Newbie’s first inclusion in a family picture: 11 weeks!

IMG_9468 (2)

I’ll be back and “really” blogging tomorrow. Newbie is giving me quite the day today (of which I promise you don’t want to hear the details), most presumably as payback for doubting his/her force over my body by daring to get off the couch and go out of town.

I no longer doubt The Force.

15 thoughts on “On a Cheerier (and much Shorter) Note…

  1. I would really like to be on that beach….right now…sigh.

    The four of you look great together!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I've been a dedicated reader of yours after my sister sent our mom your how-to on buying flattering jeans. Thank you for helping us break the news gently.

    Also, I'm as sad as you as the effects from the oil spill! TERRIBLE!

  3. Beautiful family!! Can't even tell there are tar balls around! ;)
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Sorry you're having a rough day! Hopefully Newbie will obey the law of the 2nd trimester and cut you some slack in the weeks ahead!

    Cute family pic! You look great and I love Ali's pose. Looks like she's modeling. :)

  5. Great pic and I love Ali posing. You need to stay with me for a while until Newbie calms down.

  6. Rachel..

    This is a great picture of the three of you. And, by the way, You look BEAUTIFUL! Even if Newbie isn't cooperating, you STILL look beautiful nonetheless.

    I am so sorry about the oil spill. Lots of people from Oklahoma are coming this summer anyway. Okies understand tragedy..truly, we do! And, we will not desert those beautiful places we go to..since we do not have an ocean!

    I might add..I DO believe these beaches will get cleaned up and they will once again be beautiful.
    I do believe BP will be responsible. They do need to step it up..even w/o Obama's threats.
    But, I am the eternal optimist. I've seen disasters here (I know they were not in the ocean), but many of them have been heartwrenching..from tornadoes to the Murrah bombing which made our downtown look like a war zone..and literally put the city and state in shock.

    Hope you feel better soon. Do you think there is a way Newbie will be as photogenic as Ali?? Doesn't even matter, does it? But, as always, I adore her poses!!

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