This is a conversation, of quite the typical variety, that took place last night.

Important note: My parent’s bedroom and my Grandmother’s bedroom share a bathroom that is in between the bedrooms.

(Dad heads to the bathroom)

Mom: “Hey Vic…”

Dad: “I’ll be back. I’m going to the bathroom.”

Me, being sarcastic: “But Dad, it could have something to do with the bathroom!!”

Mom: “Actually, it does.”

(Dad does not stop.)

Me: “What in the world do you need to tell Dad about the bathroom?”

Mom: “Well, Mammaw and I were discussing about how to know if someone else was in the bathroom so we wouldn’t walk in on each other, and Mammaw suggested that when she finishes, she’d open our door, and when we finished, we should open her door. But that could be worse, since then our doors would be opened all weekend, and we’d not know if we should open each other’s door at that moment. So after we talked about it for a while, I suggested we lock the doors when we’re using the bathroom.”

Me: “So let me get this straight: You were going to tell Dad that he should lock the bathroom door?”

Mom: “Yes, since that’s how we decided we’d handle that.”

Me: “This is going to be really fun to watch.”

(Dad comes out of the bathroom)

Dad: “What were you going to tell me?”

Me: “You really need to hear the whole story first.”

(I repeat the explanation of the extraordinarily detailed discussion pertaining to bathroom sharing.)

Dad: “So … you were going to tell me to lock the bathroom door when I’m using it??”

Mom: “Yes.”

(Dad’s eyeballs roll out of his head, fall on the floor, and roll out the door. Just like the meatball on top of spaghetti.) “I think I could have figured that one out on my own.”

These are the conversations that make family vacations blissful.

5 thoughts on “Proper Vacation Bathroom Etiquette.

  1. Thanks! I was REALLY starting to worry that it was a "You had to have been there" moment of hilarity. Although it most definitely may still be a "You'd have to know my parents" moment of hilarity.

  2. Glad they have a plan, haha, although a walking-in-on-someone story would have made a good post. :)

  3. Oh funny! There are two doors to the hall bathroom at the in-law's house and one locks from the outside (the bedroom door). My little niece always walked in on people who were in there!

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