We’re in Orange Beach this weekend visiting Chris’ Aunt Kitty and Uncle Leo.

They live on the bay,IMG_8336
so one of the things that Leo wanted to do this weekend was get their boat in the water for spring, and in so doing, take Ali for her first ever boat ride.

Granted, it’s crazy-windy on the water and still a bit chilly, so we all bundled up like it was Winter in Alaska rather than Spring in Alabama.

Chris and Leo had put the boat up on the lift a bit earlier so that it was up in the air and at the dock for ease in loading passengers.

Apparently, there was some discussion about whether they got it far enough onto the lift, but they agreed that it should be fine.

Despite the boat being at the dock, one still had to do a pretty impressive dive, splits, and quick-grab onto the boat to get on, so the plan was that I would get on, then Chris would hand me Ali.

I dove, I did the splits, I grabbed the rail, and I felt like a pro boater.

As I loaded in on the middle of the boat, Kitty was jumping into the back of the boat, where Leo was catching her and helping her on.

And then it happened.

The boat violently tilted straight up in the air Titanic style, and all three of us started sliding towards the back.

I scream.

Kitty screams.

Ali, in Chris’ arms still on the deck, starts screaming.

The bottom of the boat landed in the water with a great splash, as the top of the boat was still leaning on the lift.

Leo lurches towards to back to catch his wife, who is standing on the back of the boat, doing a very good impression of a manically out of control two-armed windmill.

Time completely froze for a minute, me holding onto the rail and wondering if the boat was sinking, watching Kitty wildly windmilling and Leo trying to reach her.

But alas, Kitty’s moment of cartoon-like suspension in the air was over, and she even-more-animatedly fell flat on her back in the frigid water, her arms still doing windmills.

Finally, the whole boat came off the lift, Leo and I were left stable in the boat, as Kitty took the first swim of the year, in her sweat suit, with her glasses on, and with a bag full of belongings.

Ali was NOT happy about all this fun. Not happy at all.

Ali and Chris went around to the other side of the deck to help Kitty get up as she swam over, which is when my state-of-shock wore off and I remembered that I should be documenting this whole event:IMG_8309

Ali scolded Kitty for scaring her, and Kitty assured her that she was just fine, and that it was quite fun, albeit a slight bit cold.IMG_8310
For some reason, Kitty decided to opt out of the boat ride and take a warm shower instead…

And Ali only had to be slightly coerced to get on the scary boat:IMG_8325
…but she managed to relax a bit and enjoy the sights.IMG_8323




When we arrived back at the house, we discovered Kitty’s trail of clothes and belongings on the porch:IMG_8382




I sure hope none of her neighbors have surveillance cameras. If they do, they’re gonna get an eye-full.

Ali recounted the event in her own words, really quite better than I did:


I think it will be my favorite dream too…because THAT’S how our family likes to have fun.

7 thoughts on “If My Child Has Nightmares About Boats…

  1. Ali's version doesn't seem quite as scary as the way you told it. Yours might be more accurate but I'll stick with what Ali had to say.

  2. Yes, only happy dreams! Boats and water are what dreams are made of! Boat rides are always fun as long as you're wearing your life jacket and know how to swim. I grew up on the water and my kids got certified to operate boats at 14. I'd rather them drive boats than cars! Your babe is getting some good life experiences.

  3. Oh my goodness! Glad you're all okay, and that Ali was able to enjoy the boat afterward. (And hopefully she does have just good dreams about it!)

  4. Heeheehee, that sounds both hilarious and a little scary! I'm glad it didn't scar Ali for life. :) I was in a bad storm when I was little…that included sinking boats and the coast guard coming to get us…and even though I enjoy boating now that experience definitely made me a little leery of boats in general.

    Love the picture of the clothes outside! Too funny!

  5. Sounds wet and cold. (I love boating but not getting wet or cold.)

    But boating is lots of fun and what a hilarious story you have to tell now. I'm glad Ali wasn't the one on the boat when it tilted though.

  6. Hilarious, I was laughing all the way through your description of Kitty's plunge into the water!
    I thought for sure you were going to say that Ali refused to go anywhere near the boat after that. Glad she was able to have fun on the boat ride!

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