Chris and I are all about a good game or puzzle. We especially like scavenger hunts.

The year we got married, we didn’t have much money (if anyone DID have much money the year they got married, the rest of us think you’re lying). Anyway, there was an Eddie Bauer grey wool coat that Chris really wanted. I saved up my spending money and bought it for him, but wanted to make it REALLY special. So I made up clues that led him all the way through our house until he found it.

This year, he returned the favor.

He gave me a Christmas card that had a tiny slip of paper in it.

It said, “The Secret Lies with Ali.”

I knew immediately that I was being led on a scavenger hunt.

I knew that the next clue couldn’t ACTUALLY be with Ali, because she wasn’t awake yet (she slept until 9:30 on Christmas morning, at which point we got tired of waiting for her and woke her up), so I had to think deeper.

Plus, Chris is all about word play.


What does Ali lie about?

Well, her favorite lie is that she needs to tee-tee at night RIGHT before it’s time for bed (classic United Toddler Union stalling techniques).

So I head to her bathroom. Sure enough, I find this clue:


I before E…except after C.

This one took a while, but I finally stumbled on it…a slip of paper was stuffed in between middle C and D on the piano. IMG_6510

This was the hardest clue of all of them, in my opinion.

After QUITE a bit of hintage and one false alarm where I found this folded up piece of oh-so-helpful paper…IMG_6503
I found the next clue, hidden in the Trivial Pursuit box.IMG_6512

Do you speak French?

Not really, but I took it for a few years. But I think the answer you’re looking for is “Oui.”

This one took me WAY TOO LONG to put together (I was starting to feel the pressure of getting Ali up and opening her presents so I could cook Christmas lunch for Chris’ family, so I WAS a bit distracted, in my defense…)

Oui = Wii.

The next clue was under the Wii. IMG_6310

The Truth. The Bible.

Where does Chris keep his bibles?

In his basement office…IMG_6473 Notice the hinges on that bookshelf?

Yes, it’s a straight-out-of-British-Literature opening bookshelf – I guess the original builders had a lot more to hide than we do.

I had to get him to open it for me (it’s quite heavy), and I discovered my present:IMG_6481
A full-length mirror!! Something I’ve always wanted.

And, apparently, so had Ali:IMG_6484

I want a scavenger hunt EVERY day!

Among other romantic gifts from my husband was this:IMG_6360

“You got me a DOORKNOB for Christmas?!”

“Yep. It’s for our room. It goes with Ali’s big girl bed.”


“It locks…”

*Jeopardy Theme Song*


Romance. It’s not dead around here.

21 thoughts on “Riddles, Romance, and Christmas

  1. You have a very creative husband! And a very cool hiding spot. I would probably put a little chair in there and make it Mommy's Special Place. :)

  2. That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of someone doing. I love the hunt, and the trouble he went to with the notes.

  3. What great clues. I would have been lost at the piano! You guys are so much fun with your riddle clues. I love the doorknob with lock. Trust me… it's a necessity!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Yes-you must have a lock now. Trust me.

    Chris was so sweet to do the scavenger hunt. And those were some hard clues.

    I'm with Crafty Mama. That would be my secret hideaway.

  5. Very creative! I definitely think the hubbie gets points for that.

    As for the doorknob, we don't even bother locking the door because Jackson still hasn't figured out how to open the safety locks on our bedroom door.

    The joy of big girl/big boy beds!!!

  6. Very creative! way to go Chris! :)
    and WE had $$ our 1st Christmas because Scott was working for the Bank still! ;) the only other time I've gotten diamonds from him, besides my Ring, was our 1st Christmas when he gave me a diamond bracelet….
    not so much anymore…

  7. very clever. How do kids learn that bathroom stalling technique? I think it is innate. Baby ducks are born knowing how to swim and two year olds know how to stall.

  8. OMG! That is too cute, and so thoughtufl!

    Are we are living parallel lives or what!?

    I did a scavenger hunt for Dadisodes this year as well, but my clues were much easier :) I figured the 4 year old would help ;)

  9. Wow that was cool, I love scavenger hunts but not good at soling riddles. I would have been thinking about the movie National Treasure since the first clue in it was "the secret lies with Charlotte". Y'all are such a cute and creative couple.

  10. What a neat idea! I love scavenger hunts, but am terrible at the clues, I think you did a pretty good job figuring them out!
    I laughed out loud about the doorknobs, Chris is very clever! :)

  11. FUN!!! I love it! I love when people spend, thought, time, and effort on me…'s better then spending money on me!! Love the doorknob too…he was thinking! :)

  12. That is the coolest thing ever. How lucky you are to have a creative husband!

    Also? I kind of love the secret bookcase place.

  13. LOVE IT! That would be so fun! But I don't think I would have figured out a single one of those clues lol.

    I think the doorknob is my favorite part lol "It locks" Amen. lol

  14. way to go chris! I'm so impressed and love the creativity in each clue.

    plus, your mirror is beautiful! I love the black trim on it!

  15. I love the scavenger hunt! The made in China tag made me laugh. We like to do scaneger hunts too…and we had no $ our first year either. Probably b/c it took us 4 months to get jobs! Luckily we had free rent at the time. :)

    The doorknob is awesome! I never even thought about that…I guess we need to get a new one too. :)

  16. Wow – I would have been totally lost with those clues. Love the mirror! It complements the new doorknobs nicely (oh yes – I said it :)).

  17. LOVE the doorknobs! That Chris! Bow chicka bow bow! By the way I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted a hidden room behind a bookcase. ALWAYS. Your cool stock is soaring!

  18. OMG! When I was little my mom used to do this on Easter. It was a guarantee that my sisters and I would be wandering around half the day looking for little slips of paper that would lead us to the next basket filler!

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