I wrote a post at the beginning of the year called Mommy Scouts. The concept has stuck with me throughout the year and has helped me laugh during moments I might not have normally been able to – reminding myself that it’s all worth it because I’m earning my merit badges.

For a refresher, here was my idea:

We get to earn Merit Badges as we experience facets or overcome obstacles of Mommyhood. Because admit it – we’re all proud of what we’ve overcome in this crazy job, and we like wearing them like honors on our sleeves anyway, so we might as well have the pretty stitched badges.

Maybe we could sew them on our diaper bags.

Or sew them over the baby puke spots on our shirts.

So, to celebrate a year well done, I am officially announcing the

First Annual Mommy Scouts Awards!!!

Let’s start with the childbearing awards.

Lydia and AmandaI had my fourth child when my oldest was under six Merit Badge.


JulieI had my FIFTH child when my oldest was under six Merit Badge.59123p

NatalieI’m pregnant with number six, all still under six Merit Badge.09423p

LindsayI had my second child before my first was 15 months old Merit Badge.mb043c

I salute these women for earning badges that I will most likely never be brave enough to earn.

Here are the Health-Related Merit Badge Awards:

Shelly MMy kid broke their femur and I had to carry them around in a full leg cast for months and right after he healed, my husband broke his back Merit Badge.

Shelley M…I seriously don’t know how she survived that.

AshleyI survived my entire pregnancy with a horrible sinus infection that couldn’t be treated aggressively enough because I was pregnant Merit Badge. Dentist

…AND she sang several full length concerts with Red Mountain WHILE sick!

Amy WadeI was a mother to my child AND my husband due to his extreme injury prone-ness Merit Badge.

911I feel like I owe your husband an apology for all of the times I laughed at his hysterical injuries through the year.

Now for the travel Merit Badge Awards:

Christie and HannahI moved across the country with two children Merit Badge.mb113c I don’t ever want to move again AT ALL – let alone out of state. *shivers*

This is the DayI took a multi-week road trip without my husband, while still-in-the-nauseous-stage-of-pregnant, AND with a toddler in tow Merit Badge.


I flew 12 hours with my one year old and survived the resulting toddler jet lag Merit Badge.Airplane

And finally, the ultimate travel merit badge goes to:

ChristenI traveled to see my in-laws three states away for 10 days with a toddler and newborn in tow, WHILE my husband was gone on a fishing trip, AND while in the middle of moving Merit Badge.mb058cSeriously, I would have just died at the “my husband is gone 10 days” part – let alone the rest.

Next Category: There’s Alternatives to Violence Merit Badges:

MarieI witnessed other children being very mean to my child and managed to NOT strangle other said children Merit Badge.mb110c

If you ever find yourself in this situation again, just call me – I’ll take care of them so you don’t have to lose your merit badge.

Blue VioletI didn’t torture and then slowly kill my daughter’s boyfriend when he broke her heart Merit Badge.romance

NikkiI discovered a strategy – Mommy Money – to make it through the get-to-school-in-a-hurry mornings without ANY whining Merit Badge.


And now for the just-plain-uncategorizable Merit Badges:

LianneI ripped my pants on my own birthday and went around all day celebrating said birthday with said ripped pants and my kids never told me – but I still love them anyway Merit Badge.dramaqueen

My favorite part of this story was that you didn’t even realize they were ripped … until you looked at the pictures. That is just awesome.

Mama Hen I’m such a cool Mom that I let all four of my children help me make homemade jelly Merit Badge.mb038c

Rachel KI faithfully supported my son through his whole football season – of continually losing. Merit Badge.mb013c

JenniferI starred in the Church Christmas play while all of my kids were sick Merit Badge.mb111c

TrinaI survived my child’s fear-of-her-room-and-insisting-on-sleeping-with-me Phase Merit Badgemb041c

Rachel RobinsonI went to college while being a Mommy AND made the President’s List Merit Badge.


CarolI survived all year using Europeanly small laundry appliances with FIVE KIDS Merit Badge

My Mom – I willingly kept all of my Grandchildren repeatedly, as well as up to seven other children ALL AT ONCE Merit Badge. 09577p

GretaI’ve been stalked by that freaky kid at the pool because I was pregnant. Again and Again. Merit Badge.mb014c

And, because I’m writing the rules, I have to give one to myself – I earned it fair and square: I survived a poo + public restroom + no wet wipes or diapers incident Merit Badge.mb091c

And that concludes the 2009 First Annual Mommy Scouts Merit Badges Awards!!

To the Awardees: Feel free to copy the top badge and/or your Award badge and use it as you please (although all badges are really from Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts of America, so I probably don’t have the right to tell you that – oops!).

To those I didn’t award – please understand – If I’ve left you out, don’t feel bad – I’m throwing this post together as fast as I can between holiday events. However, I officially award each one of the rest of you Mommies one Mommy Scout Merit Badge of any kind. What did you earn yours for this year?

21 thoughts on “First Annual Mommy Scouts Awards

  1. Rachel-you crack me up! I can't even imagine how long it took you to link all this up.

    Here's a toast to the best blogging year ever-2010!

  2. Rachel,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and what a great post. I applaud all these women for earning their badges, they deserve it. Did you give yourself some too? Being a mom is the hardest and yet the best job ever and now being a gamma is great.

  3. Awesome post, I love it! Thanks for the badge!
    I saw your tweet/facebook status yesterday, and I was trying really hard to think of a good mommy story, but my mind was blank.
    I want to reference this post in a my post for tomorrow and use the badge…you might have to help me with that tonight!

  4. Wow! I can honestly say my badge is nothing compared to some of these! lol Kudos to those ladies and thanks for my badge!


  5. thanks for the merit badge. I'm glad someone appreciates my loyalty to my son and how much I'm willing to give up to support him. : )

  6. Oh, my very own "Europeanly Small Laundry Appliance" award. I feel so very honored. I want to thank the academy, my landlord, and most of all you for giving me such a special honor.

    I remember these awards from earlier in the year. Great post, Rach.

  7. I tried hard to think of something to tell you when I saw your facebook plea yesterday. I couldn't think of anything! (I blame pregnant brainitis for that.)

    As I started reading your post, I thought that this was a great, funny concept. (And I secretly rejoiced that I had *NO* embarassing stories for you to exploit, I mean, tell on me.) Alas, the ripped pants come back to bite me in the, uh, well, you get the idea.

    Thanks for my badge. I can only hope I can provide you with more embarassing blog fodder for 2010. Only this time, I hope it doesn't come at the expense of my wardrobe.

  8. I really like this idea. I think I'll mention it to my hubby and see what reward he wants to give me for a year well done (they're all still alive aren't they?). Thanks for the laughs!

  9. Awww…thanks, Rachel! Like everybody else, I saw your FB post/tweet too and tried to think of something to send you but drew a blank. I blame it on the holidays. (If you see any bumps on me it's from all the cake and pies and cookies!)
    I gotta go get some work done but I'm going to re-visit this post in a bit to check out those other Mom stories, especially Lianne's!

  10. Yay! I'm on a winning streak or something! Thank you for my merit badge!!! :) Hope you have a Happy New Year! I've really enjoyed getting to know you this past year! :)

  11. This is a great post about moms, Rachel. You did a wonderful job coming up with so many mommy merit badges and remembering so many brave and awesome things so many moms have done all year. There is no way I would have remembered all that!

    I cannot think of one I qualify for this year, though. Maybe the cooking with children one you awarded Mama Hen, but that is it. Maybe 2010 will be more exciting in our house. ;)

  12. Your award for that poo situation should be 7 poo sizes bigger! If ever you deserved some mom accolades, that was it!

    Thank you for my badge! I will treasure it forever and ever. Amen.

    Happy New Year!!!

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