Abby. Back Camera

Zechariah.Back Camera
Back Camera

Nathaniel.Back Camera

Their cosmetics were provided by chalk, water, and dirt.

Some of the artistry was self-applied,Back Camera

Some was sneak-attacked…
Back Camera

And some was applied by the traditional (and quite massaging) method of boulder.Back Camera

Back-Art was also provided.Back Camera

Back Camera
And what was my child doing during this amazing bout of pure funness??

Staying as clean as possible, of course.

Back Camera

And a little horrified.Back Camera

Dirt-angst. It’s a crippling disease.Back Camera

18 thoughts on “Portraits of Filth and Bliss.

  1. Everyone of my children would be the complete and total opposite of Ali. Well, Tyler could not stand to get his hands dirty. Everything else would be covered in mud and he would be wanting his hands to be clean.

  2. As long as they don't get it on her, she just watches in odd fascination…as if THEY'RE the weird ones.

    Poor thing. One day she'll have that moment where she realizes that no, it's really her that's weird.

    I've had many of those moments.

  3. She's so cute and very tidy! I think it's great. You know all of this is going to backfire on you when she gets to the messy stage. You'll be reminiscing about these days! Good thing you took pictures. You may need some proof.

  4. That is hilarious. Ali must have gotten her dirt antsy from Chris because I know as a child you liked to get dirty. Right?

  5. ha ha! Great photos capturing the fun! I think my daughter would be with your daughter… horrified at the mess! LOL!!

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