If you can hear my gasping for breath through this post, it’s because I’m running around the house trying to frantically finish up packing because my hubby has vacation fever and wants to leave tonight instead of tomorrow (which does have the benefit of no-during-nap car rides, so I’m not complaining a bit).

We’re headed down to our beloved, albeit oily, beach with these three princesses:IMG_9739(Ali’s BFF AJ, AJ’s little sis Tessa, and, of course, Ali.)

So there’s sure to be plenty to blog about in the very near future.

(And yes, the parents belonging to the other two Princesses are joining us too. We’re not THAT brave.)

If you’ve been reading long enough, you already know that THIS particular Princess and I…

Have quite the connection.

And to keep up my Baby Whisperer reputation, I absolutely MUST to teach her something new and impressive and quite advanced for her age on our trip.

How to walk?

How to swim?

How to sing Supercalafragalisticexpealladocious?

How to do long division?

(Okay, not that last one, since I’m pretty sure I couldn’t remember how to do long division if the world’s fate depended on it.)

At any rate, we MUST learn something new. I’m open to suggestions, as is she.


What amazing skills should we learn?

7 thoughts on “Chauffeuring Royalty.

  1. I think you should teach her some mad accounting skills!!

    Y'all have a great trip!!! I hope the weather is beautiful!

  2. I think you should teach her to walk! Or maybe some sign language if she doesn't do that already? That'd be an attainable goal. Hope you have a fun trip and work your baby-whispering magic! :)

  3. How about teaching Tessa how to eat solid foods without gagging…I know Ashley would be eternally grateful if you could pull that one off!

    Hope y'all have a great time!

  4. Figure out how to get the oil out of the gulf and then you will be rich too. You know you're already famous! :)

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