Have you ever looked closely at food advertisements? They aren’t nearly as appetizing as they are when you DON’T look at them.

For instance, I have never had coffee that would just sit gelatinously up above the cup:IMG_5906If you take a minute and pretend it’s cold, it actually looks pretty yummy – Starbucks pudding. Hmm…cross-branding opportunity?

For those of you whose kids are begging for Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution, and you’re weary of the music, I spotted this at Lifeway:IMG_5275Yes, you CAN be in your own virtual Christian Rock Band now!

So saddle up your horses….and go west young man!!

Oh wait – that’d be the Christian Oldies Version.

Now I used to drive a Honda Civic, and loved it. In fact, I’ve had four different Honda Civics. So I think I have the right to say that it’s not really a car that depicts what this tag is trying to portray:IMG_5292

Yes, Sir. I am feeling your intimidating and overbearing authority as you drive along in your baby blue compact car.

Maybe this isn’t weird to you, and maybe it’s not even odd, but I have personally never seen garbage picked up with a forklift.IMG_5895Apparently, Mountain Brook is getting too uppity to have their garbage men actually pick up the trash cans and dump them like regular folk.

Have you ever wanted a vehicle with wheels AND with a view? Now they have them. We spotted this in Atlanta:


I have a feeling that there are a LOT of those on race weekends in Talladega.

We went to Copeland’s while in Atlanta, one of our formerly-in-Birmingham-but-closed-because-of-our-curse restaurants, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they still serve their always giggle inducing vegetable special:IMG_6039Yummo.

I love that they went to the trouble to copyright the name. As if there were restaurants lining up to liken their food to a bodily function.

Speaking of, I love that this is called “Holiday INSPIRATIONS”:IMG_6060

…because I’m always so very inspired with holiday spirit when there’s a toy bear or penguin pooping candy at me.

And finally, Ali has learned a new trick – she can move her eyes independently of each other (something that is apparently genetic, as her Daddy can, also).

A trick which has now been banned, because I got paranoid of what she was doing to her eyes.

Weird kid.

13 thoughts on “Recent Random Weirdness

  1. Have you ever seen or read how they do food advertisement shoots? It's very interesting because they hardly ever use the actual product in the pictures, or they're touched up with a lot of inedible make-up/paint. So it very well could be chocolate pudding in those cups – which I would prefer instead of coffee.

  2. So, what exactly is a vegetable toot-toot? That sounds so "interesting" I might just have to go to Copelands next time I'm in Atlanta and try it :)

  3. I see two mommies! She cracks me up!
    Have you ever seen that contest on the Food Network where people have to cook food to be photographed. I've only seen it once but they do all sorts of gross stuff to the food and don't even really cook it all the way. YUCK!
    Thanks for the smiles today!

  4. rachel,
    there is an old zydeco (louisiana) song named 'don't mess with my toot toot' by rockin' sidney. my little sister had a shirt that said 'my toot toot' on it. my parents still have it!!! i'm sure there are covers of it on the net.

  5. This is where I get the overwhelming urge to say don't do that, your eyes will stay that way.

    I believed it when my mom told me that shite.

  6. I love how you find the funny in the everyday.

    "I see two mommies!" AH! That would freak me out too! Like how Xander can bend his big toe all the way back. *shudder* He's got like rubber band toes or something. When I first discovered it, I was bending it back and he would laugh and say, "Harder mommy." HA!

  7. Hahaha, Vegtables Toot Toot? I don't even want to think about what that might entail. :)

    I love the "I wanna go tee-tee" at the end of the video. Kids are so funny. :)

  8. Christian rock is just as much noise pollution as any other rock. The only difference is the constant singing about God. The mothers you're trying to convince there's a better alternative because it spreads your conservative Christian views would do just as good with Lego Rock Band.

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