Being a blogger, I find myself unable to resist taking photos of the odd things that come into my life. And eventually they pile up and become a blog post….

Proof that I’m not the only one that gets a little too carried away in the virtual world sometimes….I received this bill in the mail the other day:IMG_7760 copyI wonder how many people slid that bill up under their mouse and clicked, and clicked, and clicked…

I was driving through the beautiful suburb of Mountain Brook the other day, passing street after street of huge, gorgeous, fancy houses, and then all of a sudden, I found myself in front of this power pole:

A wreath. On a power pole. And an ugly one at that. Luckily not hung over the “Danger Do not Touch: High Voltage” sign.

…Which reminded me quite distinctly of my nomination for the tackiest mailbox that I saw last year, also in Mountain Brook.

IMG_5787…apparently there’s quite the tacky wreath fetish in that community.

Spotted on a Honda Element the other day:IMG_8015 copy

“Half a Hummer” – not sure if they’re still proud of that, now that Hummers are going to be extinct…

Ali got a new book. But I’m not sure I want her asking the questions from the middle story:IMG_8042

Then again, maybe this book will answer all of her questions, thereby getting her to finally QUIT hammering us with questions every night about what we’ll be doing after she goes to sleep, and “will there be laughing??”

I took a lot of heat on my views of Vera Bradley purses being oddly old-looking to be a teenage trend, but I saw a visual at the Galleria the other day that proves my point exactly.

If you and your Great-Grandmother can proudly have matching purses…IMG_8040
Speaking of Fashion, it appears that Target is going to continue it’s trend from last year and go all-80’s again:IMG_7898I’m nearly positive I wore that same shorts-onesie circa 1983.

And Ali will NOT be wearing it.

Also spotted in children’s fashion recently…Ashley, AJ, Ali and I went to the Disney Store to check out their going-out-of-business sale (did you know the Disney Store at the Galleria is closing? Well, it is.)

As we were trying to find good clearance deals (which we didn’t succeed at), Ali and AJ found some shoes that they were absolutely enamored with.

THE most horrifyingly ugly shoes we’d ever seen.

AJ went for the rubber-glitter, tassled, pointing-upward-toed, light-up with a stinkin-huge picture of Jasmin on the front pair:IMG_8028



…because all little girls want to look like Little Las Vegas Leprechauns.

Ali went for the Disco-Platform, Rubber GOLD glittery, Light-Up with a stinkin-huge-picture-of-Bell on the front:IMG_8029


Needless to say, neither one of these girls got lucky enough to go home with a new pair of shoes.

Finally, and still on the fashion front, Chris’ Aunt Kitty (of Kitty Litter Cake) and Uncle Leo (of Toenail Art) had a very important function to be a part of, so they transformed their usual beach attire…IMG_7243

With a Psychedelic Sixties Makeover:Kitty Leo Elvis Show

I have GOT to borrow those leggings. And the boots – definitely the boots.

…because really, it matches the way I dress Ali every day.IMG_8057

23 thoughts on “Oddities and Observations.

  1. I am definitely NOT a fan of the Vera Bradley stuff. I dunno why, it just doesn't appeal to me.

    BUT I totally love the onesie thing you found at Target. My only complaint with those is they are usually made way too short. I got Rayna some from ON last year and she was only allowed to wear them at home due to panty flashing. :(

  2. Great post, I love all the odd & very amusing things you've captured on camera!

    That is hilarious that the girl & her great grandma had the same exact purse! Reminds me of the time I walked into my 10th grade English class and noticed that I was wearing the same sandals as my 50-something year old teacher…I was quite embarrassed & never wore the sandals to school again!

    Sorry y'all didn't find any great princess deals at the Disney going out of business sale, the only thing we found that was actually a "great deal" was the 99 cent sunglasses. I think the executives of the Disney store need to read up on the true meaning of a going out of business sale! :)

  3. Amen and Amen to the Vera Bradley stuff and those shoes! I don't even know what to say about those.

    Your aunt and uncle crack me up! I wore boots like that every Friday night during the half-time show for our football games when I was on the dance line in high school. Ahhh, memories….

  4. This post was just awesome. The Mt. Brook wreaths are priceless! Oh, and I've never understood the obsession w/Vera Bradley.

  5. Oh Disney, you do wrong, you do wrong, you do wrong! *shuddering at the shoes*

    That mailbox requires a follow-up shudder.

    The 60's look though…that is sweet-tastic!

  6. Even though this topic was a few posts back, I felt I had to report that I had a "jeggings" sighting. I was at the zoo yesterday, and I saw someone wearing a pair of jeggings…no joke! The verdict is: absolutely, positively hideous! And she was even someone who should be able to pull off the look…this girl (I say girl, she was probably our age, if not a tad bit younger) was pencil-thin. Skinny jeans would look great on her…but alas, she fell prey to the jeggings. I seriously did a double-take as she walked by with her little girl. I hope she didn't notice. (Although, maybe she did, and she realized by my gaping mouth and look on my face that she, nor anyone else, needs to be wearing those!)

  7. Seriously, Vera who?
    And I'm just wondering, do people see you taking these pictures? I think it would be funny to get caught.

  8. Lol, that "click here to pay" is hilarious!

    And wow, those shoes are…interesting. :) Our disney store went out years ago, I didn't know they still had them.

    I think I had that onesie suit thing too when I was little. :)

  9. Still lovin' the onesie jumper striped thingy. (I guess that description should tell me something, huh?) Not such a fan of Vera Bradley myself, but saw some patent leather designs IN A BOOKSTORE (hmmm?) and was quite impressed :)Too bad the association will still keep me from owning any of it!

  10. Loved this. I could totally do a post like this with the pictures on my iPhone.

    I totally wore that onesie thingy back in 1983 in my PE class. I was 15. ;-)

  11. I too am not a Vera Bradley fan. I dont get it.
    LOVED this post! Love your humor. ANd " Little Las Vegas Leprechauns" owned me.
    And love Miss Kitty;s and Ali's matching outfits.

  12. I actually really like the shorts jumper things from Target. Tessa had one in newborn size last summer and I've already bought her one to wear this summer. Don't get me wrong – I would never wear it myself, but I think they're super cute on babies and little girls.

  13. I love the wreaths! I am a firm believer that if you're gonna do it, do it big and get it noticed…the tackier the better…of course, that's possibly why nothing in my home matches…

  14. I didn't have that onesie in 1983, well because I am a guy and my mom has the fashion sense of mongoose. I do like the mailbox and wreath pictures. Come to the back woods of GA and you will have a ball! For some odd reason, my wife loves that vera crap. It will hopefully pass soon. She has migrated to the giraffe and zebra print, which might be worse because of the plethora of colors.

  15. The wreaths were horrid with a tacky tackiness that is hard to describe.

    Vera Bradley purses are sort of okay in a little old lady sewing bag kind of way, but they should never be carried as a purse, especially by anyone under the age of 74.

    I want Kitty's whole outfit! Small group costume party next year?

  16. I am glad I am not the only one that takes pictures of those "what in the world is happening here?" pictures and end up blogging about them (see FEMA trailer post on my blog).

    The 80s outfit kind of brings back some memories. I am so glad I have boys because all the girl summer clothes I see have shorts that are shorter than what the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders wear.

    Love your blog!
    The Park Wife

  17. You have to love all the great things you find to take pictures of for your blog. I definitely find myself looking for blog moments… EVERYWHERE.

    I can't even believe the power poles with wreath. Yikes!

    The Disney store shoes… What? What were they thinking when those were designed.

    And the Vera Bradley bag? I love, love those. I can be the 40 something standing between those two ladies, but my bag design would be different.

  18. I'm constantly taking odd photos for the blog too (case in point my last post). Love those white boots too!

  19. So glad that I am really not the only one that doesn't get Vera Bradley. I'm uncool like that so thought it was just me. :) I'm not alone I'm not alone I'm not alone…

  20. That first thing about the bill is too funny. My husband was looking at the census that came the other day and one of the first thing it says is,"Please fill out and return today (March 15th it was)," or something along those lines-immediately, right?
    Then, one of the first questions goes something like,"Who is living or staying with you on April 1st?" We had a good laugh about that.

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