…for someone not old enough to watch Saturday Night Live.

I am afraid that my daughter is going to be a one-upper.

She is starting to sound JUST LIKE Kristin Wiig’s unbelievably obnoxious, discomfort-inducing Penelope character on Saturday Night Live.

Here’s a sampler, for those not familiar (although it’s much better if watched):


Gina: Yeah, I have a card for everyone to sign. Some of you might not know this, but Mrs. Jacob’s 15 year old cat Whiskers McGee passed away last week.

Penelope: My cat passed away tooo sooo…his name was Whiskers McGee the First sooo… He was 17 years old, so just a little bit older than her cat soo… It died a few minutes ago too sooo… just effects me more soo…

Lisa (annoyed): That cat was like a child to her.

Penelope: My cat was my child. I was pregnant with my cat… I gave birth to it sooo… I had my cat baby in the hospital, and I had my cat baby shower soo… a lot of people there soo…

Kristen Wiig is a geniusly hilarious actress.

So…Ali, the miniature one-upper.IMG_4647

She’s been obsessed with learning about car names lately. Every car we pass, we must talk about it’s name. Her favorites seem to be Jeeps, Chevy Suburbans, Honda Accords, and Mercedes Benzes (She likes variety).

But she has started having this constant conversation under her breath every time we “play cars”…and every time, it gets bigger.

“I used to have a PINK Jeep when I was a little girl. No, I used to have FIVE pink Jeeps. I used to have five pink Jeeps and five Mercedes Benzes. I could only drive one at a time. No, I drove LOTS at a time…I had ALL the pink cars. I had lots of pink big rigs too…I had ALL the cars when I was a little girl.”

I have a toddler who is a one-upper, soo….she can one-up your toddler anyday, soo….she thinks she could drive when she was a baby, soo…she’s going to be more annoying than your toddler sooo…..

* Editor’s note: since you have commented on her outfit and especially her tights, you’ll be interested to know that picture was taken directly before the poo events that transpired in the Sol Azteca Ladies’ Roomthose tights, although now clean, recleaned, and sanitized, have been through a lot since that photograph was made.

11 thoughts on “An Eerily Spot-On Impression…

  1. Too funny!

    Jackson will say things like, "When I was little, I used to steer the pirate ships because I wanted to get all the treasure. And I drove the pirate ships when I was little when I wasn't driving Mama's minivan! And when I wasn't a pirate I was David and Goliath driving Mama's minivan. But I was really just a pirate. Or David and Goliath.

    He's like a bad movie with no real plot! And seriously, doesn't he realize that 3 years old is still little?

  2. This is hilarious, especially in light of our recent conversation about the character. (Which my hubby heartily agreed with your assessment…)

    I love Ali's outfit!

  3. I miss the old days of SNL. I can't make myself stay up and watch it anymore. Penelope is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

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