Chris and I watched more local news than usual last week, thanks to (another!!!) Alabama snow “event”.

(I’m starting to think that the Angel in charge of this winter’s weather delivery got Alabama and Alaska mixed up.  Darn “AL” abbreviation…)

At any rate, the snow coverage confirmed my comment earlier in the week that all of our local newscasters (except for our beloved James Spann) are ludicrously cheesy.

Thank you, reporter, for standing outside in the quarter inch snow in front of Waffle House.  Thank you for that bit of information that “The folks at Waffle House are so kind.  They even gave me a cup of coffee!!”

Wow – a whole fifty cents worth of coffee, huh?  That there is news!!!

Thank you, other reporter on the other side of town, for having extensive film coverage of people in the Ihop DRINKING A GLASS OF WATER during the “snowstorm”.

This just in! People still drinking ice water despite the massive snow event outdoors!!!


There’s one newscaster in this town that makes the rest of them look as charmingly professional as Shepherd Smith and Anderson Cooper combined.

Although he manages to dish up a significant portion of cheese on any given day, there was one fateful day that was the most amazing newscast ever…

Seriously.  If you don’t watch anything else today, please watch this.  Your heart will thank you.

For those of you who are now hopelessly smitten for The Mick, don’t worry – there are I’ve-Got-The-Hots-For-Mickey-Ferguson Support Groups available.

Go on, little clouds.  Go on…
And… another unmissable Mickey Ferguson Outtake…

31 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Newscast to Bring You…

  1. I think of Mickey as an old school weather girl, more entertainment that information. I think he is hilarious and don’t mind the antics. I mean, who can predict the weather, really?

    1. James Spann can!! I hear he has a meeting with God every Monday morning. So, I guess if you’re a weatherman in the same city as Spann, you have to find another way of differentiating yourself…

  2. He used to annoy the mess out of me but now I find him funny. Not necessarily who I would go to first, but funny nonetheless.

  3. Wow, just wow. Growing up in Oklahoma, our weathermen were definitely of the old-school, professional meteorologist persuasion, so it is always so weird to me to see a weather caster who doesn’t put out a professional vibe. But that definitely takes the cake. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy moly. I really tried not to laugh at that video, but I couldn’t do it. It was so ridiculous that it was funny. Ha..I actually saw the waffle house and ihop coverage too–well only for a minute. I couldn’t stand watching the nonsense they were reporting.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Spann and I would totally agree with him having a meeting with God every morning. However, I also love how outgoing Mickey is. He got me through lots of rough mornings when my oldest was a baby.

  6. Rachel, thanks for sharing it was hilarious and entertaining. He is a brave man. I can only imagine that his family are rolling their eyes, they are probably use to this.

  7. Oh. My. Word. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time! Does he normally do stuff like that??? Hilarious! Our weather people are very professional and I can’t imagine them doing something like that. Too funny!!!

    P.S. I am totally jealous of that 65 degree temp I saw! It is currently 31 and snowing here. I am SO ready for spring!

  8. I think Mickey must have an iron-clad contract! He is funny and does seem like a really nice man. I am a James Spann gal myself. But Mickey keeps us laughing.

  9. You know, I almost admire his endurance to the shtick. I kept waiting for him to stop mid-act and do the weather report ‘normally,’ but nope, he kept going right to the end.

  10. What do you expect? Naturally James is the best he graduated from Mississippi State. GO DAWGS.
    Papa & Nana
    P.S. Looks like it has been awhile since you bought a cup of coffee at Waffle House

  11. Mickey used to be on here in Montgomery, but then he got moved to B’ham. I’m so glad he’s your problem now and not mine, because seriously, he drove me crazy!

  12. We used to wait for Mickey to come on so we could have our morning laugh before work. If I want a serious forcast I did always watch James Spann. He is the best. That was good for a great laugh.

  13. I am sooo embarassed for him….. my jaw is still on the floor, give me a minute to compose myself. Somehow I’ve got to get this clip on The Soup. Is ‘Sexy Back’ really playing in the background?

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