I’ll get to the rest of our Christmas stories later, but I must relieve my conscience and confess start with this one.

So, as I mentioned before, the plan was for Ali to get a Big Girl Bed for Christmas.

So, when Ali woke up on Christmas morning (or, rather, when we got tired of waiting for her to wake up and we woke her up at 9:30 am), she was sleeping in this:IMG_6362

And then, while I was fixing lunch for Chris’ family and Ali was playing with all of her Santa loot, Chris went upstairs and assembled this:IMG_6432

(because we’re not as talented as my Dad – we couldn’t replace her crib with a BGB during the night without ever waking her up. We’re still pretty novice parents.)

(Oh – and don’t worry – we installed the bed rail before naptime. No need for THAT much of a change.)

We excitedly led Ali upstairs to see her “BIG HUGE SURPRISE!!!!”, and she, as we expected, was completely thrilled.IMG_6435

Her exuberance and excitement led to much celebration to get acquainted with her new big girl bed:IMG_6437
There was frolicking,

And falling on one’s knees.
….except, in that last shot, she decided to go ahead and finish the fall (rather thoroughly) and faceplant on the bed.

….except, her trajectory was slightly off.

….and her nose landed squarely on the corner of the footboard.

….in a very concrete manner.

There was much screaming.

MUCH screaming.

Much inconsolable crying.

(And that was all just her Daddy.)

I sat there and rocked her while she screamed her steadily-swelling-nose off, my mind was circularly saying…

”we are going to have matching broken noses. Except hers is going to be worse. She’s going to have a black and blue nose with a nose cast. And it’s all my fault.”

Of COURSE, all of our lunch guests arrived during this screamingly euphorious period of time.

We finally had to pull out all the stops and offer her only-halfway-through-naptime-crying-friend to comfort her hopefully-still-in-one-piece nose:IMG_6451
The up side was, we got to try out the new snuggling option of a big girl bed.IMG_6455 copy …and, we now have a “no jumping or frolicking or falling onto one’s knees or really anything but laying and sleeping on the bed” rule.

And as paranoid as she is, I promise you she will forever follow that rule.

She did say after a little while that it didn’t hurt anymore, but we will probably get an x-ray if she complains anymore or if it looks bad (unless someone can confirm that almost-three-year-olds still just have cartilage in their noses and therefore cannot break them – one of my friends thought that was the case and I am certainly hoping she is right).

Surprisingly though, as much as she holds grudges against all things that hurt her, when it was time for naptime, she couldn’t have been more thrilled to return to the scene of the crime and set off on her Maiden Dream Voyage in BGB:

But she was quite careful as to the trajectory of her head when lying it on the pillow.IMG_6491

It’s not a Merry Christmas till you break your nose on your “best” Christmas present.

11 thoughts on “I’m Glad She Wants to be Like Me, But…

  1. Poor, sweet Ali! I hope all is well with her little nose now. You can't really be surprised though. What little girl wouldn't want to be just like her mommy, if the mommy in question was as awesome as you?

  2. Not to scare you but, I had to have 18-20 stitches in my nose when I was 4 or 5. I was jumping on a mattress and ran into a desk.

    I hope you have fun Ali!

  3. I hope Ali's nose feels better.I wouldn't have known she hurt it,on the picture it looks fine.She should feel better knowing she still looks great.Oh,and I have a picture that I got recently of myself in the middle of falling on the bed too.I was going to post it but,I was too embarrassed.

  4. Aw! The poor thing!

    I remember jumping on my bed and busting my lip when I was a child. And just before I fell, my mom's voice had called up the stairs, "You'd better NOT be jumping on your bed!"

    You'd think I'd have learned to listen to my mother.

  5. Oh poor thing! I'm glad it didn't turn her against the new bed. We are going to make the BGB move as soon as we get home from all this holiday fun. I'm hoping it goes well. Did Ali try to get out of the bed last night?

    I love the bed you picked! And the bedding and curtains are too cute! What a fun big girl room! :)

  6. Poor poor Ali and Mom and Dad! Love the BGB. What a beautiful comforter.So girly!
    Hope there is no further bed trauma.
    How did she sleep in it?

  7. What a cool big girl bed!
    That's terrible about her nose, it did look pretty swollen, glad it wasn't anything serious!

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