Ali asked to call Daddy this morning. When he got on the phone, she verbally exploded into the phone..

“I’m sick because I coughed all night long and Mommy just threw up all her food in the potty and I need you to come home right now and make me feel better!!!!”

That pretty much sums up how we’ve been feeling lately. Ali is desperately tired of me being desperately ill, as am I. And yes, she’s sick too, but she coughed for about five minutes when she woke up, not all night long, poor (dramatic) kid.

I try to never write a whiner blog, but at some point, it becomes impossible to be honest and yet not whine a little. Because Newbie has been pretty much a misery-inducing parasite for the past four and a half weeks straight.

I’ve told Ali that she was a much more well-behaved fetus…and she seems to take comfort her superior status.

If it were just the nausea, I think I’d be able to handle it, but it’s ohsomuch more than that, and anything not caused directly by Newbie is instead being caused as a side effect from my attempts at medicating my other issues (which I’m starting to give up on).

After Ali witnessing me cry for the second time in her life yesterday (the first time she found so traumatic that she still talks about it mournfully and often) as I was totally DONE with this stage of pregnancy, I decided that I couldn’t continue trying to do everything, and so basically haven’t been out of bed or off the couch since then (except to throw up my food, of course).

But I’m well aware that it’s all worth it. Due to a more concerning set of side effects, I had to go back to the doctor last Monday to make sure everything was okay. We were relieved to see that Newbie has apparently thrived in the mess he/she’s made of me – a billion times bigger, heart beating like crazy, and totally snuggled up to my cuddly, cozy uterine wall.


The dishes may not get done,

Work may be late,

Ali may have to play Princesses by herself,

And blogs may not come as often,

But I’m growing a human.

And I’m going to do something I rarely do and cut myself some slack.

29 thoughts on “Hurricane Newbie

  1. You should give yourself some slack for sure. You can't help it.

    I've been praying for you to feel better.

    PLEASE let me know if I can do anything for y'all.

  2. You definitely need to take a rest. Don't worry about us; We'll still be around when the morning sickness fades! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. you grow that human! AK my second was also my makemesick all the time baby. I literally threw up 3x a day for 7 months and still managed to gain 60 lbs. I still haven't figured that out!

  4. I'll be praying for you. You definitely need to cut yourself some slack. I hope Newbie starts honoring the union contract soon!

  5. I hope this doesn't sound unsympathetic, but looking at your tooth-loss pictures, I think Ali comes by her dramatic side naturally.

  6. I love your "whining" post. I see it as honesty. Your being honest with not just us.. but yourself and family as well. Ali knows you love her. If you clean your house it will get dirty again. So yes,, it can wait. Good job mamma! Grow that human up good! <3 Praying for you!

  7. Yes cut yourself some slack, and rest. I am sorry you feel so bad, and hope that it passes into the none sick stage soon. I can't offer any advice on ways to make it better since I have not had any children yet. However I will continue to pray for you and the whole family.

  8. Hopefully HNewbie will loose some strength over the next few days and be downgraded to a mere tropical storm :)

  9. Princess Ali is welcome at our house anytime. The dishes and everything else will wait! You just sit back, marvel at God's little miracle that is growing inside you, and barf to your heart's content!

  10. Hoping you feel better soon. And you definitely deserve to cut yourself some slack.

  11. Pregnancy really is just one big adventure of (miserable) side effects. But hey, in another couple of months the nausea will (probably, possibly, plausibly) be gone, and there might even be a whole week or two before the acid reflux, constant back ache, and random skin conditions start showing up. AND THEN in a few more months (and side effects like swollen ankles, dislocated hips, bladder leaks) later you get a BABY!

  12. hang in there. sometimes morning sickness/symtoms are more pronounced with twins. . .I'll be leaving now. : )

  13. Good choice mama. You do what you need to do to grow that human nice and strong! I wish I were closer–I would either clean for you (yeah, I'm weird like that) or take Princess Ali for a play-date. I will be praying that you feel better soon!

  14. Rachel,
    I feel your pain and I am so, so, so, sorry. I was sick my entire pregnancy and I lost 20 pounds the first trimester, which in hindsight wasn't necessarily a negative. :D But honestly I thought my child would kill me before she was even born. I don't think I could handle another pregnancy like that especially now with a toddler to chase around all day on top of it. If you can manage feeding yourself and DD and getting the dishes to the dishwasher, your DH should be happy to handle the rest of the house, right?! :D Hang in there and I hope the next trimester has you feeling better.

  15. You go gurl! You and the newbie need the rest. Though your blogs will be missed I completely understand, as I'm sure everyone will. And there's nothing wrong with a few days or weeks with the TV babysitter. Lol!

  16. Oh Rachel, I truly feel your nausea. If anyone in the world understands it is me. Do what you are doing. Sleep, watch TV, lay around. Don't even get dressed unless that makes you feel better. This is such a short blimp on the big timeline and it is so worth it.

  17. This wasn't a whining post it's a camraderie post! I think those of us who had terrible morning sickness would rather read this kind of post than a I-haven't-had-a-single-sick-day-pregnancy-is-the-most-wonderful-experience-in-the-world post. Haha:)

    You definitely need to take it EASY and relax as much as possible. Ali can go play princesses with your mom and you can do lie on the couch in peace and quiet misery. :) Praying for you!!!

  18. So sorry you feel sick and miserable- been there, done that. I now hate those moms who look back on pregnancies and smile and say it was the greatest time in their lives, and they never so much as threw up. They make me want to start the vomiting cycle all over…
    feel better and by all means, rest!

  19. You are very busy these days. Take a break and feel better. Just don't be surprised when you look at your visitors and see me pop up often!

  20. Lemonade was all I could do to get through my pregnancy with my toddler. (I had to backspace there because originally I typed "my toddler's pregnancy" and then *I* threw up a little in my mouth at that visual. Apparently, I need more coffee. And mouthwash. Yikes!)

  21. Do it!!! Growing a person! You are growing a person. You deserve the slack. We'll be here when you get back. I hope you all feel better soon!

  22. Oh yes girl! You cut yourself a big ole' piece of slack! I really do hope you start feeling better soon. And of course, Ali too… bless her little heart.

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