Yesterday I had my REAL mid-way through my pregnancy sonogram.

(And yes, it’s true, I’ve had like five sonograms now. I don’t know how I’ve managed to rack up that many, although my tilted unicorn was definitely helpful in the process.)

Noah checked out great – a couple of days ahead of schedule, and, much to Chris’ relief, still most definitely a boy.

I think Chris’ exact request to the sonogram tech was, “You still see a twig and berries, right?”

(Because we’re all about correct anatomical terminology around here.)

Her response, “Congratulations – It didn’t fall off.”

She got the coveted Adorable Side-view Shot…19wk076

The traditional Spooky Skeletor Shot,

The rare but fascinating Spooky-Skeletor-Evilly-Laughing Shot…19wk078
And, not do be outdone by his sister (albeit a little less coordinated) , Noah gave us a thumbs up:19wk081
Chris left after the fun part and left me to face the torturous part alone: the Weigh-In.

It’s an odd thing about the female species…even if we’re pregnant, even though we’re supposed to gain weight, and even if we’ve gained less than we “could have” by now, the feeling of seeing the scale tip upwards is NEVER, EVER a pleasant feeling.

ESPECIALLY when someone else is doing the weighing.

And I knew I had most definitely hit a growth spurt in the past week, because two people had asked me if I was pregnant that day – a first.

Which, if someone is willing to ask, that means I’m big enough that they really knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was, indeed, pregnant. That, or they were under the influence of Crazy-Inducing-Pregnancy-Pheromones.

So, knowing that I had gained weight but wasn’t ready to see TOO painful of numbers on The Official Doctor’s Scale, I had spent the morning analytically scouring my closet, produce scale in hand, to find the absolute lightest gauze shirt that I own.

(Okay, I didn’t really have a produce scale. But I wish I’d thought of it before now.)

The only problem was, I wore the lightest thing I could find last time, too.

(Good thing I bought something lighter in the meantime.)

At this rate, by the time I’m eight months pregnant, I’m going to show up for my weigh-in, at the end of November no less, looking like Bikini Girl on American Idol.

Except for the fact that I would look NOTHING like Bikini Girl on American Idol, and that’s when I’m NOT eight months pregnant.

But let’s not dwell on that.

In other news, Skeletor Noah and I are flying out in the morning (earlier than either of us EVER get up) for New York for our first Mommy/Son bonding trip.

Because I hear that he absolutely LOVES to go to blogging events and all.

…let’s just hope he doesn’t bust my zipper.

18 thoughts on “Inside View.

  1. twigs and berries.. nice!
    Have a great trip! Can't wait for you to dish all the details when you get back. ;)

  2. Even though I weigh at home and know what to expect, I TOTALLY wear lightweight clothes to the doc. Could have something to do with the insane heat though, too.

  3. Love, love, love the pictures! So cute…even when laughing evilly (that's crazy!) and the thumbs up is adorable. You have brilliant children. :)

    I totally wore "light" clothes to the doctor too…usually a dress b/c I figure one piece weighs less than pants and a shirt. And I always went to the bathroom before I got weighed. Haha :)

    The twig and berries comment cracked me up! As did the "Congrats". So funny.

    Have a great trip!!! Bond away.

  4. I hope you and Noah have a great time with no busted zippers or split pants or anything of the kind.

  5. Our husbands must have had the same sex-ed teacher. That's also the preferred terminology around here.

    And I'm so thankful that I'm not the only one incubating a Skeletor right now. I had an Ultrasound on Monday, with all the obligatory adorable shots, but some definite creepers as well.

  6. Awwww … Ultra sound pictures have gotten so much better since my last one 13 years ago. You're going to have a gorgeous little one!

  7. Glad to see that little Noah is doing well.

    I dress light when visiting the Dr. too. I've even gone as far as fasting before I go. Crazy, huh?

    Would love to hear about your NY trip and all about the blog event too. How exciting!

  8. Love the pics. Not that I have girls myself, but from my experiences with my neices, you're in for a world of change with a little man! My boys are destructive, dirty, and oh so much fun! Be careful on your trip. Maybe you can pick up that hot new weigh in bikini while you're in NY.

  9. Cute pics. I am 9 months pregnant & having a c-section on Tuesday pheeeeewwwww almost there. The clothes thing made me laugh my butt off, because I do the same thing everytime I go to get weighed & pee in the cup ugh!!! I also agree no matter if your supposed to gain weight or not man does it mess with your head. The latest comment I get now is WOW you look like you could pop. Good luck to you, will be checking your progress now & then, if I can stay awake :0)

  10. Awww – so cute. I'm very sympathetic about the weight gain thing. Especially if your weight is approaching that of your spouse. I guess if you started out weighing more it wouldn't be as big a deal but there is something about catching up and then surpassing your husband that I had difficulty with (Try having a 6 foot seven husband who weighs about 140 lbs and then NOT obsessing about your pregnant weight!)

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