We had a girl’s night on Saturday night, and our always-creative leader, April, turned us all into hopeless addicts of a new craft.

I’m pretty sure that we all dreamed about our new love Saturday night, and have thought of nothing since then except how and when we would get our next fix.

It was beautifully simple, yet crazy-cool.

We started with five ingredients.

1. A $1 unfinished wooden frame from Michael’s, our local craft store:Frame
2. An X-Acto knife:

3. The cheapest paint brush on the face of the planet,

Foam Paint Brush

4. My new best friend, Mod Podge,


5. And something that I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to have a reason to buy because it’s just so darn pretty, a piece of scrapbook paper:

Scrapbook Paper(Obviously, I couldn’t just pick one. Who could? All those amazing colors and’s like chocolate on paper.)

With our ingredients at the ready, we set off to work.IMG_7815

There was much debate as to whether we should share our secrets as to how unbelievably easy this project really was. We felt that the result was pretty impressive (we MIGHT have stood around our creations and oohed, aahed, stared, complimented, and admired them for 30 minutes at the end of the night), so letting you believe that we were more artful than we were was definitely tempting.

However, we’re nice people at heart, so here are the steps:

1. Brush Mod Podge on the front of the frame.

2. lay the frame carefully on the scrapbook paper, turn it over, and then push the paper down well to prevent any bumps or wrinkles.IMG_7816

3. Using the X-Acto knife, cut around the outside and inside of the frame, leaving only paper on the surface.

Editor’s note: I forgot to add sandpaper as an ingredient. After step 3, sand the edges with sandpaper to get the paper smooth.

4. Use a flat object to scrape any bumps or wrinkles out.

5. Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the paper.

And the result….


Piles of scraps of scrapbook paper.

Oh – and the frames!


Between the seven of us, we made fifteen frames, all works of art, in our humble opinions.


The plan was to each make one, but we had so much fun on the first round that we took a field trip (all squished between or in carseats in a minivan) to buy more frames and papers.

Bonus tips:

1. We found that the thicker paper seemed to prevent bumps and wrinkles better, and the glittery papers do work – they’re still glittery, even through the mod-podge!

2. Other extras that we used on some frames: Antiquing ink, rub on letters, scrapbook stickers, and wooden cut-outs.

I made three frames, including this funky one for Ali’s room (The heart is a 29 cent wooden cut-out from Michael’s, just covered in a different paper):IMG_7839

And these two coordinating frames for our guest room (You can see the the effect of the antiquing ink on the brown and white one):IMG_7834
Warning: I’m serious about this being addicting. I might have gone to TWO stores today and spent a bunch of money on supplies to make more.


AND, to make it all the more addicting, you don’t have to limit it to frames! You can decorate wooden letters, tables, dresser drawers, canvases, footstools, cabinets, bookshelves, cats, children…now I’m eyeing everything in our house to see if I it’s mod-podgeable.

I wonder what our siding and front door would look like covered in scrapbook paper…