So remember a few weeks ago when it had been below freezing for decades and there was actually ICE where water usually was and I totally believed them when they said it was going to snow and it totally didn’t?

Well, the disappointment was just too great to risk again, so I convinced myself that it would be another snowless Alabama year and moved on to look forward to Spring.

And then, this week, they said it was going to snow.

No WAY was I going to fall for it this time – it had been sunny and almost warm all week, all of the water was finally back to rightfully being water, and they were predicting mid-30’s all day.

But, because life is ironic, this is the view from my computer right now:IMG_7620

And no, I didn’t borrow that photo from one of my northern bloggy friends.

It has been snowing for five and a half hours STRAIGHT. I didn’t even know that was possible.

When it first started snowing this morning, I tried to convince Ali to go outside with me.

She was totally uninterested.

Finally, after several minutes of wickedly brutal negotiation, she agreed to go out with me on her terms: she got to keep on her current outfit:IMG_7464(She also tried to convince me that she needed to take the picture of her current love interest, Ethan, outside with her, but I told her that he would be completely ruined by the blizzardy snowstorm, so she conceded that point.)

And so, I took the Princess, complete with a tutu over her dress and open-toed heels, out in the “snow”:IMG_7468
Which lasted all of about a minute and a half, at which point she told me she was done with that and headed back inside.

Negotiations resumed. After all – she’s only three – she doesn’t realize how rare this snowy treat will be in her life.

Attempt #2: She got to keep the princess dress on, but I insisted on the concession of wrapping her in a blanket to improve the sustainability of snow trip B.IMG_7478

She was slightly more interested…IMG_7482

And even wanted to taste it…

But then called an all stop when she got some in her eye and just knew she’d die from the contamination.

So we took a break for a while to allow a bit of accumulation to occur (yes!!! It actually accumulated!! In Alabama!!!), and I worked on my negotiation tactics.

Take three: she actually allowed me to properly dress her for the occasion:IMG_7498
And, shocker of all shockers, when she listened to ME, she actually found the snow enjoyable:IMG_7513

I made her snowballs, and she threw them in the road:IMG_7518

I made her a tiny snowman friend, and she asked for a carrot nose and coal eyes.IMG_7524

I tried to give him bark eyes, but it wouldn’t stick. “I’m sorry, baby, he didn’t want to keep his eyes on.”

I turn around, then hear a plop.

Ali explains, “He didn’t want to keep his head on either, I guess.”IMG_7527

We finally found a suitable surface (the trampoline) to make a proper (albeit still miniature) snowman:IMG_7552

Ali was immediately in love. Sorry, Ethan.IMG_7562

We collected some specimen and came in and made my favorite treat in the whole world, snow cream. IMG_7576

Apparently, the adoration for it is genetic.IMG_7580

We took one last trip out before naptime, this time with enough snow on the ground for our feet to actually SINK INTO IT.


IMG_7612 copy

Obviously, we are having a blizzard of cataclysmic proportions.

Northeast, eat your heart out. We have, like, two INCHES!


We managed to pull ourselves out of snowdrift after snowdrift fight our way back inside to safety.

Alabama: The new Alaska.

20 thoughts on “Was Too Skeptical To Buy Milk and Bread. Going to Die.

  1. Loved this. Fellow skeptic here in GA, looking out my window at 2-3 inches & still falling.

    And I totally just put a bowl out to catch snow. How do you make snow cream?

  2. isn't this the craziest year for weather?? Kev always said he wanted to move to CO, and now, he doesn't have to. We could ski in AR. He's way more excited that me at that possibility. . .

  3. Ali is too funny. She had the same reaction my niece did last month. My nephew on the other hand was so excited about the snow. He made his first snowman too. We snapped a couple of pictures then he kicked it over and stomped it to death.

    The snow is still coming down here which makes me beyond happy because it looks like Narnia. I keep half expecting to see Mr. Tumnus walking about when I look out.

  4. Our Snow Cream Recipe is Snow + Lots of vanilla and sugar + milk until it's still powdery but smooth in consistency. AMAZING.

  5. T and I were just talking about this insane weather. It's practically spring here…my tulips are even starting to peek their little heads out of the ground! And everywhere else in the country it's snowing! Crazyiness!

    My mom will be very happy with your comment. :). She had me when she was 18. I always loved having a young, fun mom when it seemed like all my friends parents were so old. :)

  6. Ali going out in the snow in her princess outfit is hilarious!
    What a cute little snowman, he looks like David compared to the Goliath snowman the Blevins made! :)
    If we get anymore snow this winter, we're definitely going to try the snow cream!

  7. Ali's comment about her snowman's head made me laugh out loud. I can so hear her saying that.

    Amy Beth was mesmerized looking at the snow through the window, but she was NOT impressed with it once we got outside. After a couple of times of standing in it, she wanted me to hold her, and absolutely refused to put her feet down if I tried to set her down. We ended up sitting on our front porch while she watched her brothers have a snowball fight.

  8. Awesome post! Ali is so cute wrapped up in the blanket. Love the plop and his head did not want to stay on.
    What fun!

  9. MMMMM, how do you make snow cream?? That sounds YUMMY! I love those pics in outfit three! It looks like you guys had a blast in the snow. I read in the news today that it is snowing in all states but Hawaii. Wow!

    Your blog never ceases to cheer me up. XO

  10. I am also quite curious about how to make snow cream. Especially since I'm sure we'll be getting snow here until April :(

    The snowfall there looks beautiful! Anything under 6 inches or a foot is the best!

    So glad you were all able to play in it!

  11. LOVE IT!! We had some tremendous snowball fights and built a pretty big pirate snowman. I'll have to write a blog post…will do my best. I'll break the news about Ali's new love to Ethan as gently as I can.

    We made a ton of snow cream too! I still have a little left in the freezer for later savoring!

  12. You have no idea how jealous I am! We've been doing like nonstop snow crafts and books, and not a drop of snow, other than a brief sprinkle in December that melted before I could even show it to Esme. Snow is just a fairy tale as far as she's concerned. All we have are daffodils and blossoming cherry trees right now.

    And that first outfit gets an A+ in our fashion book! Though Esme hasn't thought of putting the tiara on backwards yet – she just insists on sleeping with hers on.

  13. I was skeptical myself! The kids had a ball and I have yet to put pics on the blog.

    About snow cream, I've never had it either and now I'm mad I didn't know about it before it all melted :*(

  14. I was hoping for a dog sleigh but this was still pretty exciting. Of course princess Ali didn't want to change to play in the snow.

    How fun! p.s. Next time it snows I'll have to try snow cream.

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