To any neighbors passing by our driveway Sunday night, I’m sure it appeared as if Chris was in the doghouse:IMG_1797

Yes, in fact, he WAS watching TV in the driveway, extension-corded to the max. But I didn’t kick him out – I promise! He was out, on his own accord, putting the finishing touches onto his rigged-up-satellite TV System, preparing for tailgating.

And yes, he DID, in fact, order an Alabama-logoed satellite cover for his second-hand dish:IMG_1799

(And yes, it is, in fact, even made of football-jersey material.)

But luckily he hasn’t stolen the flat-screen out of our bedroom yet. After all, he DID purchase it specifically for football season. We just get the perk of having it in our room out of season.

On Monday he texted me with excitement in his letters. He received the beloved tickets in the mail – and was so excited that he finished his TV System “Just in time!!!”

Something tells me that he just MIGHT be getting excited about the impending doom football season.

Okay, yes, it’s true. I’m not yet excited about football season, just like last year. I used to enjoy football a lot more, but I’ve lost a lot of my spunk somehow.

I think I’ll blame it on Ali. You know how they say that some women lose their…err…well, certain “drives” after having a baby?

I think I lost my football drive.

However, one thing that I AM looking forward to is the first game of the season.

Well, not exactly the GAME, per say, but the trip that gets to go ALONG with the first game of the year.

a) It’s in Atlanta. I love visiting Atlanta.

b) It’s going to be a date weekend – Ali will stay with Gramamma, and Chris and I will go stay in a fancy hotel and have a weekend of wonderful togetherness in “The Big City”.

c) Like last year, it’s the same weekend as Dragon*Con. Which means more pictures and stories of crazies. I can’t wait!

d) The game will be indoors. Need I say more?

So, that’s where I am with relation to our state’s obsession. It’s 31 days until football season, and the only thing I’m looking forward to (so far) is the good excuse to have a long weekend date in Atlanta. Hopefully I’ll soak up some passion for the season soon.

How about you? Do you have more of the football bug than I do? Or would you like to join the Underexcited Football Wives Club? Or are you in the wrong region of the country to know the craziness of which I speak?

25 thoughts on “The Season of Football. It Fast Approaches.

  1. How fun to go on a weekend date!

    My hubby does not really like football. I like to watch AL if they are on TV and I happen to catch it. Of course we watch the AL/AUB game, but its not an obsession.

    I have NEVER been to a college football game and really want to go to an AL game. I think it would just be exciting to be there and be in all the hoopla.

  2. I can't wait to show Jason this post! He will die a million deaths!!!!

    We haven't missed a game….well probably ever. We planned our wedding around AL's schedule. We're not rednecks either, can you believe it?!?

    He might pull our TV out to the front yard after seeing this.

  3. I'm the opposite. Before I married my husband, I was not much of a football fan. But now, I'm right there with him…

  4. I love football. However, as I discussed with you at BlogHer, my hubby is an Auburn fan and I never before knew the depths of a rivalry until I met him.

  5. Bah Humbug!!! We're going to have to get you excited girl! Our tickets came to Chase's office yesterday!!!!

    Yes, we have regretted to any wedding that has tried to intercept with our football season.

    I'm just a little diehard….:)

  6. Roll Tide!! Only 1 more month! We have the countdown going on here, too! I have to say ~ I'm pretty into it! I've been bugging Lucas about getting me an Alabama maternity shirt. Hahaha!

  7. I am not a huge football fan, and Preston is content to watch it at home on TV. I think I would like to experience it the way you and Chris do just once, though. Just for the experience.

    And as I was reading, I panicked for a minute. I'm headed to Atlanta for a weekend too, and I had visions of Crimson Tide crazies, Dragon-Con crazies, and the Women of Faith ladies. But I went and looked up the football schedule and fortunately, the WOF ladies and I will be there the weekend before. Whew!

  8. I am so excited about football season! We are huge Bama fans. Although we don't make it to many games our Saturdays consit of college football. Roll Tide!

  9. I hate football season in Alabama! It pretty much annoys me…but we've had this conversation before.
    I am, however, still grateful for Chris's "sacrifice" of Alabama's homecoming game almost 8 years ago on our wedding day! ;) This picture of him with the portable TV is so funny! One of these days I'll get my pics scanned in so I can put them online somewhere…

  10. I am proud to say that I am a FANATIC!!! I never miss a game. Always have fun when I go – been to countless games. I am not a person to be around if we lose. I am so excited and can not wait for Sept. 5th to get here. Oh my DD is due that day and we told her she needed to have it before or after. Yes we are that bad!

  11. Our worst fear was that Emma would be born in the middle of an Alabama game. Her due date was Sunday, August 27, and our first game of the season was the following Saturday against UCLA. Fortunately, she was born on her due date. Unfortunately, we watched that game. (Chris will likely remember that game, unless he's good at blocking out bad games.)

    To Jason's credit, he took me to Italy and asked me to marry him during football season. He missed 2, count 'em, TWO SEC games. I felt special. I do know, however, that would NEVER happen again. ; )

  12. I have to say, I'm more into NASCAR than football. But the food that comes with football is a lot of fun! And my mother in law would be ashamed of me for admitting that football isn't something to live for!! She will not miss an Alabama game!!

  13. I cannot WAIT for football season! First of all, it will mean something good on TV to watch on Saturdays with SEC, Sundays and Mondays with NFL! I'm also pumped because this year the guys at church are letting ME (the ONLY wife!) play in their fantasy football league (yeah, I'm a dork like that…I'll probably need to create an Excel spreadsheet to help organize my draft! ha!). :)

    Most importantly, though, the start of Football season means that the start of Hockey season is only a month away. :) :) :) (yes, that makes me very happy.)

  14. Can I join, as much as I love Alabama Football, I am just plain tired. Things have been to busy and we come home from a cruise on Thur. and head for Atlanta Fri. Fast turn around. Summer has not been as relaxing as I (as always) think it will be "this year". I am not ready for football.

  15. The Alabama logo satellite cover is hilarious, I've never seen anything like it!
    I'm excited about football season, but we don't go to all of the games like you guys do. We watch most of them on TV and occasionally I'll go to an Auburn game.
    My favorite part about football season is watching College Gameday, especially the intro. song…I get excited just typing about it ;)
    Ryan's a huge basketball fan, so the sports mania in our house will start in November.

  16. I hate football. When I was growing up and my Dad tortured us with hours and hours of football, my sister and I swore when we grew up we would never watch it. I stayed true. But my sister loves football. She loves UT so much she will listen to their games on the radio. Ick! Lucky for me we don't have cable.

  17. Well, I don't love. Love. Football. The way that my husband, son, and daughter love Alabama football.

    They are Crimson through and through.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend in Hotlanta.

    And I hope that the Tide wins.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really loved your comments. The verses that you quoted are so powerful.

    Let me know when you finish writing about them; I'd love to read it.

    Have a great week!

    Sweet dreams.

  18. oh my word. that satellite cover seriously cracks me up. football season doesn't seem near as exciting after you have children. now that kiddo is older he goes with his dad and the in-laws to the game so i get some free weekends. i go occasionally but sometimes i can't resist having the entire weekend alone. :)

  19. I'm definitely not in the right region…but I understand b/c my husband is LOVES baseball. I've never had overwhelming feelings of love for it, but I will go with him on occasion. :)

  20. Which "fancy hotel" is it? If it's the Marrott, Hyatt, Hilton, or Sheraton, you might have some problems with the Dragon*Con folks (I refuse to use the term "crazies", there's no more wrong with their mental health than with yours). If it's the Omni or the Reniassance Waverly, you're fine (those being the "official" game hotels, though the Waverly is the offical hotel for Virginia Tech whereas Alabam's official hotel is the Omni).

  21. "c) Like last year, it’s the same weekend as Dragon*Con. Which means more pictures and stories of crazies. I can’t wait!"

    Excuse me, but we can do without another round of being called "crazies" (or "crazie crazies"), our costumes being grossly mis-identified if not being made fun of, and you footbal fans thinking "we're footbal crazies, therefore we're better".

    If you must do another insulting post on us geeks (and continue to do so every year since it looks like your "kick-off game" is here to stay and will aways be that same weekend as Dragoncon), at least don't call us "crazies" or "crazie crazies" any more.

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