There’s a bit of romantic drama going on in Ali’s life right now.

She’s got two boy friends who are claiming to be her boyfriend, a term I’m pretty sure I had no idea what it meant at the ripe age of three.

Her two friends seem to be taking different strategies at winning her affection: one defends her at all costs, and the other tries to find opportunities to spend quality time with her.

In fact, after their first play date, boyfriend #2 announced to his Mommy, “Ali is my girlfriend because we jumped on the bed together, and that sealed it.”

Ali, however, took a little longer to come around. But at some point, she became obsessed with their family picture and started carrying it with her everywhere.

Then she began to dance with it, ball-room-Cinderella style, multiple times a day:

So she seems to have fallen for boyfriend #2.

And today was his birthday party, a long-anticipated event.

When we arrived, he was reportedly heard to be squealing, “MY GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!! MY GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!!!”

But of course, once we got inside, he was much more shy, or, as they like to call it these days, “playing it cool”.

Ali and AJ weren’t too sure about the amount of boys in attendance at first, so they hung out in the kitchen and consumed all of the food (a side benefit of being coy, I suppose). IMG_7769

And then, when all of the kids were on the trampoline, they practiced their future-sitting-in-the-football-bleachers-and-cheering-the-boys-on skills and watched them jump.


The birthday boy, however, wasn’t too cool to dump all the guys and come join the girls, despite how they might have felt about his intrusion into their girl talk:IMG_7783

He got the nervous giggles. Ali wondered why.IMG_7784

He was sure to make his position of boyfriend known, scaring off all of the other bigger, more imposing boys who might have stopped to visit with the girls:IMG_7782

And he even pulled out his serious face on when the occasion called for it:IMG_7787

Which ultimately won him a spot on the bleachers…IMG_7790

And a hug at the end of the day. IMG_7809 copy

Ah, young love.

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  1. This was fantastic!! I love all the moments that you caught on the trampoline. Nice story to go along with the pics! :) Blake and I were cracking up! I particularly love the tough face shot. You've gotta defend your lady, you know. I'm so delighted that Ali picked our little fella in the end. She's going to be a great daughter-in-law!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! I haven't had to deal with any boyfriend talk yet, and I hope I don't for a LONG time!

    Those trampoline pics were hilarious!

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