We arrived at the beach today, and due to some last minute mix-ups, we ended up with a major condo upgrade, thanks to our very hard-working rental agent, who I’m pretty sure did nothing for the last 24 hours except try to get us settled. When we arrived to the 19th floor of our amazing condo, Ali immediately ran to see the view from “the highest I’ve ever been in my whole life!!!”

photo (2)

We ran out to our balcony to see what the condition of the beach was, and were thrilled to see non-oily, albeit algae-ey water, and just a few splotches of oil on the beaches. When we looked again in an hour, the beaches had been completely raked and were spotless:


The girls loved the condo,

loved the pools, IMG_9764

loved each other, IMG_9773

and absolutely loved the beach.IMG_9778

Ali said that this is “the most beautifulest beach I’ve ever, ever, EVER seen!!!”IMG_9784

And really, I couldn’t disagree with her.IMG_9787

I know that my last post about the beach was pretty tragic, but Ali helped me see things from a different perspective today.

Yes, there may be oil, and yes, swimming in the ocean isn’t the best idea right now (although the daily status can be checked to make sure you’re not missing out on any fun), but our beaches are still gorgeous – they’re just as awesome to look at, walk on, and enjoy as ever.

And our favorite beach places to eat at and visit – they are all still there, as memorable as ever, and needing us more than ever.


Cliché though it may be, sometimes a profound perspective can be found to simply look at things through the eyes of a child and enjoy every minute, regardless of what’s looming off the coast.

14 thoughts on “The Innocence of Childhood.

  1. Just about everything is better through the eyes of a child. I am glad Ali was able to shine some light for you. :) The condo looks SO nice and I am glad you guys had a great time.

  2. What beautiful pictures! How fun that you got an upgrade! That condo looks really nice. Love the, "highest in my whole life!" K says stuff like that all the time, it seems so dramatic, but it usually IS the highest, most, etc. in their short little lives. :)

    So glad that you are able to enjoy the beaches and get some of that beach magic back with the help of Ali. :) They ARE still amazingly beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous!

    How is the air? I worry about air quality with Jack's breathing issues….I have heard that the air is fine. What did you think?

  4. We just got back from our beach trip and I think that's why it was sooo much fun…. just seeing things through the kid's eyes. They were soooo excited about everything! Have a great time!

  5. wow! great pics & what an AWESOME condo! i especially love the pic of Ali looking at the beach at sunset! so beautiful! Great post, Rachel!

  6. Beautiful pictures, and yes even if it is cliche I have learned that everything changes when you see it through the eyes of child. I am glad that the oil hasn't ruined the beauty of it for you and Ali. I think no matter what the world around us is beautiful because God created it and it is full of his wonder.

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