I don’t usually jump on weather hysteria bandwagons – I’m a skeptic no matter the situation – tornadoes (I watched one come down the street from the double glass doors at work one time – not my smartest of moments.), floods, droughts, and even snow.

Of my 28 years of life in the Deep South, I’ve only ever seen one REALLY GOOD snow storm, and maybe five halfway decent snowfalls.

So as much as I love the stuff, I usually don’t believe it.

But this one was different.

Starting on Saturday, I kept hearing things like…

“Below freezing for all but 18 of the next 180 hours.”

“The coldest it’s been for the longest amount of time in 25 years.”

And, the words we all long to hear, “A snow event on Thursday AND Friday.”

I became a believer due to the crazy cold, coupled with sights of frozen tundra that I didn’t even know was possible in Alabama, such as this frozen-topped lake, IMG_6772
and this stunning-if-you-live-in-Alabama fountain…

(There were actual ICE CAPS in the water below where the fountainsicles had crashed into the water JUST LIKE IT HAPPENS IN ANTARTICA!! I would have gotten you a picture, but it was too cold to remove myself from my heated leather seats.)

So anyway, I believed it. I cleared my schedule for today, and Ali and I waited. We were ready to build snowmen, have snowball fights, go sledding, find some wild dogs and go dog-sledding while screaming “Mush!! Mush!!”, do some ski jumps from the hill in our neighborhood thanks to all of that Wii practice, and find a lake to go ice skating on.

But, alas.


It DID snow, and it was gorgeous coming down in big, soft, dreamy flakes…

…I even drove in it, fearing for my life, all the way to Chris’ office, because he had taken my (four wheel drive) SUV (so he could get home in the Blizzard) which had Ali’s and my coats and gloves in it, which we would obviously need for our mushing and skiing and skating…

…but despite the below-freezing temperatures that our Southern-Pansy bodies have endured ALL WEEK for this Winter Event to occur, IT. DIDN’T. STICK.

So, Ali and I replaced our dreams of ski jumps with making a crafty Birthday Cake in pre-celebration of her birthday tomorrow:

And our fantasies of Mushing on a Dog Sled with cuddling on the couch and playing her new invention, a game of PEZ-Head:


Which, I suppose, was a pretty excellent way to spend a letdown of a day.

Let’s just hope, for my husband’s sanity, that Tonight’s Big Event has the opposite outcome of Today’s Big Event.


15 thoughts on “The Snow That Wasn’t.

  1. I was very disappointed, and still am. While I don't want anything quite so extreme as the snow storm of '93, I do want to see a heavy snow fall that lasts for more than a few hours.

    What I don't understand is how? How can the temps be below freezing most of the week, and nothing stick??? Spann said it has something to do with how dry the air has been. I think he's trying to cover his tail.

  2. That's funny I usually believe it's going to snow when they say it is.But,this year I didn't really think it was til last night.

  3. You can come visit me in Utah where we have MORE THAN ENOUGH to share. In fact… that may be a great snow removal strategy… hmmm…

    I wish it would have snowed there because I would have loved to hear about, "find(ing) some wild dogs and go(ing) dog-sledding while screaming “Mush!! Mush!!” What a disappointment!

  4. Yep. Lulu was going to build a snowman and a snow-Santa. Poor thing. As they say if you don't like the weather in Alabama, wait 15 minutes it'll change. I'm looking forward to the 50s next week!!

  5. Such a let down. I never believe the snow reports either, but when they cancelled C's school yesterday afternoon, I just KNEW that this time would be different. Sigh…

  6. I just did a post similar to this:) I actually had my hopes up too because everyone kept telling me it was going to snow 5 inches. SUCH a disappointment. Our Tide better not let us down too or I am moving away:) JK!

  7. Aww, I'm sorry about your snow dissappointment! You will just have to visit me! We don't have a Zoes Kitchen but we do have snow. :). At least you came up with a new classic, Pez Head! You should definitely market that one! :)

  8. Those are some cool pictures of the lake and waterfall!
    We were VERY disappointed too and very BORED yesterday…wish Luke was old enough to invent fun and exciting games like PEZ head! ;)

  9. well, if you had to have a let down, this was the one to have, right? : ) (& happy bday ALI!)

  10. Well Looks like the Tide Pulled through even if the Spann didn't :) Sad for you guys! Come up here and play with me! We've got 12 inches lying here! (Jacob the little guy I nanny is not a fan and has no laughes or giggles and doesn't smile the entire time we are playing in it. Just keeps his mouth in a hard line) Def not my child :)

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