We visited some friends at their farm today. Ali got to see many things…

Including being shocked that “fishing” didn’t at all mean what she thought it meant:IMG_5399
It was a bit of a jolt, but fascinating nonetheless… IMG_5401

She enjoyed climbing all of the different fences to see the animals…IMG_5408

Including the Llamas digging deeply into each other’s personal space…

And the cows practicing for an AT&T Mobility commercial…IMG_5422

Of course, the approach of the Llamas took away all of the allure of climbing the fence, but she was willing to watch MOMMY pet the Llama… IMG_5427
And then she got to go for a ride in the nicest “go-cart” ever, fully enclosed and air conditioned:IMG_5433
In her journeys with Daddy, she experienced the vast amounts of cows,Picture 092
Picture 404

The donkeys,

Picture 301
(Apparently also wanting in on that “More Bars in More Places” campaign):Picture 577
And SUPPOSEDLY, she actually petted a Llama, but there was a suspicious lack of proof of her sudden increased braveness with Daddy over Mommy.


At any rate, the farm was beautiful, with all sorts of gorgeous creatures,


And especially talented in it’s creative output, as Chris left with these:


If only there were more SEC Championship Ticket Producing Cows in the world. . .

13 thoughts on “Farm Production, Southern Style.

  1. Wow cool farm, I even know some UF fans who want those SEC Championship ticket producing cows, don't tell any of my co-workers but I am pulling for Alabama.

  2. I'm going to sound incredibly ignorant, but AL is much more lovely than I ever imagined. I've never been and the image I created in my head is less than beautiful. Thanks for setting me straight!

  3. Great pics of her at the farm and thanks a million for getting our next adventure all in order. Ya'll are the best.

  4. We didn't even notice the upside down heart until you said so! You're probably right – she totally would have picked up on that.

  5. That's the coolest golf cart I've ever seen!
    The Llama's reminded me of your last Llama story…have you tried to talk to Ali again about her real first name?

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