Proper Smockcessorizing

Since I had to go and overanalyze the Practices of Smock a few weeks ago, I got schooled in how to properly accessorize The Smock yesterday while I was working in the nursery.

By a one year old.

Evie, who was proudly wearing a very classy smock, taught me the new, modern smockcessorizing practices.

It’s not the bonnets anymore…the Modern Baby just isn’t interested in looking like they have a miniature bed-skirt tied around their head.

It’s not the lacy socks either. They itch, after all. And they make you look like a baby.
Lacey Socks

Nope, not even the patent leather shoes. The Modern Baby desires more of an edge.

According to Evie, the latest and greatest smockcessory, guaranteed to make sure everyone know that you can wear smock and still be Badd, is….

A tattoo.

That’s right. Smock just isn’t smock unless you’ve got a thigh tattoo to compliment it.

Especially one that won’t scrub off before church, no matter how hard your Mom tries.

There’s just no better accessory to say, “Don’t mess with me, even if you DO think I messed in my diaper.”