So my mind is apparently already on a Thanksgiving break. I am seriously having trouble putting sentences together…

Maybe I’ll actually take a day or two off as a bloggy break for Thanksgiving – something I’ve actually never done.

I know, I’m too obsessive to COMPLETELY break. If I do, I’ll leave you with old reruns or maybe some unpublished posts out of my drafts folder.

Or maybe my brain will arrive back on the scene and I’ll get re-invigorated.

In the meantime, I’ll just share a few things from our weekend.

(Oh yeah – that’s what a blog is for – right?)

My favorite pic of the weekend first: Ali and AJ, playing Princess Turnover:IMG_5587
Ali is STILL on track with her new, err, skills, and after her THIRD achievement IN A ROW, we got something extra special for her reward – Yogurt Mountain. Partially because I’d been wanting to try it myself, and partially because I didn’t have any Princess Gummies with me.

I never knew how much kid’s treats were actually determined by what the PARENT wanted until I became one.

Yogurt Mountain is a self-serve Frozen Yogurt shop where you pick from dozens of flavors of Frozen Yogurt and bazillions of toppings to make your own creation (at the very reasonable price of $0.45/ounce, I might say). We followed Ali’s typical Goldilocks Formula in the creation of our masterpieces:

…although I’m not sure if Ali’s was really “just right”. It WAS rather huge:


But it served it’s purpose and furthered the propoganda that pooping in the potty is VERY! VERY! REWARDING!IMG_5605
Saturday was the last Alabama home game – the weather was perfect, the opponent was lousy, and the game time was early – it was the ideal game to let Ali have another stadium experience. So we headed to Tuscaloosa, where Ali showed her wisdom in making sure that she carried the biggest stick:



And, although she seemed to take special joy in the brutality of sword fighting, her friend Briley was QUITE disturbed by her malicious fighting aggression: IMG_5615

At any rate, we finally pried the sword from her Inigo Montoya-esque grip and headed into the stadium: IMG_5624
Where I saw one last football fashion disaster, for those who can’t decide if they want to wear small, medium, or large printed houndstooth: IMG_5633My advice: even if you’re not sure which would look best on you, please PICK ONE – ANY of them would look better than ALL.

We got to also catch the “Dancing Girls” practicing their act again, where Ali tried to lead them in a new routine:IMG_5638

And pointed out, “Look Mommy, they’re all wearing bras like you!”IMG_5645

Yes, baby, but mine isn’t on the OUTSIDE.

11 thoughts on “Blogwebs, Cobwebs.

  1. I feel the same way-I got nothing. It probably doesn't help that I went to the doc Saturday morning and I have Swine Flu and walking pneumonia. Lovely. Feeling much better this morning though.

    I was wondering if you were going to the game. I caught a few minutes of it on TV, but then fell asleep.

  2. Congrats on the continuing success. I tried a new tact with VERY predictable outcome that I, of course, did not see coming. It serves a two fold purpose–pee pee aiming for the visually impaired boy & hopefully poo pooing on the potty. Me to Jack (as I helped him to aim his flow): Hear the splash. Ooo the pee pee likes to SPLASH! Make sure you get the pee pee in the water so it can SPLASH! Hear it? splash!
    Jack: SPLASH!!!
    Me (thinking aha I'm so smart!): SPLASH!
    M: The poo poo would like to splash too. When you poo poo on the potty it gets to splash!
    J: Splash
    M (I'm soo smart!): Splash!
    J (reaches in the potty): Splash!
    M (oops!): no no Jack doesn't splash in the potty.

  3. I laugh when we go to Rita's for ice cream and they ask if we want the kiddie size and it's huge!!!! Congrats on the success!

    PS You're daughter is so freakin' cute!

  4. You have full blog posts in draft? I wish!!!

    I don't know…the little and the just right portions looked the same! But those cups are freakin' huge!

  5. Good info on Yogurt Mountain, been wanting to go there but wanted to also know the "deal" before taking a 3 1/2 year old in there.


  6. ok, so I thought we were supposed to try Yogurt Mountain TOGETHER?! Umm….hello!!! Did you forget to invite someone?! :)

  7. That frozen yogurt looks yummy, we might have to stop by there tomorrow!
    Hope your blogwebs clear up soon, maybe a taking a Thanksgiving break will be just what you need…there's bound to be lots of blogging material being around the family for Thanksgiving!

  8. You look really skinny in that stick picture! I think I'm going to have to give in and buy the shred video as soon as I have the baby. :)

    I am curious as to how the houndstooth print fits into the whole Roll Tide, Bama stuff. Isn't the mascot an elephant? How did the houndstooth get started? I had never really noticed it before but now I see it everywhere.

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