Random Driblet #1:

Due to the rising tide of oil in our Alabama gulf, our Orange Beach relatives, Aunt Kitty and Uncle Leo (of Toenail Art infamy) are getting involved in some activism. Because of that, they’re getting interviewed by multiple national (and international) news channels, so if you see/saw a man with super curly white hair (but possibly with the mistaken name of “Buzz” instead of “Leo” in his byline) next to his wife wearing Toenail Jewelry, you’ll know who they belong to.

As a part of their protests, they’ve been coming up with some great t-shirt slogans (some of which are non-repeatable here, but I’m sure you can imagine). My favorite so far I loved so much that I had to make Chris and I one using Zazzle:


I’ll be wearing mine as soon as it arrives early next week. You know, before I’d need the Maternity version.

Feel free to join us in our “protests” and order yourself one – we share like that.

Come to think of it, maybe Leo’s next toenail art project needs to be a BP protest sign…each bud of the BP flower could be a toenail clipping. Even Greta Van Susteren would tear herself away from Joran Van Der Sloot to interview Leo for THAT.

Random Driblet #2:

Something happened to me the other night that I have been anticipating for two and a half years.

Well maybe not but I HAVE wondered if it would ever happen.

Okay, maybe I have but I’m just ashamed to admit it.

We were eating dinner at Jim N Nicks, and as I was completely devouring my More Cluck for your Buck Chicken Bar-B-Que potato (because Newbie thinks that there’s something really amazing about the mixture of bar-b-que sauce and sour cream), someone walked up to tell me….


that she reads my blog and is a fan and just had to say hi.

Thank you, Lindsey, for making my blogging career complete. I can now die in peace. I mean, I don’t plan on it, but when I do, it will be peaceful.

Random Driblet #3:

As requested by several of you, I compiled the listing of all of the 111 movies you recommended I watch last week, in order of their number of recommendations and whether I’ve seen them or not (aka in full-on geek fashion). If you want a listing of old movies that are (apparently) worth watching, the list is now published on my other blog, B-Sides. Enjoy!

Random Driblet #4:

For months before I got pregnant, Ali asked me when I was going to have a baby in my tummy, when she was going to have a little sister, when I was finally going to suck it up, get with the program, come through for her, and provide her the playmate that she so very much deserved.

For months. Maybe even years.

Then we tell her I have a baby in my tummy – and all we get is very nearly total disinterest.

She’s not thrilled, she’s not excited, and she’s certainly not thanking me for all of the work and puke I’m doing to make her sibling dreams come true.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

This week, though, there has been a glimmer of excitement.

Driving in the car…

“Is the baby in your tummy big yet?”

“No, it’s still very little.”

“When’s it going to get big?”

“In a few months!”

“I’m ready for the baby in your tummy to get big and come out!”

(Excited that she’s finally giving me some credit for all this laborious work I’m doing), “Great! Why?”

“Because I’m ready for it to be Christmas.”

Lesson for all of you: Don’t lump baby birth dates in with gift-receiving holidays when explaining to a three year old. Gifts ALWAYS trump babies.

But now, she’s getting nothing but Toenail Art for Christmas this year.

9 thoughts on “Random Driblets of Nearly Unimportant Information

  1. Really? You haven't seen Goonies? Wow…anyhoo, I think you are fantastic for all of the exhaustion and vomit you are dealing with…you are a baby caryin' rockstar!

  2. I've often wondered what it would be like to run into a blogging friend …. It's just such an alternate world – hard to imagine!

  3. Great idea for Leo's new toenail art, he needs to get on the ball. Maybe Ali will get Newbie for a Christmas present, but I would rather you didn't. I am making plans to be there for Christmas this year.

  4. You're famous! These cracked me up…the shirt is awesome! Love it. I would totally get one except I haven't been BPeed on, and I'm a little far away for most people to get it. :)

  5. You were recognized! You've been to the pinnacle! I'm glad you could tell me how it feels.
    Love the shirt! I'm going to have to talk hubs into that for sure.

  6. Steph – Aw, thanks!!! :)

    Silver Strands – it's a lot of fun. Here in town, we have meet-ups once a month – it is awesome to visit with blog friends in real life!

    Kitty – don't worry – I don't want to have a baby on Christmas day either.

    This is the Day and Mrs Jennifer – Famous? Ha – one person in the whole world recognized me. I don't think that counts.

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