Today was mine and Ali’s first day in Tuscaloosa this year. And, on top of that, it was her first time EVER scheduled to have the privilege of actually going into the stadium.

And the 80% chance of rain? And the week’s worth of rain that has already turned Alabama into a state-shaped mud-wrestling pit? Why, that would never curb Chris’ Football enthusiasm. And hey – I’m always up for an adventure, so we set off in the pouring rain, optimistically thinking that it would subside.

We were excited for the day, after we got over the early hour that Chris woke us up:IMG_3374
Okay, not really. He was actually quite merciful on us today. I’m pretty sure that his wake-up call of 7am for an 11:20am kick-off was his most female-friendly-football-day-rise-and-shine ever.

And for that, we applauded him:IMG_3376

This was our first relatively long car trip since potty-training really got serious, so we had to have another first: toddler usage of gas station bathroom.


There was a doorway with the “men/women” sign on it that I assumed led to a hallway with the separate bathrooms.

I assumed wrong.

I twisted the knob a couple of times, and then was greeted with a very shrill, very rude, very redneck scream to “Back Off I’m IN HERE!!!!”

A few seconds later, Miss Overalls, Steel-Toed Boots, Camo-Ballcap and chew-stuffed cheeks stepped out and glared me AND my toddler (just in case it was Ali that was the shady doorknob villain) and stomped her steel toes away.

Wow. I had no idea that trying the door more than once was such a grievous sin.

Although I was much too scared of what she would do to me if I photographed her, I did get a shot of her hubby arguing with her, also in matching overalls: IMG_3379
Gotta love country gas stations.

At any rate, it POURED rain our entire hour’s drive to Tuscaloosa. We weren’t sure if we would actually be going to a game, or just taking a family car-wash-ride to Tuscaloosa and back, and the latter was looking more likely by the minute.

When we got there, we of course immediately had to go find the little girl’s room AGAIN, and so Ali and I decided to hang out inside for a few minutes:IMG_3384

However, in just a few minutes, it mercifully quit raining, and the sun actually started peeking out, so we went back outside to reconnect with Chris: IMG_3390
Due to the iffy weather that could turn at any second, people in Tuscaloosa were having to make the hard decisions…

Like, “Should I wear the mismatched plastic pants and hate myself, or take the chance of getting my elephant-embroidered prep pants (that I REALLY should hate myself for) wet?”

And the poor sorority girls – oh their dilemmas. They were having to decide between the usual uniform of stilettos-that-are-responsible-for-dozens-of-broken-ankles-after-too-many-smuggled-in-flasks-in-the-stadium, or the more practical but oddly-out-of-place rainboots:


Obviously, Miss Black Dress has her priorities more in order. I hope her ankles survive.

Ali and I epitomized tailgating as we people-watched and visited with Papa (Chris’ Dad)…IMG_3395
And Ali was feeling oddly cuddly, so I of course took advantage of every second of it:IMG_3399
But due to that 11:20 kickoff, tailgating was cut short to take the LOOOONG (with a toddler) walk to the stadium.

Once we got in, Ali was completely enamored by the amount of people in the stadium – she kept pointing out how MANY people were there. She spent a lot of time silently taking it all in:IMG_3418 IMG_3423

AND she never let go of her ticket, given to her by Janet, a sweet tailgating neighbor. She was quite proud of it:IMG_3425

We sat in our seats for the first quarter and a half, all the while Ali pleading to go down and see the Elephant. So once the game was quite in hand, we picked up and headed down to meet Big Al before taking an early exit.
Of course, after having BEGGED to see him, she was terrified for her life.


But then, after we left the game, when we asked her what her favorite part was, she lost no time in telling us that it was “meeting the elephant.”

She’s so weird. I love it.

After rescuing her from the grip of the deadly beast, we hung around near the field for a few more minutes and also got some cheerleading-watching in: IMG_3464

She was interested in them, but not nearly as obsessed as I feared thought she might be.

But then, when we were leaving the stadium, Ali discovered her true love practicing their upcoming halftime show:

She quite assuredly told me “When I get to be a big girl, this is what I am going to do.”IMG_3472 IMG_3473
She wouldn’t leave until they did, and so when the last “flag girl” was inside the stadium, we managed to pry her away, leaving the stadium in our wake:IMG_3479 IMG_3480
And as soon as we got in the car and on the road again. . .IMG_3486

Apparently we were QUITE in God’s favor today.

18 thoughts on “Attempts in Keeping Our Gully From Being Washed.

  1. Would you believe that it didn't rain ONE drop until we were inside Mr. G's restaurant? God smiled on the Tide today, indeed.

    I hate that we didn't get to meet up to introduce the menfolk. Jason got caught up trying to dump the other tix, so we were kinda stuck since I have no idea where anything is down there.

    Ali looks so cute in these pics! She was having a fantastic hair day! Rain and humidity are her ally!

    Did the overalls couple have a 49 tag? If so, they are from my county. That sounds about right.

  2. The rain does wonders for her curls and that cheerleading uniform is TO DIE FOR!!! I want a little girl so bad! Hope we can meet up at one of the games :)

  3. So, if you look above Al's shoulder….go to the American flag….and over 3 sections at the TOP of the stadium, THAT is where I was.

    And so thankful we didn't get wet either, but did get a little sun!


  4. I love it. She looked so cute in her outfit. :) :) :) I'm glad she had fun and got to see the elephant even though he terrified her at first. :)

  5. Ali is sooooooooo cute in her little cheer outfit! We used to have one for our school (Mary Hardin-Baylor) that all 3 girls wore and we passed down to family friends. Glad you guys had fun!

  6. Public bathrooms (esp a gas station) and a toddler make me cringe. I hate taking my girl into them, but not like you have a choice.

    The pic of the rain boots girl and her stiletto friend is priceless. I'm guessing the heels got stuck in the mud somewhere and she ends her day with no idea where she left them.

    My kid does that too – she'll be terrified or hate something, yet it somehow becomes her favorite part of the day. Glad to know she isn't the only one.

  7. oh that little outfit is just too adorable! glad it didn't rain on you during your time at the game. according to the radio coverage it never rained on the game. of course i'm watching Auburn start an hour late because of storms and if what i'm hearing outside my window is headed the 35 minutes in their direction they're going to get gully washed. :)

  8. She had a great hair day, I love it. All the pics are wonderful, Thank You Very Much. Looks like all turned out good.

  9. I'm bummed I didn't get to meet y'all today, but on the upside I certainly feel like I reached my quota on exercise for the next month from walk to and from the car.

    And it was pretty cool that it did not rain on us until we were on McFarland waiting to get back on the interstate.

  10. :) I had to head to a gas station bathroom with Ali on my way down to the boat races that year I brought her down. That was interesting to say the least….I felt like such a mom! HA!

  11. Being a cheerleader/sorority isn't so bad. I turned out okay! :)

    I'm glad ya'll had a great day and Ali's first game was enjoyable!

  12. What a cute little crimson family! :). I love the cheerleading outfit…what a cutie! Looks like she enjoyed her first game!

  13. I loved her arms up on that first picture by the flag corp. She's so incredibly cute! I'm glad you had a great time and that the rain held out for the most part!

  14. What an excellent post! Your daughter looked so cute in her cheerleader dress. Great pictures, wonderful commentary :)


  15. I. am. SO. proud that Ali would rather be a Flag Girl than a Cheerleader!!!!!
    GO FLAG CORPS!!!! :)

    I think I can remember a few of my old moves.. :)

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