A Stinky Reason is Better than No Reason…

(I bet you think I’m going to talk about poo again with “Stinky” in the title. Well, you’re wrong. I CAN blog about other things, you know.)

I have come to the conclusion that I can’t take any medications.

No, I’m not a hippy. I’m actually a big fan of medicine – I don’t like waiting around for things to fix themselves, so at the first sign of a headache or a sneezing fit, you will find me running for the ibuprofen bottle or sudafed tablets.

But apparently, my BODY wants me to be a hippy.

I have felt irritable and somewhat depressed for the last two weeks, and I haven’t known why (which makes writing upbeat blog posts a VERY difficult challenge – please forgive any sub-par posts recently).

I assumed that it was stress-related, and waited for it to go away. But it’s only gotten worse, and my irritability would pop up at the most unexplainable times. Like today when I was in the grocery store and having to remind myself to breathe in, breathe out, so I didn’t snap, for no reason whatsoever.

And then it hit me: this was a very familiar feeling. I have felt this exact way many times before, and it has always been caused by a medication. I thought about it…I have been taking Prilosec for my phlegm issue for about a month, and it has really been helping.

But, just like when I was taking the allergy medicine for the same issue and had to give a class-action apology, apparently acid reducers have a very negative impact on my emotional state of balance.

I looked it up – yup, irritability, depression – they’re possible side effects. And if there’s a possible side effect for medication, I’m a guaranteed target.

The good news is that I should feel great!! and happy!! and joyful!! in a few days, just like last time. (And really, I already DO feel much better, just knowing that I’m not losing my mind.)

The bad news – I am apparently stuck with phlegm (and any other illness that requires medication) for the rest of my life.

But hey – I’d MUCH rather be phlegmy than the Wicked Witch of the East (and Chris and Ali would agree with that sentiment I’m sure).

So, next time I go to the doctor and they ask me what medications I’m allergic to, I’m just going to have to say “All of them.”

Which, in that case, I might as well save my $30 co-pay and not bother going.


However, Ali chipped in today and helped cheer me up with a rousing Medley to Mitigate Mommy’s Melancholy Mood, which she obligingly let me record to share with you:

And who couldn’t feel better after that, medicated or not?

…And yes…she apparently had quite the burping issue this afternoon.