My ears are driving me crazier than pregnancy is already making me.

They have been for three weeks, but they’re getting increasingly, and very quickly, worse this week.

So much so, that for 15 extra potential hours of relief, I moved my next OB appointment up by one day in hopes that he could fix my ears.

(Not until, of course, I checked with my OB office to make sure that OB doctors do, indeed, keep Otoscopes around for the occasional ear-looky and would not need to use the Nightmarish Pap Smear Torture Tool to pry my ear open to see what the problem is.)

(In case you’re wondering, yes, OBs do INDEED have the proper equipment to look in ears. Thank goodness.)

Anyway, so my ears have been popping constantly, especially when I leave the house, for some odd reason. And now they’re getting painful and making me dizzy.

So I’m always trying to talk to people, and my own voice in my head (the real one, not the crazy one) is coming in and out, softer and louder, poppity poppity pop, and driving me so crazy that it might CAUSE a crazy voice in my head to take up permanent residence by the time it’s finished.

And, as I suspected, the whole popping thing is causing some communication breakdown – I am apparently slurring some of my words.

Last night, right before Ali’s bedtime, I happened to be in the kitchen at the right moment to witness a very bizarre occurrence: I watched Ali purposefully take her sandals over to the fridge, open it up, gingerly place the left one on the middle shelf by the milk, and then move some things around on the top shelf to make room for a careful placement of the remaining right sandal.

I watched, completely puzzled by her apparent studiousness in this very odd activity, and called to Chris halfway through: “Hey baby…come watch what’s going on here.”

Ali was so focused on moving the contents of the top shelf around that she didn’t flinch at my request.

Chris came in, and being of much sounder mind than I (most likely due to not being pregnant and all), knew exactly what had happened and said, “Ali baby, Mommy told you to go get your JUICE and put it in the fridge, not your shoes.”

Ali and I proceeded to share a relieved duet of “OOOOOH!”

Let’s hope my baby doc can fix my ears today.

But in the meantime, at least I can take comfort in the fact that my daughter is unquestionably obedient…possibly to a very unsanitary fault.


20 thoughts on “How Ear Fluid Can Adversely Affect the Contents of your Refrigerator.

  1. Poor you, it sounds like you have an inner ear infection. I had one last year that sent me to the ER I was so dizzy. I hope that your OB can help fix the problem.

  2. I had a similar problem in my pregnancy w/ Eli. I felt like I had a constant ear infection that kept jumping back and forth b/t my ears for the entire pregnancy. So annoying.

  3. Oh my, you have had some crazy things with your pregnancy. I cannot relate at all. My three were a piece of cake…please don't hate me.

  4. Too funny! I got a terrible ear ache after delivery, while I was still in the hospital, and not a single nurse or doctor could find an otoscope during the three days I was admitted to check my ears.

    I hope your popping gets better soon!

  5. So sorry you are having ear problems on top of the morning sickness. That is not very fair, is it? And my first thought was, well, at least she is obedient.

  6. Cuteness! So sorry about your ear issues-hope you heal ASAP. But what a sweet Ali to obey Mommy's odd request ;)

  7. A very obedient child indeed. I will pray for your ears. You know I know all about that awful feeling.

  8. hilarious!! you're right. rejoice that she's obedient…even at the cost of fungal infested milk.
    sorry about your ears! hopefully your otoscope toting OB can help!

  9. Oh, the shoe thing is hilarious!! And what a sweet and obedient child, though I do pray a small part of her was thinking "Mommy's losing it God, we need to fix her!She's just plain silly today!Shoes in the fridge…ha"

    Hope your ears clear up soon- I had ear infections with 2nd pregnancy and it really made me sympathetic to my son who was going thru it often!

  10. I know you may laugh me off, but my chiropractor really helped me with my inner ear problems during one of my pregnancies.
    Also, if you're consuming the milk that is sitting next to that adorable shoe, it's not helping your ears at all. Stay away from dairy for ear issues!
    That being said, Rachel Garcia found a princess sandal in one of my big pots today while looking for something to cook noodles in. She thought it was pretty funny. :P

  11. I, too, have has cloggy ears that like to pop1 I blame allergies and drainage and all that yummy stuff. At least yours has led to humor…my just makes me turn the tv up!

  12. I would love to know what was going on in her head when she "heard" you say that!

    Sorry about your ears – I hope they can fix them!

  13. I'm glad to see that your ailments have not affected your sense of humour! I laughed until tears rolled down my face.

  14. I love your child..your stories..and you! :)
    I have ear problems all the I totally get it. And, people that have not dealt with this, they honestly look at you..ODDLY!! Have you noticed this?
    M. Lambchopper
    P.S. Randy and I have another reason we love/like people from Alabama. I love everyone..Randy is more of a like least until he has actually met the person. I shall write to you about it at another time.

  15. Yuck! Hope your ear is feeling better now.

    Hilarious story though… Bet you are hoping the obedience lasts through adolescence!

  16. Okay. That. is hilarious! I wonder what Ali was thinking about your request, but the fact that she obeyed without question makes it all the more hilarious! I am literally LingOL!

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