So this is a totally sub-par blog post made up of pictures and mere snippets of commentary. But hey – I’m on vacation. Lazy is what you get.

Plus, no one has done anything terribly interesting yet. As soon as they do, believe me, I’ll let you know.

Backing up to Wednesday morning, Oreo had the pleasure of staying at the Vet during our trip, which required a car ride – something she hadn’t done since she was a much smaller cat.

She wasn’t too excited,IMG_8902

but she quickly remembered and managed to claw her way back to how she used to ride – when she was that much smaller cat.


Ali found this highly amusing…


Oreo wasn’t too appreciative of Ali’s entertainment at her expense…


And I was just regretting my choice of a black shirt.

We stayed overnight last night in Augusta, Georgia, for the purpose of splitting our seven and a half hour trip.

Or maybe because they have a Wing Stop. One or the other.

Ali is learning to enjoy Wing Stop as much as her Daddy.


Especially, apparently, the Ranch Dressing.


And wasn’t EVEN ashamed of being caught.


Once we got into Charleston, there was no way we wouldn’t stop and visit with my dear friend Barkley and my Godson Woods, and, for once, we actually got a picture together:


We arrived at Folly Beach a few minutes before check-in, so we took Ali down to see the amazing, shell-covered beach:


She was a fan, but only of the non-shell-covered parts.





I think Ali might have been a WEE bit disappointed that when we finally arrived at the house, and no one else was there yet. The concept of “Getting here first” and “They’ll be here when you wake up from your nap” just don’t feel very vacationy to a three year old.


But sure enough, after naptime, Ali’s Vacation Paradise was complete: Cousins and Grandparents and Uncles and an Aunt and a Great-Grandparent Galore.


I’m pretty sure she’s going to refuse to ever leave.

10 thoughts on “A Lazy Beginning-Of-Vacation Post.

  1. Awww, FUN! I love family vacations where the WHOLE family gets to go. Have an awesome time! And be glad you're missing the bad weather here.

  2. We do family vacations like that too. So cool when everyone is together, and very special memories to be made!

  3. Those pictures are so great but make me miss ya'll so much. I am really into the idea of a family vacation however; since you three are our family you have to go with us. I do envy your large family. Have a great time.

  4. Wow, I am impressed with the car pictures while you were driving! :)

    That house is amazing!!! Wow. That's impressive. :)

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