Every year around Easter, I drool all over Facebook and Twitter regarding the subject of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and their heavenly goodness.

And every year, people say things like..

“Oh yeah, those chocolate eggs with the yolks in them!!”


“I can’t stand their gooeyness.”


“I didn’t know they made those in a smaller size!”

And I mourn for you all.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs are NOT, despite what their name suggests, miniature versions of those vile, yolky Cadbury Eggs.

They are a delightful creation, sure to increase your life quality by a quotient of at least 30% upon the opportunity of your first taste.


They are small – about the size of a Peanut M&M, and have a very uniquely flavored candy coating on the outside, and just chocolate on the inside:


See? There’s nothing funky going on in these eggs.

But the combination of the candy coating and the unique Cadbury chocolate is life-altering.

ESPECIALLY if you let the candy coating dissolve in your mouth for a minute before biting into it – it gives you the most satisfying thin crunch that only adds to the experience…

There are a lot of seasonal treats that I look forward to, (which ones do you look forward to?), but Cadbury Mini-Eggs are the KING of the seasonal treat for me.  My husband is aware of my needs, and he MAY have bought me four large bags of them the other night.

And that MAY last me through the end of the week.

So please – for your own good – do not waste another second of your life misjudging my FAVORITE Easter treat and go buy yourself a bag or five – as soon as possible.

You will have a better Spring because of it.  I guarantee it.

53 thoughts on “A Cadbury Mini-Eggucation.

  1. Hahaha… I am this way about the Reese’s peanut butter cup eggs and Christmas trees… SO much better than real Reese’s peanut butter cups!

  2. I love anything that has Cadbury chocolate in it! But, they do make mini Cadbury eggs like the ones with the yolk like center. They come in a mini egg carton and there ar 12 of them – they are delicious. I may be a little bias though since I love the original big Cadbury Eggs so much :)

    And our favorite seasonal treat is definitely Cella chocolate covered cherries. They are the ones with the clear liquid center and not the white creamy center (yuck!). My family and I will buy them out at a store if we ever find them! LOL

  3. Yummy! I love the minis…..not the big one’s. I always look forward to the PEEPS. But I don’t eat them, I blow them up in the microwave! Heh Heh Heh.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these things. They are the only seasonal treat that I look forward to. So far I’ve only bought one of the little bags. I don’t know if I’m going to make it through Easter without buying at least one big one.

  5. I had my first mini bag yesterday! Love these!
    (I also 2nd Stephy_B, the eggs and trees are so much better than original reese’s cups, I think there is a higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio!)

  6. I LOVE these too — probably my favorite kind of chocolate. I could honestly eat a whole bag of them myself because it is next to impossible for me to stop eating them once I’ve started. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’ll have to resist buying these this year.

      1. Unless your kids are like mine and you had to give up all caffeine, chocolate, and ANYTHING remotely yummy while nursing, lest the children turn into evil animals.

        But, I did lose a lot of weight while nursing and eating that way. Of course, once those three years were over and I could have my yummies again, mama looked more pregnant than ever!

        1. Unfortunately, none of my caffeine and chocolate intake seem to effect Noah at all. And I have seemed to have a much higher-than-usual chocolate craving the last few weeks, so I am NOT having nursing weight loss joy right now!! Must…stop…with…the…chocolate.

  7. Yum! Those are indeed tasty. Cadbury is my favorite kind of chocolate, and I always grieve that the U.S. doesn’t have the extensive Cadbury availability that the U.K. does. We’re all about Hershey here for some reason…sigh. Love those mini-eggs. They play an important role in the cookies that I make for C’s class each year for Easter. I’ll have to bring some to small group again this year.

    My eagerly anticipated seasonal candy is the the peppermint Hershey kiss. Yum! See? I’m not a Hershey hater.

  8. Um, yeah, I think I’ve already eaten 2 large bags by myself! And we still have a month until Easter. How many more bags can I eat??


    The gooey eggs gross me out. I can’t even stand thinking about them. BLECH… Double blech… BLECH! BLECH! BLECH! (Is that enough?)

    These are AMAZING and I love them so much. You did a great job describing them and I appreciate your enthusiasm. Long live the mini eggs!! I’m making a personal choice to give them up, though, after finding out that 65% of the chocolate in North America was harvested by slave children in Africa. Kind of put a bummer on my chocolate obsession. I’m sticking to fair trade when I can’t go another minute, and although it’s not always a guarantee, it’s the best bet anyway.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be Debbie Downer!! Happy St Patty’s day!!
    :) Amber

  10. Ohhh, ok. I thought you were talking about the yolk kind. They have mini ones of those too. T loves them. These are the ones that you can rub on your lips like lipstick right? We used to love to do that as kids. I am just not a huge chocolate/candy fan, except I do love the Easter Reeces’ eggs. So much better than just a plain old peanut butter cup which are not worth the calories in my opinon. The eggs, on the other hand, are totally worth the calories. Same for the trees and pumpkins they make at Christmas and Halloween. Yum.

  11. I LOVE mini eggs! Seriously best Easter candy. My husband loves the big gooey ones and made the mistake of bringing home the 12-pack of little gooey ones one year when I requested mini eggs. So disappointing!

  12. They started putting these out in January in my area. I refuse to even look at them (while I am on WW) because I will instantly devour the entire bag without even realizing it.

  13. I do agree that these are amazing…however I also like a Cadbury Creme egg, and the whopper eggs, and the starburst jelly beans this time of year… truly spring seems to be harder on my waistline than Christmas! ;)

  14. (ok, mostly unrelated to the minieggs (as they really are totally different), but this came to mind thanks to the Cadburry egg part)

    When I was in high school, a friend handed me a Cadburry egg for the first time. And when I bit into it, I was filled with conflicting “wtf is this overly sweet gooey stuff inside of it” and “suuuuuggggaaaaaaaaaar” opinions. And then I went into a total sugar high mode. In my US History class. And now I will forever think of Becca whenever I see one of those eggs.

  15. O.M.G. Those are the BEST THING EVER! DH stocks up on the little packs and doles them out to me when he’s feeling sweet.

  16. Those are my favorites! There is a candy in Canada (not that I have ever been there) called Smarties and they taste the same, but you know, are only in Canada but available year round. Not that I have ever requested a personal delivery or anything (ahem). Anyway, so yes, delicious and infinitely better than those gooey filled things.

    1. As a Canadian, I have to say that I’ve never heard of Smarties compared with mini-eggs before. In my opinion, Smarties are basically the same as M&Ms, except that Smarties are coated with a candy shell that contains gluten so they are POISON to me :)

      There is allegedly a Hersey version of the mini-eggs but the shell is a bit thicker. I can’t eat the Cadbury’s – they aren’t gluten free. At least, it appears that they are not gluten free every other year, depending on which random foreign country they are using for manufacturing. The rumour on celiac boards is that “mini” versions of candy tend to be more problematic anyway because companies tend to use older / leftover chocolate. The ratio of candy coating to chocolate is much higher so people are less likely to notice if the chocolate is subpar. No idea if this is true but the rumour clearly had an impact because I don’t really enjoy candy coated chocolates anymore.

      Most “Easter” chocolate is actually not gluten free. I’ve gotten in the habit of making my own chocolate eggs using safe ingredients. Yum!

    2. We have smarties here in the UK too, but I wouldn’t compare them to mini eggs…mini eggs are about a million times better! <3

    1. I had what I guess was British Cadbury Chocolate bars in Cyprus and HATED them… which has always confused me, due to my love of Mini Eggs…

  17. I love love love Mini Eggs! They are my favorite of all time holiday candy. But I do love the other eggs too… If I could get Mini Eggs and candy cane Hershey’s Kisses all year, I’d be happy. And probably a few sizes larger…

  18. Personally, I am a jelly bean girl myself. Hot Hubby, on the other hand, LOVES mini eggs. I refused to try them at first because I thought they were the gross gooey ones. I have now developed a fondness for them which is sad for H.H. because it depletes the stash I buy for him every year. This past Christmas I found that they made red, white and green ones for the holiday. I was ALL over that one, scoring huge points the whole way! They also have dark chocolate ones for those who prefer their chocolate that way. Now I think I need to go grab a few from the bowl on top of the microwave that is hidden from the kid’s view!

    1. The Christmas ones aren’t as good to me – nor are the dark chocolate ones (despite my affinity for Dark Chocolate) – I’m a Cadbury Mini Eggs Purist, I suppose.

  19. This is my most favorite candy — I wait for it ALL year long! I am a little embarrassed to admit that we (yes, I do share with the husband!) are on our third bag already! :)

  20. Favorite seasonal treat? Mellocreme pumpkins at Halloween! You know, the pumpkins that are made of the orange part of a candy corn? Utterly temptational, and this whole seasonal candy idea is BRILLIANT marketing. I consume more pumpkins in the month of October than I would for an entire year if they were available all the time.

  21. Amanda B. is correct. If I want points with Leo I buy the Cello chocolate covered cheries with the clear center. He will eat the whole box as soon as I give them to him. I do not eat them myself, do not like cherries. My personal favorite is Starburst jelly beans.

  22. I’ve never tried these…I’ll have to! My favorite thing this time of year is the Sweet Tart jelly beans, especially the blue ones. Mmmm…

  23. Easter candy is my absolute favorite candy of the year! I love Cadbury mini eggs. I eat the shell first then the chocolate. (: I didn’t like the dark chocolate either and I love dark chocolate. I also love the big gooey Cadbury eggs. Although they have gotten much smaller than when I ate them as a kid. I also love Sweettart jelly beans and I’m not a huge jelly bean fan. I’m waiting for those to become nonexistent. I’ve had several candy favorites that have disappeared over the years.

  24. I’ve never had these before, but my mouth was salivating as I read this at 3am while feeding Levi…I really wanted to drive to a pharmacy right then & get some!

  25. I know I’m behind on commenting on this (catching up in google reader this morning) but I had to chime in because I absolutely share your love of these mini candies of pure bliss. Can’t wait to see these purple bags on the cnady aisle every year- I may have even done a happy dance at Target last week….

  26. LOVE the original Cadbury Eggs. I embarassed myself at Target the other day when I saw them on the shelf. Close second are the Russel Stover’s marshmallow eggs- esp. the raspberry and maple flavors.

    Peeps gross me out. BUT have you ever put one in the microwave? SO much fun :)

  27. I love those. I never buy them though or I would eat the entire bag in a single sitting. Or standing. Or in line at the store. Or I might just take an empty bag to the cashier at the store, having eaten them all while shopping. You see my problem.

    I just go to my sister’s house and eat hers!

  28. oh man!! your judgment against Cadbury eggs makes my heart hurt!! :)
    Second to Jesus’ death and resurrection and the reasons we get to celebrate that…cadbury eggs are my favorite part about easter!! As soon as they hit the shelf, I stock up!! :)

  29. Can I just say that your description of these eggs made my day. I have been on the quest for them since the arrival of easter candy galore in stores, and I have yet to find them (then again I live overseas, so I can’t expect too much). But when I finally get them…it will be a great day :)

  30. So, your post made me want some Mini-Eggs REALLY bad! So I snuck some in my basket on my latest grocery trip. When my husband looked at the receipt he was suspicious so I broke down and shared. HE HAD NEVER HAD THEM BEFORE! After just one, he was hooked! He asked why they came in such small bags and that we would have to go back and buy more!
    To add to the deliciousness, I made Rice Krispie Treat nests in muffin cups and put two Mini-Eggs in each, cute and tasty!

    1. That’s awesome!! If I’ve got the count right, your husband is the sixth person that I’ve led down the path of chocolate destruction with that post.. Cadbury should totally pay me. :)
      Enjoy your chocolatey holiday!!!

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