Besides the whole smashing her nose on her brand new big girl bed event, Ali most certainly has had a Princesses’ Dream of Christmas.

In fact, I believe that at least 90% of the gifts she received were items for a Princess, which thrilled her little royal heart like nothing else..

AJ gave her a crown-making kit..

Pop made her a Princess house (which looked spectacularly like our house):


(She had to study quite a bit to decide which room Princess Ali should live in)

Her Princess House came with a Cinderella and Prince Charming to take residence, of course.


Santa Claus delivered her presents wrapped for a Princess,IMG_6351
Which included another set of Princesses…

With the world’s tiniest shoe collection:
(Doesn’t Santa know that things that small are bound to get lost, eaten by the cat, or end up in the toilet?)

She was careful to keep all of her Princesses in line…

Although original Cinderella was apparently pretty upset that New Cinderella showed up wearing the same dress.

But the Princess item she got most excited about was most definitely her Ariel PEZ dispenser from her Aunt Lindsay. IMG_6519

When she opened it, she told me she got more PEZ (her new favorite candy which she had already eaten SIX packs of earlier in the day), and then, upon closer examination, she screamed louder than any proper princess should, “IT’S ARIEL!!!!!!!!”

Ariel and Ali stayed tight for the rest of the present opening:

Who knew that all she really needed was a $2 Princess PEZ dispenser?

She wasn’t the only one easy to please, though. Her cousin Eli’s favorite find was Gramamma’s shoes:

We DID have a few non-Princess Christmas highlights…

Ali was quite excited that she was old enough to have her OWN candle (with a little help) at the Christmas Eve service:IMG_6323

And she also did an excellent job making a Christmas label for Daddy (albeit still upside-down):


I was able to catch her running-into-the-room Christmas morning expression – pure delight:IMG_6363
She gazed wondrously at her presents…IMG_6364

Then the magic abruptly ended.


…or maybe that’s just the face she gives me when I ask her to smile for a picture.

She opened her first present in a blinding flash..IMG_6373

Which included four books…


Of which she had to read all of before we could move on, and anytime we suggested opening another present, we got this look:


Much to her Daddy’s delight, she adored the Teddy Bear that (ahem) MISTER Santa got her from LOVE’S TRUCK STOP.IMG_6386(Hence why Mrs. Santa did the rest of the shopping.)

She finally opened all of her presents from Santa, and seemed to approve of him coming to her house a bit more…IMG_6424

but when Gramamma asked her if Santa came to her house, she said thoughtfully,

“No. He tried to come to my house, but he couldn’t. So he gave my presents to the Gingerbread man, and he brought them down the chimney to me.”

Apparently, she holds to the philosophy of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Santa Beliefs.

17 thoughts on “Every Time a Bell Rings, a Princess Gets her Accessories.

  1. HAHA, the gingerbread man? That is hilarious! Looks like she had a ball! What a pretty princess. I love the expression on her face when she saw everything…too cute!

  2. I love the picture of her running to her presents. She is just adorable with all her princesses. Don't worry, those shoes will be gone super-fast and you won't ever have to think about them again. Our Barbies are always barefoot.

    How is her nose?

  3. Is her nose better? Emilee uhm, kissed a hula hoop the day after Christmas and was quite purple for the rest of the day!

  4. I think the gingerbread man is significantly less intimidating than Santa as well. Ali is a smart girl. I love that she had to read her books first :)

  5. you just THINK you did the right thing by buying those little tiny princess dolls for ali…I'm telling you – my kids STILL can't get the doll's clothes on and off and I am constantly doing it for them! Hope you have better luck than I!

    I love that girls the world over are all about princesses. Crack me up.

  6. Check out the Callahan finger as she entered the room Christmas morning. She is soooooo pretty in her Princess clothes.

  7. Mr. Santa enjoys 24 hr Wal-Mart and Walgreen's shopping around here. . .hence Mrs. Santa also does our shopping. : )

  8. Ali's dollhouse is AMAZING, your dad did an awesome job!
    So glad the Gingerbread Man was so generous to Ali this year! :)

  9. So precious… they just love to be princesses don't they?

    Santa gave my girls the same little Disney princesses. Aren't those shoes soooo tiny?

  10. ““No. He tried to come to my house, but he couldn’t. So he gave my presents to the Gingerbread man, and he brought them down the chimney to me.”

    Apparently, she holds to the philosophy of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Santa Beliefs.”

    This is the funniest thing! And creative, too. :)

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