You all already know that I love numbers nearly as much as blogging, so I decided to combine them both to celebrate my second blogoversary.

730 Days.

3 Blogs.

0 Times I’ve considered quitting blogging, because of

1 MAJOR obsession with said blogging.

889 Blog posts on this blog, and 1,248 Total Blog Posts.

14,500 of Comments from you that I totally adored and appreciated.

27 posts with the word poop, and 11 posts with the word puke. (See? Not as many as you thought, huh?)

29 posts about blue jeans. As long as I post more about jeans than poop, then I’m still well-balanced, right?

4 Posts that my Mother was probably embarrassed that her daughter wrote.

254 Posts that will most definitely embarrass Ali in a few years.

25,672 Attempts at Making Ali Smile for a picture.

4,592 Smile Successes.

1,219 pictures of me.

42 pictures of me that were actually decent enough to post. (Photogenosity is not my strong suit.)

36 Made-up Words (37 after Photogenosity).

30,000+ of your blog posts that I’ve read

109 Nervous days of wondering what I could blog about.

36 Trashed-Before-Published Posts.

18 Posts I wished I had trashed.

125 Posts that started out as midnight sticky notes.

35 Midnight Sticky Notes that I read the next morning and thought something like “What does Pink Fluffy Duck and the Road of Determination supposed to mean?!”

49 Times my Husband preemptively said “Don’t you dare blog about this.”

28 Times when I’ve been with my friends and they’ve said, “Am I going to get blogged about for this?”

And, most excitingly for an introvert-who-has-trouble-making-new-friends-because-she-totally-stinks-at-small-talk, literally hundreds of close friends (you!) whom I would have never known if I it weren’t for my blogging “problem”.

Thanks for making the last two years so much fun!!

23 thoughts on “Living With Obsessive-Blogging Disorder for Two Years.

  1. Oh girl – I think you are awesome! I'm amazed with your gift of storytelling everytime I read one of your posts.

    I hope you never get cured of your OBD!

  2. Yay! You forgot to list the 44 bazillion spam comments you've deleted or the 688 comments the "Crazies" from that covention in Atlanta left you. (657 of them from the same ip address.) You can also add at least one blogger (me) who is inspired to be a better blogger because of you and glad to call you my friend!

    P.S. I feel like "Jesus in a Box" deserves His own special mention, too! :)

  3. Congratulatios! I, for one, am very happy you have a blogging obsession! How else would I get so many Chavez to laugh out loud and brighten my day?? :). Hope you have many more happy years of blogging!

  4. And your blogs make some of our days much better no matter what the subject. I love your disorder.

  5. I was just about to say, "Is photogenosity a word?" Thanks for beating me to the punch and Happy Blogoversary!!! I love what you do!

  6. Congratulations! I hope you have at least two more years in you–I sure have enjoyed getting to know you.

  7. Happy blogoversary!I can't believe you've never thought about quitting I've thought about it EVERY SINGLE DAY since I started.I almost forgot did you change the size of your font or is it my new browser [Opera:)]?

  8. If I knew how to write I would do it very much like you!
    I´m somewhat new to your blog and I love it!
    Congratulations & thanks for sharing.

  9. Congrats! Yes that is quite alot of numbers indeed. hehe

    I never would guess you stink at small talk. You always seem very social to me :)

  10. Wow, maybe you will finish my thesis for me, what with your love of statistics and all. Down to the number of poop notes. BTW, get well soon you and your little one.

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