totally in disbelief that you would do it…! Then I read the last line and things were back to normal. =) seriously, you are so. funny.

  14. Ya got me. :) That’s what I get for being behind on my blog reading. I was not in my it’sAprilfool’sday defensive mode. :)

  15. So. Not. Nice. I TOTALLY believed you! I was already preparing my trying-to-talk-you-out-of-it comment! Something along the lines of “You need to keep a record of things for Ali and Noah’s sake.” or maybe it was just going to be on-my-knees begging, “PLEASE DON”T LEAVE US!” Either way I’m just glad it’s not true!!! But it was mean! Oh so mean! :)

  16. I knew that it was April Fool’s Day and I know that you do an April Fool’s joke every year on your blog and yet I still fell for it! You totally had me until the last line ;)

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