A few weeks ago, I purchased our long-anticipated Church Cookbook:IMG_6585

On the way home from church, I thumbed through, looking at various recipes.

And then I arrived at a recipe so unique that it was powerful enough to change my life.


(Okay, maybe not change my life, but certainly add a good measure of joy to it.)

Not only was it an awesomely funny idea, but the instructions were you’re-going-to-need-a-litter-box hilariously-specific. It had such jewels as…

Unwrap 3 Tootsie Rolls and heat in a microwave until soft and pliable. Shape the blunt ends into slightly curved points.

Bury the rolls “decoratively” in the cake mixture.

Chris and I immediately knew that it was in our destiny to make this creation, especially with our affinity for making “unique” food creations.

We also knew the perfect opportunity to try out this delectable recipe: We had our second Christmas with Chris’ Family last night because his Aunt Kitty and Uncle Leo were coming in town, at which we were also celebrating Kitty’s birthday.

Besides the name resemblance, Kitty is quite a cat lover, and currently has three. Our other dinner guests, Chris’ parents, are also quite familiar with the litter box.

Plus, you have to get creative when giving a gift to someone who appreciates the art of toenail clippings, ya know?

And so it began.

We washed Oreo’s litter box…


Okay. I promise it was new.

I made a Spice Cake:IMG_6543

and a White Cake.




White Oreos…


Crushed with my Ninja.IMG_6555

And Tootsie Rolls, of course.


The cakes got crumbled and mixed with some of the cookies…


And then placed in the serving platter.


I then enlisted my resident poo expert, Chris, to shape the …Tootsie Turds.


He made them all different (they’re like snowflakes, you know),
and carefully coated them and buried them…


And then we sprinkled the now-food colored reserve of Oreos over the top for deodorizing crystals.

Chris made the remaining Tootsie Turds, including the characteristic hanger-on that finally comes off as the cat jumps out of the litter box…


We added the scoop, and it was ready for it’s debut. IMG_6572


We told no one of our invention beforehand, so when Chris came and laid out the newspaper and sprinkled the escaped litter pieces, everyone was a bit confused.


And then, our masterpiece was served.IMG_6594

Kitty went through the 5 Stages of Being Served a Kitty Litter Cake:

1. Disbelief.IMG_6595

2. Hysteria. IMG_6596

3. Photography.IMG_6600
4. Disgust at the thought of actually ingesting said product.IMG_6602
5. Bravery to eat the first Birthday Turd (now well coated with clumping litter).IMG_6606


We tried to get Ali to eat one… IMG_6608
But she quickly pulled back, brushed off her hands, and announced “I don’t want one.”IMG_6609

I wasn’t sure how the actual eating of this dessert would go, but surprisingly, it wasn’t horrible. IMG_6612

But of course, we saved the leftovers, side-turd still in tact and peeking out, just in case any of you want to come over and try some littery goodness.IMG_6614

29 thoughts on “Just A Litter Fun…

  1. There are just not words for this…

    I had a boyfriend in high school whose grandmother got kicks out of making special b'day cakes for people. Only her cake mix was cornbread mix and her icing was cold mashed potatoes. She would then serve her "cake" and watch to see the reaction of people who were expecting a sweet cake only to get served cornbread and cold mashed potatoes.

    She was a mean old lady.

  2. Someone brought one of these to a church fellowship meal in October (back when I was truly sick) and no one would eat it. NO ONE. (Myself included.) They did the "hanger-on, too. I was so grossed out.

  3. I'm behind on reading so I'm doing a collective posting of my thoughts.
    A scavenger hunt? How fun! It's great that you two keep the magic intact and now have a locking doorknob. You know the bump watch will go into overdrive now!
    Of course, Ali loves the mirror. If I was that adorable, I'd stand in front a mirror all day. :)
    I went to a salon where all the employees dressed up for Halloween and brought in all sorts of treats. They had the litter cake and ewwww! I could barely stand to look at it. I don't blame Ali for not indulging.

  4. This is too funny. Even though I am new to reading your blog, it just sounds like something you and Chris would do and that it would have to be something to serve that wild aunt and uncle ( I read the table top dancing post). LOL


  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I have said cookbook, but I am such a visual person that your blog will be very helpful should I ever make this cake. Thanks!!

  6. Ewwww. I have seen this and claimed I would make it but havent had an occassion. Maybe its procrastination? Great post! Gross. But pretty good.

  7. First of all, I can't believe that recipe was actually in our church's cookbook! Secondly, it actually looks like the real thing!
    And lastly, I really do want to try it!! :)

  8. You never cease to amaze me! :). That is too funny for words. I definitely could not eat that…it's way worse than my dog food cake! Those tootsie rolls look surprisingly accurate!

  9. I think it is the best present I ever received. Yes, my name really is Kitty and I really love kitties. This looked very sinilar to what I see at home every day. It was delicious.

  10. That's hysterical. One of my sisters actually made the very same cake years ago, and had us all in stitches. Way to go and making it so quickly to amuse your family.

  11. Oh.My.Word! Hilarious! I mean that was the perfect cake for her with the name and all. So funny.

    When I first read, and "we washed Oreo's litter box" I almost gagged. lol So glad you bought a new one. *Shudder*

    Those tootie rolls make it.

    I've got to tweet this lol

  12. OMG!!!! This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!!! I was literally rolling looking at the pictures! Thank you for this post!

  13. This had me laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face as I read it (and showed pictures on the blog) to my family!

  14. Today’s post directed me here…what made reading it even better was the odd suppressed laughter noises coming out of me while reading it while also proctoring a test.

    I should have known not to read your blog when I have to be quiet…

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