We took that picture at the park yesterday. See the love that is just emanating from … both… of our faces?

Yesterday morning, I was coming down the stairs, all ready for Church. Ali was at the bottom of the stairs, swinging on the handrail and looking adoringly up at me. In her sweetest, most loving voice, she said,

“I hate you, Mommy!”

Surely I misheard. She couldn’t POSSIBLY know that word.

“What did you say, honey?”

Lovingly, adoringly, “I hate you!”

“Baby, that’s not a nice word.”

She’s shocked and dismayed. Obviously, in her mind, it was a synonym for love.

“You should say ‘I love you Mommy’.”

“Oh. I love you Mommy.”

Hmmm…a rose by any other name just may not still feel like a rose.

15 thoughts on “A Love Like Ours, It Just Can’t Be Beat.

  1. lol Where did she get the meaning of that one mixed up? Kids do say the darndest things.

    BTW Can I just say I think you are so photogenic! You look great in every photo!

  2. I'd like to point out/ask you something random. Does Ali give you crazy eyebrows? She looks like she's giving you a crazy eyebrow in this picture.

    The reason I ask is because mine have a mind of their own. Watch my video on mute if you don't believe me. They are crazy. The good news is that I can get my students to hush it up with a simple eyebrow raise.

  3. At least she didn't mean it! I think Esme was totally serious when she said I wasn't her mommy ANY more…

  4. I think they go through phases! Meg's in a everybodies sick phases right now. When she's playing she's either nursing her teddies back to health or vice versa. She prob didn't realize what it meant.
    Still shoking to hear though isn't it.

  5. Just about every morning Jackson's first words to me are, "Go away, Mommy!"

    I'm guessing he's not much of a morning person!

  6. Aww, it's like dagger through the heart when you hear those things, isn't it. That's good that she had no malicious intentions. It's common for them to mix up words and meanings at this age :)

  7. Wow. I wonder where she picked that up from? Well.. at least she didn't understand what it meant. Anyway, I love the picture of the 2 of you. :) :)

  8. Love your blog design!

    And your daughter is so cute.

    Kids do say the most outrageous things.

    Sweet dreams.

  9. But in her sweet little singsong voice, it probably sounded so cute!

    p.s. My hubby was impressed by the card. He & the kids bought me a singing hamster card. Let me repeat: A singing hamster card.
    : D

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