…except that it means that half of you all are off, gallivanting around on the warm sunny beaches of the world while I’m stuck in The Neverending Winter.

I’m pretty sure God typoed and selected “Alaska” instead of “Alabama” on the pull-down menu when he put in our Weather Order for this year.

But back to Spring Break. I’m still in the weird stage of life – in between college and having school-aged kids – where Spring Break is a week that lots of other people have off, but is another normal week for me.

I want a better, more meaningful relationship with Spring Break. Without having to be in school or teach school to get it.

So, while I’m over here sulking, here are a couple of randoms:

1. Blogger has this great new gadget called “Pages”.

(At least I think it’s new. I just noticed it for the first time last week. If it’s not new, don’t tell me that I am WAY behind the times.)

2. I’m very excited about pages. It’s kinda like having WordPress without having to make The Big Change.

(Okay, it’s not at all like having WordPress, but a girl can pretend, right??)

3. First of all, I am using these pages to bring back my Blogroll. I took it off of my sidebar a few months ago because I didn’t like that I couldn’t include everyone without it being a mile and a half long, but the pages application is the perfect use for it. So now there’s a link on my sidebar to get to my blogroll, which will take you to my nifty new page. I tried really, really hard to include everyone, but if I left you off, please let me know.

4. I am also using this uber-cool new pages feature to host my giveaway winners from now on. There is now a Winners Page that will always have the winners on it. That way, my OCD self doesn’t have to feel weird about having a whole post to announce one winner. It just makes me nervous. So, check out my new Winners Page to see yesterday’s Earthborn Pottery winner.

Bellagio_bowl_tweet_3.15.10 5. Speaking of Earthborn Pottery, several of you have asked me about when Tena would have products on sale. Tena is having a liquidation sale of 40 extra Banquet Bowls that she makes for Bellagio Resort. They are large bowls and retail at $287 but she’s selling these 40 for $100 each (65% off!), and they can be shipped. If you’re interested in getting one or want more information, you can tweet her, or let me know and I’ll get you in touch with her.

5. Ali’s got some stiff toddler competition (for last place) in my Bracket Pool by K from This is the Day. K even has a super cute video of her Selection Show – I think Ali is feeling the burn of intimidation. So, I’ve decided to add a prize: I haven’t finished nailing down all the details yet, but there will be a very fun kid prize for whichever kid (under the age of 10) does the WORST. So far it’s just K and Ali, so you have a day to get your kid in to play too, or K will just win by default.

(Obviously, Ali can’t win. Stinks being the Blogger’s Kid.)

6. BUT NO CHEATING, people! This is the honor system. No fair guiding them in their selection process to pick all of the 16’s! You must honestly let them pick their brackets by some method, whether just asking them, or the more archaic methods that I used last year.

7. So if you have a kid that wants to enter, let me know it’s a kid entry, and be sure and get it in before the first game Thursday night (after that I don’t think it will let you add one).

8. And if you’re an adult that still wants to enter, by all means, do! For the details of the bracket and prizes, click here.



Now I’m going to go back to my Non-Spring Break. Please tell me I’m not the only one suffering from Lack-Of-Spring-Break-Blues…

20 thoughts on “Spring Break Means Nothing To Me.

  1. Thank you for putting me on your Blogroll!!! I think I need to do that! Oh, and btw, I am not on spring break either!! :(

  2. I actually saw the pages thing the other day and have plans to work on it tonight. Mark is out of town so if I don't fall asleep by 9 I hope to make some sense of it. But don't hold me to it cause I will probably be asleep.

  3. Thanks for adding me to your list. We really do need to meet sometime. We are heading to a day out with Thomas on 4/17. Maybe we could meet then!

  4. You're not the only one suffering from "spring break blues". I won't go into detail, but the last two weeks have totally stunk.
    AND I though I was the only one who didn't know about "pages". I am quite relieved to know you are new to it as well.
    Back to the real world. :/

  5. Spring Break means nothing to me either – no school and no kids. I think I'll make up my own Spring Break – a Spring Break for the working woman!

  6. Rachel, you are not alone. Spring break…what's that? Empty nester here.

    I agree with Jill but instead of Spring break for the working mom, I think it should be a fun filled spring break for women only or at least a day of fun. Spa anyone?

  7. One of these days you'll get to the other side of Spring Break. It once meant something to you because you were in college or had school age kids, but now you're an empty nester. That's where I am right now. For me, Spring Break means getting down 119 early in the morning past all of those schools and getting to my current job in 10-15 minutes instead of 45.

  8. i'm right there with you on the spring break thing. and thank goodness for pages. they rock! i can't wait to add them to my blog.

  9. I was JUST thinking that very thing this morning! Everyone on Facebook is so excited and writing about all their spring break plans and trips and whatnot and I'm just going through another week. At least my "normal" is their fun I guess! :)

    Thanks for the mention! Maybe the next time I'm in Texas we could meet…at least it's a BIT closer. Haha:)

  10. This weather is awful. Will it ever be warm? Even though I am a student and teacher, spring break has not been the fun-filled romp I was hoping it would be. Perhaps one day this week will be filled with enviable vacations, but this year I'm in the trenches with you!

  11. No spring break for us; work and daycare continue apace. I can't complain about the weather, though, as we saw the sixties today after 6 months of cold, rain, and snow. Needless to say, we enjoyed it!

  12. I must be stupid. I tried to sign David up to set up his bracket but since he's under 13 they wouldn't let him do anything. Then I tried to sign up using my birthday but it says 'child's b/day' so I wasn't sure if I should use mine. Bummer. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow and figure it out before it's too late.

  13. You will get all you want of Spring Break next weekend because anywhere you may want to eat-breakfast, lunch, dinner–you WILL wait. I told Doc's tonight the new rule should be locals go to the top of the list. In one Friday the snowbirds were gone and the spring beakers here.

  14. Sooo confused about the whole pages thing. Maybe I should wait to look at it when I'm completely well. lol Stupid strep throat :(

  15. The pages feature is pretty new. I haven't tried it yet, but I love the idea of a winners page. I might have to borrow that from you :)

  16. I found the Blogger "pages" a while ago, and I was so excited, I almost lost it! Yes, I have no life.

    I also can't wait for March Break to be over. I have 2 kids…

  17. aw sweet! thanks for putting me in your blogroll…for the record, you're a blogger I'd like to meet, too. Not in a creepy stalker kind of way, but in a "oh my goodness, we have so much in common and I bet she'd be a blast to hang out with" kind of way. =) =)

  18. I know I did a It's Spring Break post but we are not having spring break here either. I have been buried under work and that is why i have been kind of AWOL. Feel better?
    Thanks for the hint about doing the blog roll on pages. Great idea!

    Sorry we missed entering the brackets but I'm really not sure Jack would have made all the necessary decisions without some serious creativity on my part. :)

    Thanks for the new Ali videos! Play Alabama is still his favorite, though.

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