SOMEBODY who has NO regard for the rigorous fashion in which I am trying to train my daughter into a Southern Belle taught her how to blow bubbles in her milk.


It apparently wasn’t an easy lesson to teach. It took concentration, explanation, and demonstration.


But they did a thorough job of this training. They even showed her that if you blew them gently enough, you could make a Milk Muffintop:


And then, if you stir it around, you can demolish your Milky Overhang so that you can make a new one.IMG_3347
And that these Milk Muffintops are something to be QUITE proud of.IMG_3353

The only evidence that I found of WHO taught her this mischievous little trick is the glass with which they used to demonstrate these valuable tips:IMG_3355
Who’s the Brown Milk drinker around here?!?!?!


17 thoughts on “A Southern Lady’s Guide to Proper Table Etiquette

  1. Too cute! I used to like to blow bubbles in my milk too. I like to think I am a proper Southern Lady, so I don't think blowing bubbles goes against that. At least I hope not (Since I still do it with my milk). :)

  2. Cute-ness!

    I find it's easier to tech my children the bad habits than it would be to wait for all of my siblings who had children before me to get around to payin me back.

    I am oh so efficient that way!

  3. You know that is actually a good speech therapy exercise. :) I am considering whether it is good enough speech therapy to teach my little guy to do it but he can't drink milk. What else makes nice "milk" bubbles?

  4. She'd probably have figured it out on her own anyway. Now she can say her mom is the coolest – taught her to blow bubbles in her milk! :)

  5. She's still resisting the brown milk I see. You were extremely successful in protecting it and teaching her to do a mean milk muffintop.

  6. I love it! My 4 year old just discovered blowing bubbles in his drink, only he does it to make "animal sounds". He has a different pattern for every under the sea creature. It's fun to watch!

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