A Cadbury Mini-Eggucation.


Every year around Easter, I drool all over Facebook and Twitter regarding the subject of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and their heavenly goodness.

And every year, people say things like..

“Oh yeah, those chocolate eggs with the yolks in them!!”


“I can’t stand their gooeyness.”


“I didn’t know they made those in a smaller size!”

And I mourn for you all.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs are NOT, despite what their name suggests, miniature versions of those vile, yolky Cadbury Eggs.

They are a delightful creation, sure to increase your life quality by a quotient of at least 30% upon the opportunity of your first taste.


They are small – about the size of a Peanut M&M, and have a very uniquely flavored candy coating on the outside, and just chocolate on the inside:


See? There’s nothing funky going on in these eggs.

But the combination of the candy coating and the unique Cadbury chocolate is life-altering.

ESPECIALLY if you let the candy coating dissolve in your mouth for a minute before biting into it – it gives you the most satisfying thin crunch that only adds to the experience…

There are a lot of seasonal treats that I look forward to, (which ones do you look forward to?), but Cadbury Mini-Eggs are the KING of the seasonal treat for me.  My husband is aware of my needs, and he MAY have bought me four large bags of them the other night.

And that MAY last me through the end of the week.

So please – for your own good – do not waste another second of your life misjudging my FAVORITE Easter treat and go buy yourself a bag or five – as soon as possible.

You will have a better Spring because of it.  I guarantee it.