I was driving along today as Ali was playing with her Disney Princesses in the backseat. She was trying to swap out their clothes, from what I could gather. I hear the following from the backseat:

Ali (mostly to herself): “Their dresses come off, but their heads don’t come off. Do their heads come off?”


It was a sickening sound, one that no one should EVER have to hear, except maybe Marie Antoinette.

I was pulling into a parking lot, so I quickly stopped and looked back at the violent carnage that I knew without a doubt would be waiting for me.


Me: “Oh, baby….”

Ali seemed completely unfazed by the most certainly R-Rated violence that she just witnessed performed.

Ali: “Cinderella’s head came off. Cinderella was going to marry her Prince, but now just her face will have to marry the Prince.”

She hands Cinderella to me…I try to re-attach her “face”. Luckily, Cinderella seems completely unfazed by the certain pain she must be experiencing.

All of a sudden, I realize that Ali is studying Ariel’s face very carefully.

Me: “No more taking heads off, baby.”

Ali: “Can I still take dresses off?”

Me: “Yes, you can still take their dresses off.”

Ali: “Does it make you sad when I take heads off?”

Me: “Yes, removing heads isn’t exactly considered a nice thing to do to people.”

(More attempts at fixing.)

Me: “We’re going to have to get Daddy to fix her later. He’s a Princess Doctor.”

Ali: “Daddy’s not a Princess!! He’s a Boy!!!”

Me: “He’s a Doctor FOR Princesses.”

Ali: “Ooooh. Daddy will fix her face.”

Cinderella is looking for an Wrongful Injury Attorney, if you know of any good ones.

15 thoughts on “Cup of Decap, Anyone?

  1. LOL! Only her face will marry him! You can tell that Ali is totally caught up in fairytale magic. Sweet! I, on the other hand, was thinking that's gonna be one mad prince!

  2. Ryan will be happy to represent Cinderella…tell Chris to send him all of Cinderella's medical bills, so he knows how much to sue for :)

  3. That brings a whole new meaning to "Face Lift." Does your Princess Doctor hubby specialize in plastic surgery?

  4. What happened to dolls these days? We could pop our barbie dolls heads off and on! They just want you to buy a new one!

  5. Oh, the things kids will do!… She is too funny. She was most certainly ready to get her next victim. Thankfully her daddy-o is a Princess Doctor.

  6. That is hilarious that it didn't bother her! Most girls would probably cry. You've got a tough one! :)

  7. When I was little I would color bruises and blood on my barbies and cabbage patch dolls so that I could 'fix' them with band-aids. My mom loved that, let me tell you. I'll be praying the Princess Doctor can work his magic. Haha!

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