Although I rather unsuccessfully navigated the last few days behind a thick curtain of mental fog thanks to my new allergy medications, I did manage to wake up long enough for a giggle every now and then. And so, since my brain is not functioning enough to actually WRITE a post, I bring you a visual recap of the finer points of the weekend.

I saw some great movie reenactments:

AJ, starring in Indiana Jones and the Search for the Fairy Princess Unicorn:IMG_2235

And Ali, in Singin’ in the (Indoor) Rain:IMG_2240
AJ decided that the risk was lower in Ali’s choice (no monkey brains, snakes, or roaches), so she joined her. IMG_2244
While the girls were playing, I had plenty of time to browse the toy store. At first glance, this Sock Monkey looked like all of the rest of his monkey friends…IMG_2245
Until you turned him over and saw the unluckiest Monkey Birth Mark in the history of the Monkey world:IMG_2246

Either that, or the foulest diaper rash ever recorded.

World Market is also always a great place to go to see some interesting products. Some of which I considered putting in this post, then decided against it. You’ll have to live the rest of your life in constant mind-melting curiosity…

But, my favorite for this trip: I can totally picture the bitter Italian man that invented this variety of noodle…banging his pots and pans while fuming under his breath, “Maaama Mia She’s a paina in the butta…”IMG_2251

A few weeks ago, I discussed my angst and guilt regarding the vagueness of the parking spaces reserved for “expectant Moms OR Moms with small children”. However, there was no vagueness in this new type of spot, as seen at the Zoo today:IMG_2258

However, here’s who decided to park there.IMG_2255Maybe he was making an artistic statement of irony.

And then, to make it all the better, he had a friend join him in the other reserved spot by the time we left the zoo: IMG_2264

Yeah. I hate to break it to Mister Gore, but Alabama isn’t going to be the leader in the “go green” movement.

And, finally, for those of you who thought I was exaggerating regarding Ali’s Pommel Horse Toilet Routine:IMG_2296

Did you SEE those perfectly pointed toes?!

And, of course, there’s no better way to finish off a routine than with a 180°.IMG_2253 copy2

At least she likes doing her Gymnastics SOMEWHERE.

10 thoughts on “The Smiles of My (Foggy) Weekend.

  1. All of the pics are so cute. I love Ali's dress with the umbrella pic. Of course, her gymnastics are coming along I see. hope you are feeling better.

  2. Unless you're checking your post's comments while you're out and about today, I'll see you before you read this. Have you considered buying a potty seat for the big potty for her? It made all the difference in the world for David. You can buy them at Wal-mart or Target. They have everything from super-fancy, attach to the actual seat kinds, or just the padded seat that you put on there just when they need it – and those usually have popular characters on them.

  3. Haha, love the toliet pictures! Did she actually get backwards without help? That's pretty impressive. :)

  4. Thanks all!

    Jennifer – that's a good idea, although she seems to like combining toileting with gymnasticing… :)

  5. And a 10.0 on the toilet routine!

    (I couldn't help wondering if you might have "spotted" something my friend "Dick" and I saw in World Market. ;)

  6. That poor sock monkey!

    I am very impressed with the toilet gymnastics. Certainly not a talent everyone possesses. And it does require a certain amount of bravery. My daughter was scared she would be sucked in the toilet (still is sometimes), so she held on for dear life.

  7. Rachel – yes, she did actually get backwards all on her own. It's a part of her routine.

    blueviolet – No, but I do know what you're talking about. World Market is an interesting place…

  8. The censored bootie picture is making me laugh. The sock monkey picture is disturbing me. The Nyquil I just took is making me drool. Sorry, TMI.

    I love World Market. I like the looks of that pasta. I wouldn't want to EAT it, but it would be fun to look at. And what IS all the weird stuff there? I never see that. I get hung up in the Thai food and the imported chocolate and never see weird stuff. What is it????

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