Chris and I had the American Music Awards on in the background Sunday night while we busied ourselves with other tasks. But despite the fact that we were hardly paying it any attention, there was an overarching trend that was inescapable of our notice:


Apparently, they are all the rage.

Gone are the days of singers wearing such short skirts that you think you’re ABOUT to see their crotch. No, they have discarded the skirt all together and just resorted to the outfit of a 6 month old.

Fergie started the night out in her very poofy onesie – I guess to give it the true infant-with-a-diaper-inside-my-onesie look:BlackEyedPeas

Then Shakira and all of her backup dancers were sure to draw attention to the fact that they were NOT missing out on this fad by checking out each other’s onesies:Shakira

J.Lo sported the Gladiator onesie: JLo

Lady Gaga went with the medical supply Onesie – made out of ace bandages and a headpiece of cotton swabs:Lady Gaga 2

Rihanna stole her onesie idea from a girl we saw at Dragon*Con:Rihanna


And even sweet little Carrie Underwood couldn’t resist the Onesie trend, and invented the “Good” little Country Girl Onesie: Carrie Underwood

Of course, onesies weren’t the only statements made at the AMAs.

Jermaine Jackson had to show that the best naming strategy for your kids is to take the first syllable of your name and put it before the most ridiculous of terms. Freaky Scientist kid in the back’s name: Jermajesty.JerMajesty

And Kate Hudson tried to bring to style the man-chest look with the super long straps on her dress and lack of undergarmentage, all of which don’t exactly give off a very feminine look: KateHudsonI guess if you’re going to insist on showing that much skin, at least make it TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE to the male mind because it just looks like one of their running buddies in a tank top.

And I couldn’t COUNT the number of times she adjusted that top while on stage for a whole minute and a half. Nervous much, Kate?

And yes, we did, unfortunately, see Adam Lambert’s performance. And no, I will not be blogging about it for fear that I will have to re-immerse myself into boiling water in the attempt to cleanse my mind from that horridness.

But the bottom line is, babies everywhere should rejoice – because the onesie look that they pioneered most definitely took first place at the AMAs.

Then again, maybe they should just be disturbed.

19 thoughts on “Trend Alert! Buy Stock in Carter’s and Gerber Post-Haste!

  1. Okay, did you just sit and stare at Ali when she was little? I love the dimples.

    I did not watch the AMA's but have heard the backlash. Yuck.

  2. Where do they sell womens size onesies? I wonder if my college kid and his friend will think I am hip if I try and pull that look off? Probably not….

  3. I noticed the "fashion trend" too. Ick. Lady Gaga's was the most disturbing. I had to go get my glasses to figure out the crotch area. Thank goodness I missed Adam Lambert's performance. Now I want to YouTube it! Thanks for the memories. I think.

  4. I should NOT critique other people's fashion because Let's face it. I completely belong on What Not to Wear BUT I just gave to say Ali rocks a onesie. The others? Not so much!

  5. Are you sure the onesie person from dragon con is female? We did not watch and you just named pretty much all the reasons.

  6. Are you sure the onsie person from D*con is a female? I did not watch the AMA's and you just named many of the reasons why.

  7. Fashion is a strange thing. I definitely don't get it. I remember seeing that onesies were in right after Maya was born and thinking, Really? Because what else is there to say.

  8. You just CRACK ME UP! No I didn't watch the AMA's, but I really enjoyed your recap! And Adam Lambert? EWWWWW on so many different levels.

  9. hi-larious! The onsies have been creeping up since the summer, I had thought that cold weather would have banished them but between what you've showed me from the AMAs and the growing trend of wearing one under geans (closer to a swim suit with jeans to be honest) now I'm not so sure. Your post made my day tho!

  10. Say it ain't so! I have to say that the onesie look will not be one I will be trying.

    Remember bodysuits in the 90's? Or was I the only one who snapped her lycra shirts inside her jeans?

  11. Oh my goodness, that makes me happy that we don't have TV! On the other hand, I loved seeing some pics of baby Ali! TOO cute!

  12. I was enjoying this post …until the Kate Hudson 'man-chest look'. Not all of us are graced with a 'normal' (sarcasm) amount of cleavage, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be offended by being told that's 'TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE'.
    I've read enough of your posts to know you didn't mean to insult a small but significant percentage of women everywhere, but it really does come across as nasty.

  13. Sherri,

    I apologize profusely for being offensive. I didn't mean to be vague, but I went back and read it, and see where you could have thought that was what I was implying. I was referring to the super long straps of the dress that reminded me of my husband's tank tops, and the fact that she has no supporting undergarments on, and the bad cut of the dress in general. I am pretty sure that any woman would look awful in that dress, and was not referring to her chest size at all. But I am sorry for being offensive – I certainly had no intention of doing so.

    In fact, I often think that smaller is much more attractive than bigger in that area…because it is so slenderizing.

    I edited my post and clarified what I was referring to – hope that helps.

  14. OMG! Way to hilarious! I, too, remember the "bodysuits" of the 90's. I was just trying to describe them to a younger friend the other day and ended up saying, "It's basically a onesie for an adult." I'm not ready for their return and definitely not as the only garment worn. You'd think with all the money those women have they could afford to buy a pair of pants or a skirt to go with their top. Great post and darling photos. Of Ali of course.

  15. Nice edit, Rachel. Although, I (of the small bust) did not find your original post offensive at all. The look was just bad. Kate Hudson is beautiful but that was an all around bad look for her. You'd think her "people" could do better.

  16. There has been quite a bit of banter on the AMA's. I didn't watch it live, but I've seen some of the videos.

    The only one wearing a onesie should be Ali.

  17. Not that everyone else didn't have a completely horrible outfit, but Lady Gaga wins the prize the the MOST ridiculous outfit I've ever seen!
    I can't believe Carrie Underwood is following this trend…very disappointing!

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