I’ve always pretty much despised Basketball, but I’ve been REALLY looking forward to making my bracket this year.

Although I used to always keep up with Chris’ bracket for him (because I’m a geek and I love to count things), last year was my first ever attempt at making my own bracket, which I did with no research, no information, no nothing except for my very primitive knowledge of what schools have good basketball programs.

I expected to be the laughingstock of Chris’ Office Pool, but by some sort of sports miracle worthy of a heartwarming and inspirational movie starring Sandra Bullock as me, I totally swept the whole tournament.

Obviously, this was simply a very cliché example of beginner’s luck. But just in case I have a very specialized psychic ability to predict basketball outcomes, I was waiting for the selection show to end Sunday so I could run to the computer and print out a bracket.

(because you know, if I WERE basketball psychic, I’d hate to find out after it was too late that the gift was time-sensitive.)

Also, because of Ali’s great talent at gambling, I helped her make a bracket last year. Her selection methods were a bit archaic, and her outcome was so bad that I’m pretty sure she had no mathematical shot at winning after the first game.

Being that she’s another year older and wiser now, I’ve been hoping that her skills would better reflect her maternal genes.

Also, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for us to brush up on her geography skills, since it had been a while since we had reviewed her states.

So we began our selection process. She definitely showed that she had talent. She had talent at knowing which school was seeded the absolute worst and picking it very decisively.

I tried swapping up the order in which I asked her the teams, but she still managed to pick the worst team in almost every match-up. At least she’s consistent.

And her winner – Morgan State, a 15 seeded team.

But really, I don’t know why I’m surprised that she would predict 20 Cinderella Stories – the girl loves princesses with all her heart.

(Did you like that Basketball terminology I just threw around like I know something? I thought you’d be impressed.)

Anyway, I recorded the first part of our bracket selection show for posterity’s sake…which actually included her best picks of her entire bracket – it all went QUITE downhill after this:

(Forgive the poor videography. I was trying to fill in her bracket while keeping the camera on a shifty toddler. Alas, the results.)

And, I decided to share the fun this year and create my own ESPN bracket group: Grasping for Objectivity. So far, Ali and I are the only two in the group, which is why you need to get yourself over there and play with the super-cool drag-and-drop features of the bracket-making process and join us!

Unless you’re scared of Ali’s stiff competition, that is.

(Just pick Morgan State like her and I’m sure you’ll do great.)

I think you have to join before Wednesday night or Thursday or before the Tournament starts, whenever that might be.

There will be a prize for first place – I’ve decided to use my newest favorite hobby, frame-making, to make a set of frames for the winner. This is the first of the set:

By the time March Madness is over, I will have used my during-Basketball-Game boredom to create at least three more frames to go with this one, all different sizes but with coordinating patterns.

And don’t worry – they’ve already got Sandra Bullock on standby to make this year’s inspirational sports sequel, this year starring the mother of child prodigy, Ali – the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD to correctly pick Morgan State as the 2010 National Champions.

11 thoughts on “Bracketology and Geography

  1. I think I may need to review my States with Ali. I am geographically challenged in a big way!

    And she really is too cute for words!

  2. I'm going to fill out a bracket for the first time this year, hopefully I'll have more luck than Ali did last year!

  3. I love love love your new blog lay out. Not sure when you changed it (it's been a while since I've checked anyone's blogs)….but it's your best one yet. Great job!

  4. when Bec was younger she just picked based on mascots.. never crossed my mind to teach geography, too busy with my favorite time of year to let children and teaching get in the way. :)

  5. 1. If it were me, a persont that sees basketball as an excuse for grown men to run around in shiny shorts with matching tank tops, I would pick based on the name of the team, i.e. I choose Alaska Seawolves over Texas A&M Dustdevils because a seawolf is probably super cute all furry and swimmy and I hate dust

    2. While going over a list of college team names I saw a ton that were super cute and would make supercute logos

    3. Crimson Tide=worst name ever for a sports team

    4. She was totally trying to make a point with the taffy…

  6. Truth is, I am absolutely ignorant when it comes to college basketball. I could take it or leave it. I am somewhat interested in the NBA, but that is only limited to a few players and my local team (ATLANTA HAWKS!!!!). Good luck with the bracket!

  7. Thanks, Bethany and Trina!! Glad you like it!

    Gary – it's never too late to learn Geography. When she gets back from Costa Rica, y'all should get right to work on her states! :)

    Stephanie – LOL! But it sounds to me that Dust Devils would be covered in dust – like Pigpen from Charlie Brown. Seems like you'd want to stay away from them.

  8. I tend to find that the less I know the better my bracket is. Good luck. I hope you didn't have to rip up your bracket when Villinova and Kansas lost.

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